It was a nice day and the Seirin asketball team were all gathered together with Coach Riko but Kuroko scared everyone because of his lack of presence. Everyone’s getting ready for the Winter Cup preliminaries. At the Shutoku locker, Midorima was tapping his fingers getting ready for a game but his lucky item was a carved wooden bear and he got it at the antique store. It’s bigger than the one he already had. At the Kaijo gym, the team was practicing on the basketball court while Kasamatsu tells the team to do a Tight man-to-man. Kise showing off with a slam dunk. When they take a break, Kasamatsu was thinking that the team needs to tighten their game in order to be better. Kise got a text message from Midorima and he said die instead of wishing him good luck. At the rooftop, Aomine was laying down looking at the sky but Momoi tells him that he’s skipping practice again. He doesn’t really care because he’s too strong and cocky to play basketball. She also tell him that Kuroko has learned a new technique but he really doesn’t want to practice. He said “The only one who can beat me is me” to prove his point. Touou Academy are on the spot for the Winter Cup so they’re prepared. At the Yosen High School, Murasakibara was eating a snack while Himuro tells him information about the Winter Cup that the first and second place teams of the Inter-High will participate. There’s going to be a lot of schools participating in the Winter Cup. Murasakibara will be facing his former teammates Aomine, Akashi, and Kise. Himuro never played in the Inter-High because he’s excited that he can play his brother Kagami and the Generation of Miracles. Akashi was also excited about the Winter Cup.

At the Seirin locker, Coach Riko wants to go over what the team will be doing at the Winter Cup one more time. There are eight schools that will be participating the preliminaries but the two of them will win a spot to participate in the Winter Cup. They will be narrowed down into four schools. The four schools will play the league series and the top two schools will participate in the Winter Cup. The teams that are participating are the eight schools from the Inter-High preliminaries but they’re powerful. Seirin’s opponent will be Josei High School who are the 6th place team. Seirin’s ready to play basketball. At the Josei locker, Kawase know that Seirin have some additional rookies on their team. They made it to the championship league last year and present but it’s as far as they go. They have a powerful rookie named Kagami Taiga that Josei was feeling worried about but they know that Seirin has a fatal weakness. The team’s not that powerful but their center is a good player. Their inside is weak and they don’t have a coach but they do have a girl coach. Josei has some tricks up their sleeve by showing Seirin that they have a rookie too named Narumi Daisuke.

Daisuke Narumi

At the basketball court, Seirin’s feeling excited to play against Josei while Kiyoshi’s smiling a lot since morning. He hasn’t play a game in a while but he’s smiling about it. Hyuga knows that Kiysoshi’s happy but he also came back to win. He’s counting on him under the net. Kuroko believe they’ll be fine because they now have Kiyoshi as a center. When Josei walking towards the basketball, Kawase saw another Generation of Miracle. Since middle school, there was another group they were known as prodigies. They were all hidden in the shadow of the best but there’s one person who was part of the Generation of Miracles. He’s an unbeatable soul who supports his team from under the net and that person is The Iron Heart: Kiyoshi Teppei. The new Seirin Basketball Team is ready to start the game. The Winter Cup preliminary game between Seirin vs Josei was about to begin and both teams bow saying good luck. Narumi randomly feels upset that he said that Seirin’s Coach Riko’s not sexy at all. Riko wants Seirin to go slaughter them as she expresses her anger.

Enraged Riko wants Seirin to crush Josei

Seirin vs Josei Winter Cup Preliminary Game

As the game begins with a tip-off, Seirin were on offense. They were passing the ball to each other but when Kagami has the ball, he was double teamed by Josei players. He lost the ball and it was swap out-of-bounds but it’s still Seirin ball. Kuroko wants Kagami to relaxed but he responds by saying shut up. He’s not calm to play basketball. Hyuga thinks it’s might be pretty rough that the game’s not going well for Seirin. Kiyoshi pads Kagami on the head too hard and he wants to take it easy. In the first quarter of the game, both teams were still yet to score. Hyuga was figuring out a plan as they opponent are tougher as they thought. He tells Kiyoshi that he shouldn’t tell people to take it easy. He’ll be fine and he wants him to give him the ball because the game just got started. He want to have some fun. He pads Kagami on the head again and walks away. Kagami noticed that Kiyoshi has big hands.

Seirin vs JoseiKiyoshi pads Kagami on the head

Outside of the arena, Imayoshi and Sakurai know Seirin and Josei were playing against each other. Imayoshi considers both teams equally strong but Josei is a terrible match up for Seirin and Seirin has a weak inside. Josei’s strength is their aggressive inside and their first year center is powerful. He thinks it might be a tough game for Seirin. When Imayoshi and Sakurai enters inside the arena to see the game, they were surprised to see Seirin play good. Kiyoshi passes to Izuki and then to Hyuga for a lay up. They score and they’re down by 4 points in the first quarter. Sakurai thinks Josei doesn’t have the advantage against Seirin but Imayoshi’s glad that he and Sakurai came to see the game. He wants him to watch the Seirin No. 7 player but his plays was impossible to predict. When Kiyoshi has the ball, he was going for a hook shot while Narumi tries to block him but he pass it to Hyuga to score two points. Hyuga steals the ball from Josei and pass the ball to Kiyoshi. Kisyoshi was about to do a hook shot or a pass while Narumi tries to block him again but instead he shoots the ball in the basket. He released the ball in a perfect timing. Imayoshi explains to Sakurai that Kiyoshi is a unusual center with the passing sense of a point guard. It’s a game of rock-paper-scissors. When he’s holding the ball with his big hands, he can change his choice when a normal person would have released the ball. Kiyoshi can change his strategy after observing his opponent. He has the Right of Postponement. Narumi wants to win by brute force by dunking the ball but he was blocked by Kiyoshi. Izuki has the ball but he passes to Kuroko for him to pass the ball to Kagami. He jumps very high to do a slam dunk but he headbutt the rim. The first quarter was over and Seirin leads by 9 points 29-18. Seirin’s doing pretty good on the court thanks to their summer training camp. Kuroko doesn’t want to sub out as he’s holding Kagami’s leg and dragging him off the court.

Kagami jumps way too high

In the fourth quarter of the game, Seirin leads by 23 points against Josei. When the shot was missed Kiyoshi and Narumi were going for the rebound but Kiyoshi got the offensive rebound. He spins around and did a lay up. Seirin’s dominating against Josei with a score of 91-53. It’s because they got Kiyoshi on their team and their offensive power has increased. Kiyoshi’s on fire getting the rebounds. Seirin’s inside isn’t their weakness anymore. It’s their strength. With a powerful center, you can get a lot of rebounds. If you can get rebounds, you can shoot freely that you can make a lot of shots. Seirin has trusted their center Kiyoshi. Kagami’s feeling angry but Kuroko slingshot his wristband at his face to snap out of it. Kiyoshi and Hyuga makes it easy to take shot because Kagami’s drawing all the defenders to himself. He shouldn’t be angry about it. They saw Imayoshi and Sakurai watching the game that Aomine will be hearing about the game between Seirin vs Josei. Kuroko wants Kagami to calm down. Kagami has the ball but he was double teamed by Josei players but they’re running out of energy. He went through them but Narumi was defending him. He jumps and finish the game with a slam dunk. Aomine, Kise, Midorima, Murasakibara, and Akashi has a feeling they’re sensing something. The Generation of Miracles are the prodigies of the decade.

Generation of Miracles

No one is equal to them but if there’s one, it would be one in the near future. They heard a sound from the door. The room is only for the prodigies could enter being forced open. Kagami finished the game with a slam dunk but he falls on the floor again. Kuroko gave him a hand to get up. Seirin has a chance to make it to the Winter Cup. Imayoshi already know that because they’re real monsters. The game was over and Seirin beats Josei 108-61.

Kagami Taiga

Kuroko's Basketball episode 28

Seirin’s really amazing in this episode not only from the summer training camp but they got a powerful center on the team Kiyoshi. He always has a strategy to either pass the ball to his teamates or shoot it under the net. His teammate counts on him and he play as role as a center despite having experience as a point guard in passing. Every time I see him get the rebound, I was thinking a basketball face that if someone controls the rebounds, controls the whole game. Watching this episode made me love basketball even more just like when I watch the NBA. I also have a feeling that Kagami is a Miracle that has a special talent of jumping power so he can do slam dunks. I consider him as Michael Jordan of the Seirin Basketball team. He’s a Miracle that didn’t become one of the Generation of Miracles. He has Kuroko as his fated shadow and he’s the true light. Because of that he’s forcefully opened the door that only the prodigies of the Generation of Miracles can open. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #AkashiSeijuro #AomineDaiki #MidorimaShintaro #KiseRyota #MurasakibaraAtsushi #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool