Shutoku won against Suginami as Midorima shoots the ball from half court. The score was 151-49 and Shutoku advance to the championship league. Senshinkan won the game against Nozomi with a score of 91-59 and they advance to the championship league. Kirisaki Dai Ichi won the game against Meisei with a score of 180-45. They advance to the championship league. Seirin, Shutoku, Senshinkan, and Kirisaki Dai Ichi were all in the championship league and it will be determined which of the two schools will represent Tokyo in the Winter Cup. Seirin has three more games left and The Winter Cup went by fast. They’re just getting started. Only the top eight schools out of over three hundred from the summer are allowed to participate. The Winter Cup preliminaries began with the Inter-High preliminaries. Seirin’s first opponent is Senshinkan in the championship league. They lost to them twice but they’re not going to lose this time. Kuroko decided to practice his new drive with Kagami. He just need his help to master it. When Kagami defends him, Kuroko went through him using the Vanishing Drive but he lost the ball. The leather of the basketball was worn out and it’s very smooth. Kuroko needs a new basketball but he wish he could use the gym more because that was his sixth ball.

Senshinkan vs Nozomi

The next morning, Aomine wants to lay down on the school roof but Momoi blocked him. She reminded him about the championship league that Touou Academy will be playing. He already beaten them and he doesn’t wanted watch them play. She tells him that Seirin will be facing against the king of the west: Senshinkan. Aomine thinks the title king was worthless and he know that Seirin will win because the results will be based on their performance. He consider watching Kuroko vs Midorima because it’s worth watching. At the game between Seirin vs Senshinkan, Seirin was dominating as Izuki passes to Hyuga and scores a three-point shot. A Senshinkan player was thinking what’s going on as he’s been crush. He consider Seirin nothing like they were since summer. They missed a shot and Kiyoshi grabs the rebound. He passes to Hyuga and Hyuga passes to Kuroko. He did an alley oop pass to Kagami for an alley oop dunk. Seirin won against Senshinkan with a score of 78-61. Seirin were celebrating as they’re dominating in the championship league. They’ve gotten really strong. Takao found out that Seirin as he’s play basketball against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. He did a back pass to Midorima and he scores a three-point shot. Shutoku won against Kirisaki Dai Ichi with a score of 123-51 but Midorima thinks it’s a disgusting game. He looks at the basketball team at the crowd seats there’s a talented player and Uncrowned King just like Kiyoshi but he’s an unpleasant player. He felt the same way when he played against him before.

Hanamiya Makoto

Seirin found out that Shutoku won which means they’re going to play against them. If Seirin wins, they’ll earned their spot to the Winter Cup. If they lose, their chance will fall and they’ll be out. Seirin and Shutoku were staring at each other knowing that they want to go to the Winter Cup. At the Seirin locker room, they’re not in the mood to celebrate as their next game will be very difficult. They beat Shutoku once in the Inter-High preliminaries. Now they’ve gotten better and they got Kiyoshi as their center. Kuroko thinks that’s why the next game will be difficult. They are better than Seirin but they don’t think so. Hyuga thinks Shutoku should be looking down on Seirin as the superior team but they’ll give everything they got. Seirin will be facing a member of the Generation of Miracles: Midorima Shintaro for the second time. As the whole Seirin Basketball team were walking, Kiyoshi wants everyone to go without him as he’ll catch up. Kiyoshi met someone who he knew for a while named Hanamiya. Seirin was thinking if Kiyoshi forgotten something but Kagami noticed a guy at the corner. There’s nothing to hide. In the world of middle school basketball, the Generation of Miracles of Teiko Middle School the best. The five prodigies with amazing basketball talents led to the three national championships. The five talented basketball player are capable of going head-to-head with the Generation of Miracles. Kiyoshi was one of the five players known as the Uncrowned Kings. The guy at the corner was one of them: The Bad Boy Hanamiya Makoto.

The Uncrowned Kings

He didn’t participate in the Shutoku game and Kiyoshi doesn’t like it. Hanamiya thinks his honesty was disgusting. He doesn’t really about who wins right in front of him. He thinks the Seirin will lose the two remaining games by themselves. Kiyoshi and Hanamiya are the opposite of friends as Hanamiya is the antithesis of Kiyoshi. If Kiyoshi is the most honest player, he’s the most dishonest. Hanamiya wishing him good luck that he’ll be rooting for him but he reminded him that he’ll hope his injuries heal soon.

Kiyoshi meets Hanamiya

Midorima’s sitting by himself in the locker room thinking and Takao tells him it’s time for the game. Seirin are facing Shutoku for the second time and Kise came to the arena to watch the game. Kagami saw Midorima’s face as he’s a different person. Shutoku that Seirin defeated were now undefeated and intelligent. Defeats are meaningful and losing makes you stronger. Victory is life and defeat means death for living creatures. If someone know the absolute terror of defeat hunger for victory. Midorima has an intense look on his face that he’s on the edge that he doesn’t want Takao to talk to him. He has no time for his jokes. He wants to beat Seirin very badly but they’re not the only ones who’ve suffered a devastating loss. One defeat is enough for Kagami and the whole team. They’re not the only ones who are starving for victory. Kagami and Midorima were looking at each other as rivals. Coach Riko was thinking if Shutoku’s strategy hasn’t changed since then, Seirin needs to shut down Midorima to win. There’s a limit of how times he can shoot three-point shots from anywhere. He using his entire body’s strength just by making the ball reach the net. Riko learned that he spends a little more time winding up with each shot he takes. Despite that Seirin can’t block all of his shots but if they push him to his limits, they’ll reduce his shooting accuracy. Seirin has one player who can give Midorima a hard time and it’s Kagami. the second championship of the Winter Cup preliminaries between Seirin vs Shutoku was about to begin as they bow their heads saying thank you for the game.

Seirin vs Shutoku Championship League for the Winter Cup Preliminaries

The game begins with a tip-off but it was a close call between Seirin and Shutoku but Seirin manage to get the ball. Takao knocked the ball away from Izuki. A Shutoku player was about to throw the ball to his teammates but it was knocked away by Kuroko. Midorima got the ball back and shoots a three-point shot but he was blocked by Kagami. It was Seirin first block of the game. The ball was out-of-bounds and it’s Shutoku’s ball. Kise was amazed to see Kagami jump higher than before. Midorima wasn’t fazed from Kagami’s words his he tells that he can make any slow shots when he’s around. When Takao has the ball, he was thinking about what Midorima said about Kagami’s potential that has been fully awakened. His jumps are a bad match up for his shots. No matter how many times Midorima tries, Kagami will block every last one of them. There’s only one answer for him. Shutoku players were passing the ball around to each other. Midorima has the ball again to shoot another three point shot bu he was blocked by Kagami again.

Kagami blocks Midorima

It was out-of-bounds and it’s Shutoku’s ball. Kagami’s on top of his game blocking Midorima’s shots. Riko was wondering what’s going on with Midorima and Kagami thought he learned some new tricks. Midorima tells him that he has no new skills but what he done was endurance training. He doesn’t want him to underestimate him that his shot aren’t cheap that he need some kind of stopgap for him. There’s one thing that Midorima can do and he just need to keep shooting until Kagami can’t jump anymore. Kagami’s smiling saying bring it on as he’s ready for a test of endurance.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 29

I’ve never seen Midorima this intense in this episode. He’s not in a good mood for fun and games. He’s very determined to beat Seirin this time. I’m just like him but I’m different because I stay focused when I’m quiet and stay in the zone. If I stay angry, I’ll lose my concentration and focus. My plan is to remain calm, collected and quiet to keep my concentration to stay strong. Losing does make you stronger depending how badly you lost. Sometimes I care when I lose but I sometimes don’t care if I lose. I still take it as a lesson and help me become stronger. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #AomineDaiki #MidorimaShintaro #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool