Burnout Revenge is the 4th generation Burnout racing game published by Criterion Games and developed by Electronic Arts. This game is for PlayStation 2, Xbox and Xbox 360. It was released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox since 2005. It was also released for the Xbox 360 since 2006. This game focuses on a mixture of racing in rush-hour traffic, and use the cars as weapons. It also has a new feature called “Traffic Checking” (ramming through traffic) and “Vertical Takedown” (jump on your rival’s car.


There are different racing types in this game:

Races: a standard race to the finish line against other racers.

Road Rage: destroy as many rivals as you can before the time or your car is wrecked.

Burning Lap: a single race time attack.

Eliminator: a circuit where every thirty seconds left, the last place racer will be eliminated, and the race continue until one is the last man standing.

Crashbreaker Race, Crashbreaker Eliminator and Crashbreaker Road Rage: you can activate crashbreaker to explode your car near other racers.

Traffic Attack: where you must earn a lot of Crash Money through checking traffic.

Crash: you have to ram into traffic and get lot of Crash Money as you can and you can explode once the nitrous bar is filled. You have to earn boost by driving dangerous by going into oncoming traffic, tailgating, drifting and air jumps. It’s about destroying cars and go on a dangerous rampage when racing.

In Single player mode, you must compete in a world tour of 169 events across three continents. Ranks: Harmless, Unsafe, Reckless, Offensive, Fearless, Dangerous, Insane, Maniac, Assassin, Dominator and Elite. Your Revenge Rank will increase after you complete an event.

The game features multiplayer, both offline and online. There are three types of Crash modes:

Crash Battle: multiple players attempt a junction at the same time.

Crash Party: players take turns at attempting junctions across several rounds, and

Crash Tour: players attempting to gather a lot of Crash Dollars in a few attempts, after the last round ends the player with the lowest score wins.

There are different kinds of Takedowns in this game:

Takedown– ram your rival to the wall.

Revenge Takedown– your rivals are marked in red for Revenge if they taken you out

Aftertouch Takedown– you can steer your wrecked car into rivals and make them crash.

Signature Takedown– ram your rival into certain location and based Takedowns are prized.

Vertical Takedown– jump on top of your rival.

Traffic Check Takedown– ramming traffic into rivals.

Explosive Paycheck– your car explodes near other racers, you’ll get an explosive payback and it’ll boost your nitrous bar. to take out your rivals. I always use traffic as my advantage to eliminate opponents all the time.

Burnout Revenge was one of my favorite racing game that I’ve ever played. Just like Burnout 3 Takedown, knock your opponents to the wall or to a car to gain an extra boost of nitrous. My favorite mode of this game is still Road Rage. Road Rage is all about destroying other cars as much as you can before the time or your car’s wrecked. I always play road rage every time I played this game. I never get tired of playing this game. This is a gaming video of me doing a gameplay of Burnout Revenge on the Xbox 360. I’m using the Criterion R205 GT and race at Eastern Bay-Crashbraker Road Rage-Long Forwards. I got 43 takedowns as my new high score without crashing. #VideoGame #RacingGame #BurnoutSeries #BurnoutRevenge #EAGames #ElectronicArts #Playstation2 #Xbox #Xbox360 #CriterionGames