There’s a Winter Cup Preliminary Tournament game for Seirin vs Kirisaki Dai Ichi on Court 1 and Shutoku vs Senshinkan on Court 2. Seirin and Kirisaki Dai Ichi were warming up on the court to get ready for the game. Touou Academy team just arrived to watch the game but they bring Aomine while he’s inside a bag. He considers it a dirty trick. It started when Aomine was too distracted looking at a magazine of Horiuchi Mako-chan and then he got ambushed. Basically, he loves women because of their appearance.

Aomine's a fan of Japanese Idols

Kise and Kaijo has arrived to watch the game but they see Seirin and Kirisaki Dai Ichi warming up. Kise waving his hand to Aomine and Momoi saying hi to them but Kasamatsu told him to shut up. Aomine’s not interested to watch the game but he considers Seirin looking bloodthirsty. Hyuga’s been missing a lot of shots but Izuki tells Koganei that he is excited but the Seirin team facing against Kirisaki Dai Ichi so it’s going to be tough. The ball was rolling toward Hanamiya and hit him from behind. He gives the ball back to Kiyoshi and he sees him feeling well. Hyuga hasn’t forgotten what Hanamiya did last year and he wants to make him pay. Hanamiya pretends like he didn’t do anything and play dumb which infuriates Hyuga but Kagami stops him saying that he’s trashy in person. He and Kagami don’t care what he does because they won’t hold back. Hanamiya already heard from Seirin’s first year duo: Kuroko and Kagami. He leaves and hopes that nothing happens when Kuroko, Kagami, Hyuga and Kiyoshi looking angry at him.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 34

At the Seirin bench, Kiyoshi’s tapping up his knee but Fukuda, Kawahara, Furihata wanted to help tap his knee. They wanted do what they can to help out and they want him to win. Hyuga told everyone about his knee because there’s nothing to hide. Coach Riko finished tapping up his knee but she want him to not push himself too hard on the court. He’ll be switched out if he’s in trouble on the court. Kiyoshi understands that and he thank Fukuda, Kawahara, and Furihata for helping him out. Seirin’s ready to play against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. SEIRIN FIGHT!!!! At the Kirisaki Dai Ichi, Hanamiya and his teammates are ready to play against Seirin. Both teams bow and thank each other for the game. The winner will participate in the Winter Cup.

Seirin vs Kirisaki Daiichi

Seirin vs Kirisaki Dai Ichi Winter Cup Preliminary Tournament

As the game started, Seirin got the ball and going on offense while Izuki passing to Hyuga. Kuroko has the ball from Hyuga and performs the Vanishing Drive against Hiroshi. He shoots the ball in the air for Kiyoshi to do an alley oop slam dunk. Seirin were the first to score in the first quarter. Aomine saw Kuroko’s new technique that Momoi talked about. Imayoshi already enjoys watching Seirin’s games because they’re never boring. Momoi consider Seirin’s coordination very impressive to see that they’re on top of the game. Seirin’s one of the most aggressive teams in Tokyo, Japan. Imayoshi thinking of Kirisaki Dai Ichi can handle it. Seirin has the Iron Heart Kiyoshi, alongside with the rookie duo Kuroko and Kagami, Hyuga: the clutch shooter and Izuki: the control tower.

Kuroko Vanishing Drive on Hiroshi

Hanamiya doesn’t care if they’re prodigies because he wants to play dirty against them. He has the ball while Izuki defending him. Kojiro tells Hyuga to relax as he looks aggressive on the court. He saw Kijiro’s eyes looks like a dead fish. Kazuya defends Hyuga very aggressively creating a rough screen and it was supposed to be a foul. Kijiro misses the shot but while Kagami’s going for a rebound, Kazuya steps on his foot on purpose. Kazuya grabs the rebound and he almost hit Kagami with his elbow. He scores the basket and the game was tied at two. Kagami was getting angry but Izuki told him to calm down. He’s not the only one who was angry. Koganei, Mitobe and Tsuchida read some date about the teams that played against Kirisaki Dai Ichi and they got injured. The star players and ace player were taken out of the court. Kirisaki Dai Ichi were a strong basketball team until last year and Hanamiya’s being very duplicitous.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 34

Kiyoshi was going for the rebound but he steps on Itsuki’s shoes. Kojiro grabs the rebound and he’s going to elbow Hyuga but Kiyoshi blocked him. Kojiro throws the ball to Hanamiya to launch a counter attack. He went by Izuki and scores a lay up shot. Kirisaki Dai Ichi leads by 2 points. Hanamiya tells Kiyoshi that his teammates almost hit Hyuga and he wants him to stay out of their way. Kiyoshi doesn’t care if he’s the one who gets hurt but he will not stand to see his teammates getting hurt. Kiyoshi will defeat Hanamiya even if it hurts him.

