Even since I was a little boy, I always watched a lot of anime shows from Cartoon Network on Toonami. I’ve gotten away of watching Toonami since I was a child because I didn’t know that it was for teens and adults at first. I didn’t really care because it doesn’t stop me from watching it. I’ve gotten very interested into anime. Anime made me feel special because I have a unique, creative personality. I imagine myself in an anime world where I am my own main character. I feel like I’m trapped in a creative anime world where I can’t get out. That’s part of my imagination. Having an imagination can make you more creative. The more I watched anime, the more I appreciate the art, design, and the animation. It tells what the story is about. They have characters that are protagonists, antagonists and supporting characters. The character always have their own personality if they’re nice or mean. There are characters that you can love or hate. It’s all about being creative. Watching anime is like taking reading class. Anime can make me laugh, cry and sometimes make me angry. It still teaching me stuff. I thought I was weird at first for watching anime but it turns out that my weirdness is the best thing because I’m a geek/nerd. I love living my life as a geek/nerd because I accept it. Watching anime is my own comfort where I can relax and enjoy. The coolest thing about anime is that you can learn how to Japanese. I slow began to gain knowledge of speaking Japanese just by reading and watching. As part of my own learning process, I look up on Google Translate to reading in Japanese and write it down. Speaking Japanese will be my new second language. It will be very hard but it will take time and patience. Patience is a virtue. I don’t care if I watch anime is in English or Japanese, anime’s anime. After all my years of watching anime, it’s becoming an addiction that I can’t stop. I just don’t really care. Anime make me turned into a cosplayer and I’m beginning to love it. Cosplaying is art where I can show the world my appreciation as a true anime fan. I dress up as my favorite anime character and bring it to live at an anime convention. Because I love anime a lot, I ended up buying a lot of manga books. I read manga books as my hobbies. I used to hate reading a lot when I was child, but reading manga books is different. I enjoyed reading manga books as much as I watched anime. Anime is part of my passion and I want to share my favorite anime shows on my website despite my weakness of writing. I have to keep writing and study more about anime. Anime also teaching me a lot of life lessons to never give up, keep moving forward and accepting who you are. As you learn and grow, you get stronger and smarter every day. It really helps me grow up as a better person. I still have much to learn about anime. Anime is an inspiration to me. I’m going to keep watching amine every day as long as I want. I want to say anime is THANK YOU for helping me be myself and making me smart. ANIME WILL ALWAYS BE AN IMPORTANT PART OF MY LIFE. I LOVE ANIME!!! #Anime #MangaBooks #Learning #LifeLessons