Arctic Thunder is a snowmobile racing game that was published by Midway Games. It was developed by Midway Games for the arcade game and it was developed by Inland Productions for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The arcade and the game was released since 2001. This game is part of Midway’s Thunder series. The arcade game has a Quantum3D Graphite System. It’s a snowmobile racing game where all racers are competing in a race competition to prove they’re the best.



Race Mode: place in first place to win a gold medal for all twelve tracks but you have to win a gold medal by playing it on normal difficulty

Points Mode : a race where you can gather as many points as you can for the upgrade shop by collecting power ups, performing tricks and taking out your opponents

Battle Mode: you can battle against other players in battle arenas

Training Mode: you can train to sharp your racing skills to learn where the shortcuts and power ups are without opponents

Arcade Mode: you can play Arctic Thunder just like you play at the arcades

Upgrade Shop: you can use your earned points from Points Mode to upgrade a rider’s attributes, snowmobile performance, unlock riders, hidden tracks and battle arenas


Power Boost: increase boost time

Atomic Snowballs: increase shot accuracy

Snow bombs: increase number of bombs dropped

Proximity Missile: increase blast radius

Shield: increase shield strength

Invisibility: increase invisibility time

Super Attack: increase blast radius

Rooster: increase spray time

Grappling hook: increase chain length


Upgrade Sled

Acceleration: increase acceleration

Top Speed: increase top speed

Handling: increase handling



Dirty McCurdy: a biker and a thug, Sled: Ice Hog

Mai Zhou Lin: a martial arts master, Sled: Jade Dragon

Agent 5: a government agent, Sled: Gadget

Willie Quinn: a Jamaican surfer, Sled: Wailer

Ponzo: an ape and serial killer, Sled: Banana Splitter

Candy Ice: a teenage girl, Sled: Snow Kitten


Coco Z: a scuba diver, Sled: Mischief

Shadow: a ninja, Sled: Snow Sai

Smokey Jones: a highway patrol officer, Sled: Prowler

Indigo: a Russian spy, Sled: Shadow

Sergeant Thud: a drill instructor, Sled: Full Metal

Brittany Blaze: a British cheerleader, Sled: Old Glory

Scotty McDougal: a Scotsman, Sled: Bagpiper

Louie Rocco: a New York taxi driver, Sled: Bessey

Jacque Rocket: a French formula 1 racer, Sled: Euro Jet

Zack Warhead: a nuclear scientist, Sled: Reactor

Randy Rancid: a punk biker, Sled: Snot Rocket

Sven Thorson: a Viking, Sled: Galleon

Mr. Flakey: a living snowman (bonus character), Sled: Snow Truckster


Lost Himalayan City (Easy)

Chernobyl Meltdown (Easy)

Blizzard in DC (Medium)

Swiss Alps (Medium)

Haunted Forest (Medium)

Alaskan Pipeline (Hard)


Winter Sports Park (Hard)

Logging Run (Hard)

UFO Encounter (Hard)

Great Wall of China (Hard)

Atlantis (Hard)

Thrill Chill Funpark (Hard)



Power Boost: it will give you a temporary burst of speed. If you collect three power boosts, you’ll get a Super Power Boost

Atomic Snowball: you can use atomic snowballs to shoot at other racers.

Snow Bombs: it will allow you to leave a deadly trail of bombs behind you

Proximity Missile: you can shoot a powerful rocket at another racer and knock off other opponents if they’re caught in its blast radius

Shield: it will protect you from all kinds of attacks

Invisibility: you will be invisible to other players

Super Attack: cause a powerful blast of energy

Health: you have to collect health power ups before you get knocked off your snowmobile. The red bar’s located on the top right corner of the screen.

Rooster Tail: racers from behind will not be able to see the track

Grappling Hook: you can launch a powerful hook that can knock another racer in one hit. You can deactivate your opponent’s shield.

Random: you can activate a random power up

Ramp w/ Stunt Markers: you can perform a stunt and generates random power-ups


I love playing this game at the arcade since childhood through now. I remember I always had fun playing this game with my family and friends. I always use Willie Quinn as my favorite character and I always play my favorite tracks Chernobyl Meltdown and Blizzard in DC. I enjoy the thrill of pretending to ride a snowmobile with a power boost. This is a definition of a fun arcade game. This is a gaming video of me playing a full walk-through of Arctic Thunder using Mr. Flakey for twelve tracks on race mode. Here’s a second gaming video of playing a full walkthrough of the arcade version of Arctic Thunder using Willie Quinn for twelve tracks. My objective was to only have fun playing not win all the time. It may be a very old game but this game is still my childhood. #ArcticThunder #ThunderSeries #MidwayGames #VideoGame #ThrowbackVideoGame #RacingGame #Playstation2 #Xbox

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