Hyuga has missed his jump shot and Kirisaki Dai Ichi were playing dirty as Kojiro uses his knee to hit Kiyoshi knee. Itsuki grabs the rebound and Kise’s figuring out what the referee’s doing. Kasamatsu explains that Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s playing dirty by doing it so the referee can’t see. It’s not a good game to watch. Hanamiya passes to Hiroshi and he misses the jump shot. Kazuya missed while he’s trying to step on Kagami’s shoe but he still hit him with his elbow. Kazuya tips the ball in the hoop. The score was 10-7 in the first quarter and Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s leading. Kagami was going to punch Kazuya in the face but Kuroko grabs his leg and made him fall. He really doesn’t want Kagami to ruin everything with his temper. He understands his anger and he’s angry too. The plans for Seirin was to beat Kirisaki Dai Ichi at basketball. Kagami has calm down and listened to Kuroko. Riko has punched Kagami on the head because if he’s fouled of the game, Seirin will lose badly without him. Hyuga was hurt from Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s dirty plays. Kiyoshi tells Kagami to attack from the outside when they’re on offense so he don’t need to get the rebounds on defense. Kiyoshi decided to play the inside by himself. The four other players will cover the outside. He’s doing it so his friends won’t get hurt. If Riko switched him out, he’ll hate her for the rest of his hate.

Kagami was about to punch Kazuya

Kuroko prevents Kagami from punching Kazuya

On the basketball court, Kiyoshi’s on the inside by himself while everyone’s on the outside. Izuki makes a quick pass to Hyuga and he misses a jump shot. Kazuya and Itsuki attacking Kiyoshi while he’s going for the rebound. They thinks he’s too dumb for doing that. Kiyoshi fights through the pin and grabs the rebound. He responds with a slam dunk. That was nothing to Kiyoshi from the beating he took. He tells Hyuga to leave the area under the net to him. Kazuya and Itsuki continues to attack Kiyoshi but he still Hiroshi’s lay up shot. While he has the ball, he’s still getting attack but he scores a hook shot. He’s holding down the inside by himself on offense and defense. Seirin leads by 3 points in the first quarter 26-23.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 34

Kiyoshi was panting as he’s taking the beating from Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Hyuga wants everyone to give him the ball. Izuki passes to Kuroko so he misdirect the pass to Hyuga. He saw Kazuya, Itsuki, and Kojiro blocking the referee’s vision so they hit Kiyoshi. The plan for Seirin was to get one player off of Kiyoshi and the only way to do that was to score more from the outside. Hyuga has missed another jump shot and Itsuki got the rebound. Izuki tells the team captain to calm down as he’s not being himself and he needs to make his shots when he’s open. Kise thinks things were not going well for Seirin that they’re getting angry seeing Kiyoshi getting hurt. Kasamatsu doesn’t want Hyuga to get too excited. Kuroko knocked the ball away from Hiroshi and Kagami has the ball. He got a charging foul as he knocked out him with his arm. Kiyoshi tells him to pay attention to his surroundings but Izuki was open. Seirin’s going to play their own way. Before they’re going on defense, Kiyoshi ignores Hanamiya’s words as he runs by. Hanamiya was getting tired of this so he snap his fingers and Kiyoshi falls. As he’s falling, Kojiro has elbowed his face.

Hanamiya's about to injure Kiyoshi

There was a referee time-out and everyone ran to Kiyoshi to see if he’s okay. Hanamiya continues to be duplicitous knowing that he did it again when he snap his fingers. Kiyoshi stands up as he will be Seirin splint if they’re going to break. He will be their shield if they’re in danger. He’s putting his body on the line to protect the members of Seirin. He’s going to repay his debt to his teammates by helping them back.

Kiyoshi defending his teammates

I really admired Kiyoshi’s courage for taking the beating for his teammates in this episode. He’s like the heart and soul to the Seirin High School basketball team. His friends helped him out and now it’s his turn to helped his teammates out. Because of that, I really like Kiyoshi’s character in this episode. I was starting to dislike Hanamiya for what he did to Kiyoshi last year when he snap his fingers. His duplicitous nature really irritates everyone including me. I don’t care if he’s an anime character but I really dislike people like that. I was trying to understand how come the referee can’t see what the Kirisaki Dai Ichi players were doing on the court. They were playing dirty by hitting Seirin players so they can get hurt or injured. They should get fouled out of the game. Kagami was very angry that he wanted to punch Kazuya in the face but Kuroko stopped him. I already learned that violence is never the fighting to all of your problems because it will only make it worse so you’ve got to handle things maturely. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KagamiTaiga #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool