At the basketball court, Seirin was playing a game against Komada and Izuki passes to Kagami for an alley oop dunk. The journalists said something about the strongest teams of the Winter Cup are Kaijo that was led by their team captain Kasamatsu Yukio and their ace player Kise Ryota. They lost against Touou Academy and the team has the ace player named Aomine Daiki. There’s a player who plays for Shutoku and his name is Midorima Shintaro: a talented three-point shooter. There’s a player who played for Yosen and his name is Murasakibara Atsushi. There’s a player who played for Rakuzan and his name is Akashi Seijuro. They’re all from Teiko Middle School and they are the Generation of Miracles. Seirin High School Basketball team: Kiyoshi Teppei: he injured his knees and he couldn’t play in the Inter-High but still a strong center. Hyuga Junpei: he’s the Seirin team captain and a clutch shooter. Izuki Shun: he’s the point guard with the eagle eye. They also have a new player on their team who wants to beat the Generation of Miracles Kagami Taiga. Seirin has beaten Komada 72-65. The journalists consider them the dark horse of the Winter Cup. Someone saw another player with a light blue hair on the Seirin team that he didn’t even see. His name is Kuroko Tetsuya.

At the restaurant, Kagami missed eating a broccoli using some chopsticks but he’s been told by Hyuga to shut up. It seems that Kagami was practicing using his left hand but the broccoli was slipped from the chopsticks and the dog Tetsuya 2 ate it. As Kagami’s yelling at the dog, someone says Kagami because he’s needs to keep it down. The Seirin team has a day off tomorrow but Furihata shows everyone that there’s a street basketball 5 on 5 competition. Coach Riko suggested the whole team to rest but Furihata knows that Kuroko and Kagami always get to play so the team want to play some street basketball. Kiyoshi was happy to see the 1st years show some spirit. He really wanted Riko to let the 1st years play street basketball and so she approves. The 1st years and Kagami were feeling excited to play street basketball outside.

Tetsuya 2 ate Kagami's broccoli

The next morning, Kuroko, Kagami, Furihata, Fukuda and Kiyoshi has shown up outside except for Kawahara because he has a cold. They’re all ready to have some fun. There’s a lot of people gather together on a beautiful sunny day near the basketball court. Players were having fun playing basketball outside. Kagami thinks it isn’t different from America. He’s wearing a chain with a ring on it. When they’re going to sign up to play, they saw some unexpected guests and that’s the Seiho players. Seirin and Seiho has meet again and they ended up eating lunch together on the grass. The third years of Seiho were retiring so Seiho will not be competing in the Winter Cup. Only the top eight teams from the Inter-High can compete in the Winter Cup. Only first and second place from the Inter-High. Seiho lost against Seirin they were disqualified so they were taking a break from studying for an exam. As they’re about to leave, Iwamura said that if they play against Seirin at the street basketball festival, they can play the game they missed last year. They’re disappointed that Hyuga and the 2nd years aren’t around but they still want their revenge. Seiho has left so they can focus on their exams without reservations. Seirin has accept their challenge. Tsugawa asked about a guy who played for Seirin that he didn’t recognize. Iwamura knows Kiyoshi since middle school. He knows the center from the Generation of Miracles, Murasakibara Atsushi and he plays for Yosen High School. Tsugawa saw a guy who was carrying a Yosen bag. There was an announcement that the first game was about to begin. Seiho will be playing against a team. Seirin was late to the game because Kagami was hungry. As a result, Seiho was crushed with a score of 51-32 against a strong team. There was a player that’s wearing the same chain that Kagami has. His name is Himuro Tatsya. Both of them has known each other. Himuro can speak English and Japanese just like Kagami. They’re not just friends, they’re brothers.

Himuro Tatsuya

In a flashback, Kagami had a tough time making friends. He met Himuro for the first time. Himuro asked if he wants to play brother with him and the players. He also speaks Japanese just like him. They both introduced themselves. They arrived at the basketball court but as they’re playing with basketball players, Himuro was a good basketball player. Kagami was amazed by his performance and he consider him the best. During the sunset, Kagami asked how did Himuro make friends with everyone because he hasn’t made any friends since he came to America. He thinks he’s not showing off enough of what he like or what he’s good at. He need to let them know who he is. Once they know him, they’ll be him friends. If he’s good, they’ll respect him. Kagami’s not good at anything but Himuro wants him to try basketball. He’ll train him how to play. As Himuro’s training Kagami, he know he’s strong but he needs to watch his opponent more because the most important part of basketball is outwitting his opponent. His mind should be cold and his heart should be on fire. He needs to think while he play and he have to hate to lose. Kagami was trained by Himuro and there’s a woman with blonde hair watching them play basketball.

Kagami Taiga as a kid

Himuro teaches Kagami how to play basketball

Himuro was amazed to see Kagami improved very quickly in basketball and he made friends along the way. As Kagami’s smiling, he has no siblings but it would a great idea to have Himuro as his older brother. Himuro randomly ran to someone who sells jewelry. He got Kagami a ring and himself a ring too. They both wear their rings to prove that they’re brothers and they also buy chains to hang their rings. Years later, Kagami was wearing a chain with a ring on it and was dominating playing basketball. Someone wants him to join their team for the next game because every week, they bet their game for ownership of the week. They’ve been losing since there’s a player on the other team who’s on top of his game. Kagami welcomes a challenge and that person is his brother Himuro. He’s also wearing the same chain with a ring on it just like Kagami. They were happy to see each other and Himuro hasn’t seen him since graduation. He’s not going to go easy on him and Kagami accept his challenge. As a result, he beat Himuro for the first time. He’s gotten very strong from his training. They’re both completely evenly matched. They played basketball every week, winning and losing back and forth. That day, their record has reached to 49-49.

Kagami plays basketball

If Himuro lose the next game, he won’t be able to call Kagami his brother anymore. If he lose to his younger brother, how can he call myself his older brother? He really can’t have that. He doesn’t what to lose against Kagami. The game was tied at 46-46 but Himuro wasn’t himself because of his injury. He misses a shot and Kagami’s in a fast break but he’s going for a lay up, he was thinking about his older brother. After the game, Himuro has punched him in the face and asked him why did he miss a lay shot. He didn’t tell him to hold back. Kagami doesn’t want to be his enemy because he want everything to stay the same. Himuro understand and he took off his chain and bet the ring on their next game. Their game was a tied but if Kagami lose the next game, he’ll pretend that the ring doesn’t existed. He returned to Japan after that and he never played against Himuro.

Himuro punches Kagami in the face

He was disappointed back then but now he came back to Japan and attended Yosen High School. Now that they meet again, he wants to fulfill their promise. When Kagami was about to say something, the dog touch his face with his hand. He was freaking out and asked why Kuroko would bring the dog. He doesn’t like it when he’s indecisive and he thinks i’s Kagami’s fault for going easy on Himuro. If he wins, he wouldn’t be able to call him his brother anymore. It isn’t what he wanted. Nobody wants their opponent to go easy on them in the game they play and love. Even if they’re not brothers, it wouldn’t change Kagami. He understands now because he likes basketball he enjoy facing strong players even if Himuro’s his opponent. He thanked Kuroko for telling him that. He made it his mind that they go head to head, he’ll give everything he got and play as hard as he can. Himuro’s looking for to play against Kagami and he asked who Kuroko was. He didn’t notice his presence. Kuroko has introduced himself to Himuro. He was amazed to see Kagami have an interesting partner but he know him a little. He also have an interesting guy on his team.

Tetsuya 2 punched Kagami in the face

At the Seirin basketball gym, the 2nd years were practicing playing basketball. Riko told everyone to rest and she doesn’t want them to push themselves too hard. She has the results of the Inter-High. The schools attended by the Generation of Miracles took the top spots: Yosen’s third, Touou Academy’s second and Rakuzan’s first. Rakuzan took the Winter Cup last year and their team captain is a member of the Generation of Miracles: Akashi Seijuro. The three schools may be strong, but their ranks doesn’t reflect the difference in their true ability. The three members of the Generation of Miracles were benched during the semi-final and final games for some reason. At the street basketball festival, the final game was about to begin between two teams: Seirin vs Yosen. Before they start the game, Kuroko was feeling bothered by Kagami’s story. He knew Kagami’s strong but Himuro feels like a member of the Generation of Miracles. He doesn’t think he can handle him by himself. Kagami already noticed that. As they begin the tip-off, Murasakibara has shown up to the court late. Kuroko and Murasakibara has meet again. He noticed that Kuroko’s serious that he wanted to crush him.

Murasakibara Atsushi

This episode was interesting to learn more about Kagami’s past and his childhood friend. I also have a childhood best friend I knew for a long time just like Kagami but sometimes it’s hard to see two brothers face each other as enemies for the first time. Sometimes best friends become bitter enemies. I refuse to lose a childhood best friend because he’s like a family to me. Because of that, I have a brother on my side. When I was a child, I had trouble making friends because I prefer to be by myself. I can understand what Kuroko said that you can’t go easy on your opponents even if they’re your friends or not. You still have to bring your A game and don’t hold anything back. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #AkashiSeijuro #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #MurasakibaraAtsushi #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool