The fourth quarter was over and the game was ended in a tie for Seirin and Shutoku at 104. The game would go to overtime but the tournament was trying to keep the games short, they have no overtime rules. The game was over in a tie. When Kiyoshi thinking about his last free throw that he should’ve made it, everyone’s offers him a high-five for helping the team made this far. Seirin did the best they could and they didn’t lose. Midorima wasn’t satisfied of the game ended in a tie and so does Kagami but they want to settle the score someday. Takao reminds Seirin that there will be no ties at the Winter Cup. The crowd applaud Seirin and Shutoku for a great game and they’re both evenly matched. Both teams bow their heads and said thank you very much. They leaves the basketball and they’ll face each other someday.

Seirin vs Shutoku ended in a tie

As the results of the National High School Basketball Preliminaries, Seirin vs Shotoku were tied at 104 and Kirisaki Dai Ichi defeated Senshinkan 108-70. Kirisaki Dai Ichi team were happy that they won but they don’t remember breaking the rules. They will face other against Seirin but Hanamiya was not surprised. They want to crush Seirin and advance to the Winter Cup. Midorima, Kise, Momoi were walking together talking about the Winter Cup. Midorima didn’t want Kise to worry about him that he should be worrying about Seirin’s opponent Kirisaki Dai Ichi with their player Hanamiya Makoto. They have a plan to do everything it takes to win. It’s going to difficult for Seirin as they face one of the Uncrowned Kings. When Midorima’s about to leave, he saw a dog in his cart with Kise, and Momoi. Momoi falls in love over the dog’s cuteness that it’s wearing a team uniform. Midorima was feeling angry when he’s looking at him and he got angry when the dog peed in his cart. He wants to shoot the dog but Momoi refuses. Kuroko has found his pet dog from his girlfriend Momoi, Kise and Midorima. They were happy to see Kuroko again. Momoi realize that the dog looks just like Kuroko as he’s licking him and she thinks it’s cute as she fainted. Takao has shown up and Midorima wants to leave. He wants to play against Kuroko again at the Winter Cup and he accepts. Everyone has leave while Kuroko waves them goodbye.

Tetsuya 2

Momoi faints seeing Kuroko and Tetsuya 2

At the locker room, Kiyoshi’s still hurting for his knees. Hyuga knew about it when Kiyoshi was going for two free throws and he wants him to not play against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Kiyoshi refuses and he wanted to play against Kirisaki Dai Ichi despite his condition. Kagami has found out as he’s listening behind the door. At sunset, Kuroko, Kagami and Hyuga were walking together but Kagami asked about Kiyoshi’s last chance. Hyuga tells him that considering his condition that he’d have found out. It all started last summer…


At the Seirin High School, Izuki wanted to talk to Hyuga but he was laughing at him because of his bleached hair and that’s not something a basketball player would do. Hyuga informs him that he’s done with basketball because it’s too hard and there’s nothing fun about it. He wants to take over the school and stand at the top. He never win a single game since middle school. Seirin doesn’t have a basketball team. He tells Izuki to find a different club. As he’s walking, he bump into Kiyoshi. When Kiyoshi pick up his phone, he asked him if he likes basketball. He thinks that he’s joining the basketball join. He introduced himself to Hyuga. Kiyoshi was on his way to submit his club entry form and he wants to go with Hyuga. Hyuga tells him that Seirin High School doesn’t have a basketball team. Kiyoshi wants to form a basketball team together with Hyuga. They just need three more players so they can play games. Hyuga informs him that he quit playing basketball. He wanted him to fin someone else. During class, Hyuga was sipping his juice but he’s also in a bad mood. Kiyoshi was behind Hyuga and he wants to play basketball together. He still refuses to play but Izuki doesn’t mind playing basketball. They need two more players to form a basketball team.

