When I was a little kid, I used to play WWF WrestleMania 2000 and WCW vs NWO Revenge on the Nintendo 64. I always play as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker because they’re my favorite wrestlers. I enjoyed playing it but I never watched WWF or WCW on TV. I’ve never watched any professional wrestling on TV since childhood but I played the games on the Nintendo 64. Since 2008, I got myself into watching WWE on TV. I learned that the wrestling ring is a battleground where professional wrestlers put their bodies, careers and lives on the line. They do it for the fans. The types of wrestling matches I like are Standard match, Steel Cage match, Last Man Standing match, I Quit match, Extreme Rules match, Submission match, No Disqualification match, and Tables match. I’ve watched WWE Raw and SmackDown from 2008 through 2014 but I mostly watch Raw. Since 2014, I heard that the Undertaker’s undefeated streak came to an end at WrestleMania 30 against Brock Lesnar. He’s been undefeated from WrestleMania 7 to WrestleMania 29 and he’s 21-0 until his streak came to an end against Brock Lesnar. The Undertaker has been my top favorite wrestler of all time. I didn’t have the WWE Network to watch the Pay Per View but I found out on the Wikipedia. I was at a moment that I’m taking a break from watching WWE. I took a break for over a one and a half. When I was taking a break from watching WWE, I was old school WWF RAW is WAR, WWF SmackDown!, ECW, and WCW on YouTube. WWE has eras: The Golden Era, The New Generation Era, The Attitude Era, The Ruthless Aggression Era, The PG Era, The Reality Era and The New Era. My favorite eras of WWE is the Attitude Era, Ruthless Aggression Era. My number one favorite wrestler of all time is Stone Cold Steve Cold: the poster boy of the Attitude Era. He was a three-time Royal Rumble winner, one time King of the Ring winner, and six-time WWE Champion. Since 2015, I decided to induct myself into the Hall of Fame for being a true professional wrestling fan for seven years. My grand prize of being a true professional wrestling fan is to go back watching WWE. On October 26th 2016, I was watching Monday Night Raw and I feel happy that I’m back. I am back watching WWE but I’m not leaving this time. Professional wrestling is my passion that I enjoyed watching since 2008. Guess What? The Lone Wolf is back in business to watch WWE. 2016 was the year that I got the WWE Network for the first time and I can watch any shows, and pay per view just for $9.99 per month. I’m glad that I got the WWE Network so I can relive the old days of the Attitude Era. As a WWE fan, I have the WWE Winged Eagle Championship Belt, WWE Attitude Era Championship Belt, WWE Undisputed Championship Belt, WWE United States Championship Belt and WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt. I used to have a WWE Spinner Championship Belt but I give it away but I still count myself as a WWE Champion. I will find more championship belts one day. WWE, all I want to say to you is thank you for bring me back to watch something that I love. And that’s the bottom line because Stone Cold said so!!! #WWE #WWEfan #ProfessionalWrestlingFan