On March 30th, 2017, I drove to the city of Boston by myself because I’m going to stay at the Sheraton Boston Hotel for the first time. I was very excited to go to Anime Boston for the second time but surprising news, I’m staying at the Sheraton Boston Hotel for two days. When I went inside the Sheraton Boston Hotel ready to check in, I’ve seen a lot of cosplayers just like me. I check in a room and one of the employee said that I had the best room on the 24th floor. When I went inside a room, I can see a beautiful view of the city of Boston at the Back Bay area out the window. I can even see the Fenway Park from the window on the left side. When I got all settled, I want to go to the Boston Bruins game at the TD Garden because they’re facing against the Dallas Stars but I didn’t go to the game. I need to save my energy for Anime Boston. Staying at a hotel with the best room was the best experience that’s ever happened to me. Could this day get any awesome?

On March 31st, 2017, I woke up very early and was getting ready to go the Hynes Convention Center and I cosplayed as a Team Skull Grunt from Pokémon Sun and Moon. I’m bring my Pokémon plush of Litten, Pikachu and Primal Reversion Kyogre just in case if there are Pokémon trainers wants to battle me. I’ve beaten both Pokemon Sun and Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. Team Skull became my favorite villainous gang of Pokemon so why not cosplay as a Team Skull Grunt? Team Skull are a villainous gang from the Alola Region that steals people’s Pokémon and use them for their evil deeds. They don’t have a goal to rule the world. All they want is to cause trouble. My hip hop nickname is Snow Wolf and I’m a Team Skull Grunt. When I was in the hotel lobby chillin, chillin, people notice me as a say Team Skull Grunt and said “Team Skull!” People were loving my Team Skull Grunt cosplay. I even seen a lot of people at the Hynes Convention Center cosplayed as a Team Skull member just like me. People wants to a picture a me and with other Team Skull members. I’ve signed something on the Anime Boston 2017 board: Straight Outta Po Town next to the Team Skull logo and Team Skull Grunt Snow Wolf. I got to represent Team Skull. It was crazy that Team Skull has gain a lot of popularity ever since Pokémon Sun and Moon was out. Yo, every time I saw a Pokémon trainer, I randomly challenge them to a Pokémon battle. Beside I’m a Team Skull grunt and I do what I want, when I want. I’ve seen a lot of my homies Team Skull, Boss Guzma and Sister Plumeria. One of the Pokemon trainers told me that there’s going to be a Pokémon photo shoot for Team Skull, Team Rocket and Pokémon trainers. This was my opportunity to be part of a Pokémon photo shoot. I joined with my homies Team Skull with our boss Guzma to challenge our rivals Team Rocket. We all got into a Pokémon battle but it ended in a draw. After the battle, I got into a photo shoot with Team Skull and I bring my plush Litten. I’m happy that I’m in the photo with Team Skull. I got an autograph from Johnny Yong Bosch but I didn’t get a picture with him. I got an autograph with Lex Lung and a picture with him. I went to a music concert of Puffy Ami Yumi and I had a great time. I went to my first panel of Sword Art Online Abridged. I watched Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online Abridged. I also got an autograph from Mackenzie Murdock: Hayabusa449, and xbubblemunkyx, the voice actors of Sword Art Online Abridged. Check it out on YouTube Something Witty Entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7BMrhliYZo I also went to the video game tournament but all I did was play Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast. What an awesome day to be Team Skull Grunt.

On April 1st, 2017, I cosplayed as Yuri Lowell: the main protagonist of Tales of Vesperia. This was my first time cosplaying as a Tales character. I made a the Abyssion Sword by myself and I put a lot of work into it. Some people loved my Yuri Lowell costume. I wrote something on the Anime Boston 2017 board: Yuri Lowell, Intend to? I already have. I was really happy that got autograph and a picture the voice of Dragonball Z: Christopher R Sabet. Dragonball Z was my childhood anime show and I finally Christopher R Sabet. My dream has finally come true. Someone told me that there’s going to be a Tales of Series photo shoot for all Tales characters at the Hilton Hotel Fenway Ballroom Cosplay Meetup Room. I wanted to be in the photo shoot with Tales characters. I followed my friend who dressed as Emil from Tales of Symphonia 2 to the Hilton Hotel. I was surrounded by a lot of Tales characters just like me. I’m the only Tales character from Tales of Vesperia because I don’t see Estelle, Repede Captain Karol, Rita, the old man Raven, Judith, and Flynn Scifo. It’s okay, I’m still a Tales character and still got pictures taken with the Tales characters. The best thing about the photo shoot was that I got pictures taken with Tales main characters only. I had an awesome time. Before I left, I shake everyone’s hand and said thank you to them for allowing me to be part of the photo shoot. One day, I want to cosplay as Victor Kresnik from Tales of Xillia 2.

Anime Boston 2017 Haul: Tales of Symphonia poster, Kuroko’s Basketball poster, Drawing picture of me as a Team Skull Grunt, Anime Boston 15 years poster, Kuroko’s Basketball bag, Love and peace wristband, RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam Full Psycho-frame prototype mobile suit, Pokéball with Litten, Black Lagoon Vol 2 manga book, Kuroko’s Basketball Vol 7 & 8 manga book, Kuroko’s Basketball 9 & 10 manga book, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga book, Dragonball Super Vol 1 manga book, Yu Yu Hakusho Vol 12 manga book, The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess manga book, Rosario Vampire Season 1 dvd, Anime Boston t-shirt, Dragonball key chain, Super Smash Bros badge, Team Skull badge, Pokéball plushie, Anime Boston key chain, DK pin, Cosplay Malfunction pin, Anime Boston 2016 pin, Anime Boston 2017 pin, Yuri Lowell pin, Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan figurine, Super Saiyan Goku plushie, Sword Art Online Kirito Figurine, Justice Gundam ZAFT Mobile Suit ZGMF-Z19A, My Anime Boston Badge name Lone Wolf, My Anime Boston Room Card, Christopher Sabet autographs of Kuwabura and Vegeta, Johnny Yong Bosch autograph of Guy Cecil, Trigun, and Bleach, and Lex Lang autographs of Crash Bandicoot Dr. Neo Cortex and Sanosuke Sagara from Rurouni Kenshin. That was my biggest Anime Boston 2017 haul.

I had the feeling that picture of people taking picture of me as a Team Skull Grunt and as Yuri Lowell will be all over the internet. I want to say to everyone is thank you. I feel very special when I came to Anime Boston because for the first time, I got myself into a Pokémon photo shoot with Team Skull on March 31st, and Tales photo shoot with Tales characters on April 1st. Being a cosplayer was the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I don’t care if I’m a young adult because I still feel like a teenager. I’ve been cosplaying for two years now but it’s only the beginning for me. To be part of the cosplay community makes me feel very special. I’m proud to call myself a GEEK and a NERD. It almost bring a little tear to my eyes… All I want to say to Anime Boston is THANK YOU. 🙂 SO LONG ANIME BOSTON UNTIL NEXT TIME….. #AnimeBoston #AnimeBoston2017 #Animeconvention #Popculture #TeamSkull #TeamSkullCosplay #TeamSkullGruntCosplay #YuriLowellCosplay #TalesofSeries #NerdCaliber


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Thank you NerdCaliber for uploading pictures of me as Team Skull Grunt and as Yuri Lowell!! 🙂


Check out https://www.flickr.com/photos/tomaho/albums TALES OF SERIES



I want to say thank you to Tom Aho for uploading picture of me in your website of Tales of Series. 😀






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