Kiyoshi wants to form a basketball club

Izuki really wants to play except for Hyuga so he left the classroom. He asked if Kiyoshi if he’s the Iron Heart but he really doesn’t like the nickname. He tells Kiyoshi that if he really wants to play basketball, he needs to go to a strong school that could recruit him. He doesn’t have a reason for coming to Seirin High School. Kiyoshi was raised by his grandparents and he attended to a school nearby. He likes basketball but he thinks it’s just a club. He doesn’t really care as long as basketball’s fun. Izuki’s thinking that Kiyoshi should be more ambitious but he’s laid back. He was wondering that if Kiyoshi’s having fun, he’s doesn’t really care if he win or lose but that’s not what Kiyoshi was thinking. He stated that training to win and improving yourself and devoting yourself to win you enjoy. Izuki takes back of what he said. Mitobe and Koganei heard that Kiyoshi and Izuki talking about the basketball team. They both want to join. Kiyoshi accepts their request. Mitobe and Koganei has introduced themselves to Kiyoshi and Izuki. Koganei has played tennis since middle school but when he watched Mitobe play basketball, he thinks it’s fun.

Mitobe and Koganei

Now that there’s five basketball club members, Izuki thinks they should get two more people because games and practice games will be more difficult with five people. Koganei thinks they should get a team manager but a cute one. Izuki knows someone who can be a manager named Aida Riko. She refuses to be a team manager because basketball was her least favorite sport. She hates everything about their generation’s middle school basketball. The Teiko Middle School was very strong that most high school players will be their former members. Everyone around them has given up on winning. That’s what Riko hates the most.

Riko as a 1st year

At the arcades called Gamestorm, Hyuga was playing a fighting game and he loses. Riko was wondering what he’s doing at the arcade but she was laughing at his hair. At night, they walked together and they had a conversation that Izuki and Kiyoshi has talk to her during lunchtime. They’re forming a basketball club. Hyuga already know that but Riko thinks he’s not busy. He plays video games, reads comic books and he’s into civil war generals. Masamune Date was his favorite. Riko thinks he’s trying to force himself that he’s not doing what he wants and he don’t know what he want to do. At the fast food restaurant, Izuki, Mitobe, Kiyoshi, and Koganei were eating burgers feeling hopeless about forming a basketball club. Riko will only join any clubs if they’re serious about being the best. They want to convince her that they’re serious about being the best. They all saw Hyuga walking by outside and Izuki tells everyone that Hyuga was a good shooter since middle school but he never won. Hyuga told him and said “Your hard work will be rewarded”. Kiyoshi really want him to play but he’s going to convince him to play. He follows Hyuga and he wants to walk home together but he refuses. They were walking together but Kiyoshi went to the basketball court with him. He won’t asked him about playing basketball anymore but only if Hyuga can beat him one-on-one. He knew that Kiyoshi were in the top four middle school and he can’t beat him. If he can make a single basket, he’ll win against Kiyoshi. He accepts his challenge and he’s ready to play ball. Hyuga was going for a jump shot but he was blocked by Kiyoshi. Izuki was showing Mitobe and Koganei the papers of joining a basketball team. Kiyoshi continues to block Hyuga jump shot. Riko was thinking about the basketball team at home. Kiyoshi did a couple of slam dunks while Hyuga was still yet to score. When he was about to shoot, he was blocked by Kiyoshi again. He wants to keep playing but Kiyoshi wants him to give up on giving up on basketball that if he really hates basketball, he wouldn’t say about anything. Hyuga tells him to shut up that ordinary men aren’t like gifted guys like Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi said that natural talent has nothing to do with it. He’s just like Hyuga because he fought against the prodigies of Teiko and tasted despair too. He thought of throwing out his basketball shoes plenty of times. No matter how many times he tried, he couldn’t let go. Hyuga’s the same as Kiyoshi that he losing and that’s why he can’t forget. Kiyoshi likes basketball as much as he does. Hyuga has enough of hearing his words and he doesn’t want him to talk like he know him. That’s why he’s bored every day.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 32

It’s nice to see a flashback of how Seirin formed a basketball of Kiyoshi. Izuki, Mitobe, Koganei and Kiyoshi wants to play basketball but Hyuga doesn’t want to play because he hates it and so does Riko. He was different from the 2nd year Hyuga because of his hair. I never knew that Hyuga really hates basketball that he’s always in a bad mood. To be honest, he looks better without the bleached hair. In reality, people do quit basketball because it’s too hard. I’m like basketball just like Kiyoshi because I love the game. There’s a different having and playing the game. I studied to learn and write information about basketball on my basketball notebook. It made be hard to play at first, but it still doesn’t stop me from playing. I train every day to learn new things and get better. I LOVE BASKETBALL!! If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #MidorimaShintaro #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool