During the nighttime at the basketball court, Hyuga was thinking about what Kiyoshi said that he’s glad when he got to hear how he really feels. He shoots the ball but he misses. The next day at Seirin High School, Kiyoshi, Mitobe, Koganei and Izuki were on the school roof and swear their vows to everyone. They’re the basketball team of Seirin High School and they will participate in the year’s national tournament to become the number one basketball team in Japan. They state their class, jersey number and name. Riko was also looking at them and wondering what they’re doing. Hyuga has shown up on the school roof but with a new haircut. He cut his hair and dye it black. He may hate Kiyoshi and that’s why he don’t want to lose to him at the sport he loves. Thanks to Kiyoshi, he finally gotten through to him. Hyuga yell out his classroom number, jersey number and name to the students but was interrupted by a teacher. If he fails his goals, he’ll confess his feelings to a girl naked. Riko was laughing at Hyuga for what he said but she’s joining the basketball team. At the gym, she shows the Seirin players the training menu on the board. For the Seirin High School Basketball Team: Offense 8, Defense 2, Offense Focused Training Run-and-Gun, Running Outside 5 Laps, Footwork 3 Sets, 2 Sides 50 Shots (Repeat for missed shots), 3 Sides of 50 Shots (Repeat for missed shots), 1-on-1 (Full Court), Free Throw 10 Shots (Sprint for each missed shot), 2-on-2 (Full Court), Free Throw 10 Shots (Sprint for each missed shot), 3-on-3 (Full Court), Shuttle Run 20 Laps, Weight Training 3 Sets and Stretching. Riko’s the daughter of a personal trainer and she’s the head coach the Seirin High School Basketball Team.

Riko accepts to coach the Seirin basketball team

Izuki calls Kiyoshi captain because he’s the one that formed the basketball team but Kiyoshi thought Hyuga’s the team captain. The reason was because it’s not about who is good and he has something that Kiyoshi doesn’t. Hyuga fits being a team leader. Everyone accepts him as their team captain. The team practice running, passing, shooting, offense, defense and teamwork. They finally got their basketball jerseys and they got their pictures taken.

Seirin from a year ago

Seirin played against Kyoritsu and they were leading in the fourth quarter 66-52. Kiyoshi showing off with a powerful slam dunk. He was called Kiyoshi the Iron Heart. A Kyoritsu player passes to his teammate but was stolen by Koganei. Hyuga has the ball and scores a three-point shot after when he tells someone to shut up about the Iron Heart. As a result, the game was over and Seirin defeated Kyoritsu 71-52. Seirin has won their first victory. Hyuga tells Kyoritsu that they’re the Seirin High School basketball team. At the next time, Seirin was facing against Torimura High in the fourth quarter and they’re down by 1 point 90-89. Izuki passes to Hyuga but when he scores a three point shot, he misses but Kiyoshi slams the ball into the hoops. The game was over and Seirin defeated Torimura High by 1 point 91-90. They made it to the finals of the preliminaries. If they win one more, they’re in the championship league.

Seirin defeats Kyoritsu

At sunset, Kiyoshi and Hyuga were walking together and Hyuga hates him but ever since he joined the basketball team playing with everyone, he finally realize basketball’s fun when you win. Kiyoshi doesn’t understand of why Hyuga’s not ungrateful. He tells him about when they first want to recruit Riko and the reason she turns them down was because everyone around them has given up on winning. That’s what she hates the most. Kiyoshi was startled when she said that and his old school Shoei was just like that. They were self-assured in their strength and they didn’t slack during practice but no one believe they could beat Teiko. Everyone at Seirin really believes their basketball team that the can be the best basketball team in Japan. They have to do it and not fail. Kiyoshi was glad that he met everyone but Hyuga doesn’t want to hear embarrassing things from him. They’re going to win their next game.

The next day, everyone was amazed to see an arena that huge and they’re playing inside but they’re playing in the first gym. That place was also huge too. The first arena has middle school games that they’re playing. The Teiko Middle School Basketball went outside of the arena. Aomine has scored 42 points, Midorima made 10 shots, Kise wanted him to pass the ball to him more, Murasakibara doesn’t care when though they won and Akashi tells them that they having a meeting as soon as they get back. Seirin saw Teiko Middle School basketball team for the first time and they’re the strongest middle school basketball team. They’re called the Generation of Miracles and they will be entering high school next year. There’s another Teiko player walking by but they didn’t see him. His name was Kuroko.

Kuroko with Teiko passes Seirin

At the basketball court, Seirin’s facing against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. They come this far with their run-and-gun playing style but it won’t work against them. Kirisaki Dai Ichi are strong but Seirin will start strong and take control of the game. Kiyoshi wants to try something but he hasn’t practice it before. As the game started, Izuki passes to Kiyoshi but he couldn’t get through the Kirisaki Dai Ichi players. He passes to Hyuga and scores a three-point shot. Izuki was amazed by Kiyoshi’s passing abilities despite he’s a center. Hyuga has scored his fourth three point shot in a row. Kiyoshi shows off with a slam dunk as he’s really strong. Hyuga has given him praise saying nice. They’re very strong together that they can make it to the nationals. Kiyosh’s knee was bothering him as it’s hurting. Seirin leads by 10 points in the fourth quarter against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Hanamiya has shown up on the court thinking that his team lost. He hates to let Seirin advances to the championship league he wants to make them pay. He’s on his way to the court and Izuki knows him that he’s an Uncrowned King. He’s as strong as Kiyoshi.

Kuroko's Basketball Hanamiya

Hanamiya makes a quick pass to his teammate and scores a lay up shot. He was looking at Kiyoshi knee and he wants the team to go on defense. Seirin were using their run-and-gun play style and Koganei shoots a jump shot. He misses the shot but Kiyoshi grabs the rebound. Hanamiya uses his condolences but when he snap his fingers, Kiyoshi has strained his knee. Hyuga grabs his jersey feeling angry that he wanted to punch him. He saw him using some kind of signal. Hanamiya asked him if he was saying he did that on purpose. If he’s so sure, Hyuga must have proof. Kiyoshi tells Hyuga that it’s no big deal. He’ll be fine because he will be back soon. Hanamiya has the funny smirk on his face making Hyuga mad. Seirin wants to win no matter what. Seirin has defeated Kirisaki Dai Ichi by 1 point 84-83. Hanamiya thinks Hyuga’s lucky that he didn’t get hurt. Izuki prevents Hyuga from fighting him and he wants to line up then see Kiyoshi.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 33

At the hospital, the team has visit to see Kiyoshi. They told him that they won but Hyuga asked him about his injury. Kiyoshi said that it wasn’t a big deal. It was just a sprain. He’ll be better until next week till the championship league. The team was relieved to hear him say that. Everyone will see him at school as they left the hospital. At sunset, Hyuga has thrown a can of juice at Kiyoshi. He thinks he should never abandon a game over a sprain. He thinks he’s hiding something from him. Riko has heard about Kiyoshi’s injury from when she’s walking by. After surgery and rehabilitation, they said that he’ll have to fully healed up by the time he graduate from high school. It would be better if he skip the surgery and stick with rehabilitation but it will take a year before he comes back. He wished he could play with the team for three more years. If he only do rehabilitation, he’ll keep just hurt as long as he play basketball. If he comes back, he’ll only be able to play one year. Hyuga still wants the team to become the best basketball team in Japan next year. Without Kiyoshi, Seirin was crushed by the Three Kings in the championship league.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 33

Another episode of learning basketball history about Seirin. Kiyoshi really gone through to Hyuga so he can play basketball. Hyuga looks better with his new haircut as he changed himself. Kiyoshi is the founder of the Seirin High School basketball team because he wants everyone to have fun playing basketball and always do their best. It’s cool for Seirin to have a girl coach on the team to help out the team. They became a great basketball team until they lost their center due to his injury. As a team, they still want to be the best basketball team in Japan. This is the story of how Seirin High School formed. I want to thank Kiyoshi for making me love basketball even more despite that I already liked it. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #AkashiSeijuro #AomineDaiki #MurasakibaraAtsushi #MidorimaShintaro #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool