Burnout 3 Takedown is a racing video game published by Electronic Arts and developed by Criterion Games. This game is for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It was released since 2004. This is a high-speed racing game with arcade style gameplay that shows the importance of dangerous and fast paced driving. The game features circuit races that takes place on carriageways and city streets full of traffic. A single race mode is where a player challenge against five CPUs racers in a single or multiple lap race. In a race, you earn boost by driving dangerously into oncoming traffic, drifting, ramming your opponents, and near miss traffic. You use nitrous to increase your speed while you’re racing. It has a new feature called “Takedown” where you can ram your opponents and make them crash to earn an extra boost meter. The boost meter increases up to 4x for additional nitrous.  If you crash, you can use impact time to move your totaled car to hit other cars and you’ll get an Aftertouch Takedown. If not, you’ll lose a bar of boost gauge.

Burnout 3 Takedown

The World Tour is a single player career mode that have single races, road rage, crash mode and several other types of races. There are 173 events in ten locations across the United States, Europe and Asia. There are 67 vehicles in this game but there are divided into different classes based on their speed. You’ll earn new faster by earning medals and achieving milestones. There are different types of events:

Races: a standard race to the finish line against other racers.

Burning Lap: a single time trial where you have to beat the time.

Face-offs: one on one race against you and your rival. Place in first place to win a new vehicle.

Time Attack: a time trial where you have to beat the course with the time limit.

Road Rage: eliminating your opponents as much as you can before the time or your car is totaled.

Eliminator: a standard race but the racer in last place will be eliminated at the end of each lap.

Grand Prix: an event that group several races together into a point based tournament.

Crash: where you have to ram into traffic and get lot of Crash Money as you can and you can explode once you wreck a certain amount of cars. When you set a number of vehicles being damaged, the Crashbreaker will be unlocked for to you to explode your car to further the damage. Crash mod has power ups: Cash bonuses, Score multipliers, speed boost Crashbreaker and Heartbreaker but don’t touch the Heartbreaker power up because it’ll have negative effect on your score.

This game has a split screen multiplayer and online multiplayer. There are five different game modes that you can play online: Single Race, Online Road Rage, Team Crush, Double Impact and Party Crash.

This game was one of my favorite racing games of all time. I enjoyed ramming my opponents to the wall and get a takedown plus get an extra boost of nitrous to drive very fast. This game gets very difficult in a race when driving into overcoming traffic because traffic will get in your way. It may be a difficult racing game, but it’s still the best arcade racing game of all time. I spend a lot of hours playing this game and I mostly play Road Rage mode. If you take a lot of damage from your opponents or crash a lot, your car will be damage critical. Damage critical means one more crash and you’re finished. This is a gaming video of me doing my gameplay of Burnout 3 Takedown on the PlayStation 2. This is my first gaming video on my website of Lonewolf93blog. I’m using the Assassin Super Car. The mode I’m playing is Road Rage. I got 48 takedown on USA Silver Lake Southbound on Road Rage Mode. Best Racing Game of all time!!#RacingGame #VideoGame #Burnout3Takedown #BurnoutSeries #CriterionGames #ElectronicArts #EAGames #PlayStation2 #Xbox