During the game of Seirin vs Shutoku, Midorima was about to shoot a three point shot but he was blocked Kagami as he continues to repeat. In the second quarter of the game, Seirin leads by 7 points against Shutoku 23-16. Seirin was doing really well but Coach Riko was beginning to thinking about something. Hyuga wishes he could celebrate but now’s not the time because the game against Shutoku won’t be easy. As Kagami’s panting for air, Midorima asked him if he’s exhausted too early and he’s also disappointed. Izuki was getting worried about Kagami that he’s getting exhausted. Takao was going against Kuroko while Izuki has the ball. Izuki know that Kuroko’s greatest basketball skills are changing passes that utilize his misdirection and it saves Seirin a lot of times. Takao can see everything on the basketball court because his hawk eye is much stronger than Izuki’s eagle eye. He defends against Kuroko so he can’t go anywhere. Kuroko’s misdirection can only be used for limited amount of time. The longer he plays, his effectiveness will drop. When Izuki passes to Hyuga, it was blocked by a Shutoku player and Midorima has the ball. When he’s about to shoot a three point shot, Kagami was going to block him as he jumps but it was a pump fake. Midorima has an open space to shoot but Kagami lands on his feet quickly and go for a second jump to block Midorima. The ball was high in the air and he missed the shot because Kagami touched the ball with his finger. Kuroko made it just in time to take the ball back. He threw a fast pass to Izuki and score a lay up shot.  Riko thinks that Midorima was using pump fakes to make Kagami get worse. Midorima was going for another three point shot but Kagami was figuring out if it’s pump fake or a shot. When he jumps, it was a pump fake and he’s going to shot. Kagami landed and he’s going for a another block but he’s a little further away. Kiyoshi jumps in front of Midorima to block his shot.

Kuroko's Basketball Episode 30

Moments ago at the Shutoku locker room, Midorima has a plan to draw the players to him and pass. He passes to Takao and his teammates pass the ball to each other. They scored a jump shot. This was the first time Midorima passes to his teammates. He never relied on his teammates just like Aomine because he always do all the work. Seirin defeated him when they worked together as a team but now it’s the opposite. Midorima’s no longer plays by himself that Shutoku are a true team. Riko wants the Seirin players to keep cheering. Shutoku may have Midorima on their team but Seirin got Kiyoshi on their team. Hyuga was figuring out a way to stop Shutoku. Kiyoshi thinks they’ll come up with something but Hyuga hits him on the head. He wants the team to benched Kuroko because if his misdirection doesn’t work, he’ll only hold the team back. Riko was thinking the same time so she’s sending Mitobe on the court. When Kuroko sits on the bench, Koganei tells him to leave it everyone but he know that. It will make it easier to use his Vanishing Drive. For some reason, he’s not that worried because he believe in his team.

Midorima first pass

Momoi just arrived at the game to see Seirin vs Shutoku but Aomine didn’t want to come. Kise was happy to see her. She calls him Ki-chan and he didn’t like when she calls him that. Kise invited his team to watch the game but they refused. He wants to watch the game with Momoi but he thinks it’s weird that he’s standing next to the Touou Academy’s team manager that the Kaijo lost against. They’re both going to the Winter Cup. Kise tells her the game between Seirin vs Shutoku was getting interesting. They saw Kagami and Kiyoshi double-teaming Midorima because they’re not going to let him take any shots. Seirin’s play is to have Kagami and Kiyoshi continue to double-team Midorima. Kiyoshi appreciates Kagami’s enthusiasm to help Midorima but the team has no choice that he’s faking and passing. If Kagami can’t jump anymore, they’ll lose the game easily. Izuki thinks that’ll make it too harder for him and Mitobe because Mitobe can’t handle the inside by himself. There’s one thing they could do. A Shutoku player went through Hyuga and scored a lay up shot. They were stopping Midorima but their inside was useless. If they can’t stop them, they’ll just have to score more than them. Seirin players were pass the ball to each other in a fast attack. Kiyoshi was going to shoot but he pass to Mitobe and did a slam dunk. Seirin was playing just like Touou Academy. Izuki passes to Kiyoshi then to Hyuga and he scores a jump shot. Seirin was beginning to keep pace as they show their offensive power. Their basketball style is offensive team basketball. Kiyoshi and Hyuga are the stars of the inside and outside. Scoring with the speed and passing of all five players is called Run-and-Gun Speed Basketball. That’s Seirin’s basketball strategy.

Seirin Run-and-Gun against Shutoku

Riko thinks there’s two things theat changed for Seirin ever since Kiyoshi joined. First, they strengthening their inside and second is the quickening of their passing by cycling the ball with their point guard Izuki. Their specialty is high paced point wars. Izuki missed a shot and a Shutoku player grabs the rebound. He pass it to Midorima to shoot from far away. He scores a three point shot. Midorima tells Kagami that he can’t lose focus for a moment if he wants to stop him.  Midorima’s teammates hit him saying good job to him. Hyuga and Kiyoshi hits Kagami at the same time. If Shutoku scores, Seirin will score themselves. The second quarter of the game was over and Kise’s excited to see a point war between Seirin vs Shutoku but Seirin’s at a disadvantage. They have no plan to stop Shutoku but it’s not that Shutoku can’t stop Seirin. Kise thinks Seirin will be the first one to fall but they have the phantom sixth man of the Generation of Miracle: Kuroko Tetsuya. Hyuga talks to the team about their plan to stop Shutoku but their plan is to score more than Shutoku. The Shutoku coach tells the team that the second half will be a point war and he don’t want them to fall behind.

Kise and Momoi spectate Shutoku vs Seirin

The third quarter of the game has begun and Seirin leads by two points against Shutoku 45-43. Riko thinks there’s a chance for Seirin to win is Kuroko’s Vanishing Drive. At the court, Midorima passes to Takao as Shutoku starting to get good. Takao did a back pass between his legs to Midorima to shoot a three point shot. He scores a three point shot and Shutoku’s up by 1 point. Koganei noticed that Midorima was smiling because he never smiles. Izuki passes to Hyuga but it was stolen by Kimura. Shotoku is more than just Midorima. They’ve studied all of Seirin plays. They scored a lay up shot. Midorima was going for another three point shot but when Kagami was about to block, he can’t jump. Midorima scores a three point shot. In the third quarter of the game, Shutoku leads by 8 points against Seirin 76-68. Midorima learned that Kagami’s at his limit. Coach Riko has underestimated the Generation of Miracles because they’re monsters. Momoi was impressed to see Midorima changed and so does Kise. In a flashback, Midorima was practicing his three point shots while Takao’s watching. They’re not friends but the team acknowledge his skill. Midorima prefers to be alone and he’s shooting the ball quietly by himself without be tired. Takao believe that he changed. When they play together as a team, Midorima will smile. It’s because of Kuroko because Midorima was beginning to rely on his teammates. Kuroko’s ready to go to the court because he wants to use his Vanishing Drive. He’s ready to turn the game around.

Seirin vs Shutoku Winter Cup Preliminaries

This episode amazes me to see Midorima starting to rely on his teammates just like Kuroko and Kise. A few members of the Generation of Miracles was beginning to changed because of Kuroko. Kuroko loves basketball and he wants everyone to play as a team. If I’m a Miracle that’s not a member of the Generation of Miracles, my basketball talents would be shooting 2s, 3s, street basketball style, dunking, lay ups, ankle breaking, passing, stealing the ball, animal instincts, power, speed and agility. I would join Seirin because I rely on my teammates and they rely on me back. I’ll use my basketball talents to help my team out and they’ll help me back. It’s better to play together instead of playing by yourself. I love basketball just like Kuroko despite I don’t know how to play but I can still watch, learn and play. Kuroko is an inspiration character in anime sports because he wants everyone to love thrill of the sport and play together as a team. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #MidorimaShintaro #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool