At the end of the second quarter of the game, Seirin leads by 5 points against Kirisaki Dai Ichi 45-40. They barely made it through against a team who were doing dirty tricks. Aomine decided to leave to go to the bathroom. On the basketball court, Hanamiya was feeling frustrated because things don’t go his way. He even shoves Kuroko out-of-the-way telling him to move. Kuroko asked him why would play in an underhanded way and does he really enjoy winning like that. He replies that he doesn’t but if he don’t do it, how he was trying to figure out how he’s supposed to beat teams with the members of the Generation of Miracles. He made a promise that he’ll place in first place in the Winter Cup but he was just kidding and sticks his tongue at Kuroko. He doesn’t wanted win because he wants to see guys who’ve worked really hard and devoted their youth to basketball by grinding their teeth as they lose. Hanamiya asked him if he enjoys it and he does. What he did to Kiyoshi last year was a masterpiece to him. He leaves and that’s him not to think it’s the end of it. Kuroko was squeezing his fist feeling angry.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 35

At the Seirin locker room, Kagami kicks the bench feeling ticked off because of Hanamiya and Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Coach Riko hits him telling him to not to take his anger out on things. Kiyoshi’s all right from the beating from the Kirisaki Dai Ichi players. Kagami’s very angry about what happened but Kuroko tells him to not break things. He looks Kuroko and this was the first seeing him with an angry look on his face.

Kuroko's angry

At the Kirisaki Dai Ichi locker room, Kazuya has figure out Kuroko’s trick and his misdirection passing. He’s really good at detecting movements of the human eye. Kazuya has an eye: the eyes. At the bathroom, Hanamiya has encountered the ace player of the Generation of Miracles Aomine Daiki. Aomine tells him to be polite because he was rude as ever. He’s the only one who was playing very dishonestly. Hanamiya use it to bait so he can trap them. Aomine has no idea what he’s talking but he said he’s going to lose the game against Seirin. Hanamiya was laughing saying that he underestimated him. Aomine said that he really made Kuroko angry. At the basketball court, the third quarter was about to beginning and both teams were advancing to the court. The game just started and Kuroko has the ball using the Vanishing Drive. Kazuya decided to defend against him as he predicts a blink with his exceptional powers of observation. The moment his opponent’s eyes close, he ducks in and that’s how the Banishing Drive works. While Kuroko’s bouncing the ball, Hiroshi was about the steal the ball but Kuroko uses the Vanishing Drive for the second time. As he’s dribbling, he throws the ball up in the air for Kagami to do an alley oop dunk. It was an amazing play.

Kuroko's Vanishing Drive

Hiroshi was thinking if he could go for the drive when his opponent blinks. Kazuya has underestimated Kuroko’s Vanishing Drive. During the third quarter of the game, Seirin leads by 7 points against Kirisaki Dai Ichi 47-40. Kuroko decides to sit down on the bench to recover his strength as he leaves Koganei to handle Hiroshi. Kise learned that Seirin can’t use Kuroko’s misdirection all the time and he’s been doing more frequent since the beginning of the game. Seirin has complete control of the game. Hanamiya tells Kentaro that he’s in to play. Imayoshi tells Sakurai that the Kirisaki Dai Ichi coach last year and Hanamiya’s the team captain plus coach. Kentaro put some gel in his hair as he’s ready to go.

Kuroko's Basketball Kentarō Seto

The game continues as the ball was missed and Kiyoshi grabs the rebound. He was thinking what’s going on with Kirisaki Dai Ichi new player. Their center isn’t a power player. Izuki has the ball but it was stolen by Hanamiya and he scores from a fast break. Izuki has the ball again to figure out a plan. He uses his eagle eye but Kentaro was moving. When he pass it to Koganei, it was stolen by Hanamiya again. Hiroshi scores a lay up shot. Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s making a comeback as they’re down by 3 points 47-44. Kojiro taunts Hyuga because Seirin’s not scoring again. He said that he’s caught in the spider’s web and he’ll die a slow death.

Hanamiya steals the ball

Hanamiya has been stealing the ball more often now that Kentaro’s on the court. Imayoshi thinks he’s very smart by using his brain. He also attended middle school with Hanamiya. He passed the exams without studying. He can analyzes the movements of an opposing team. Imayoshi said that Seirin’s style is team basketball based on passing and it’s high-level. Everyone observes the floor balance and make the most effective choice but that’s a trap. Hanamiya can read all of his opponents attack patters and steals the ball including Izuki. His Eagle Eye affords him composed judgment and accurate passes. He may not stand out, but he supports Seirin from the shadows. That precision makes him the ideal prey. Hanamiya stolen the ball again for the third time and scores the basket. He’s really excellent at stealing the ball and his accuracy’s improved. Hanamiya blocks Izuki’s pass and Kirisaki Dai Ichi leads by 1 point against Seirin 48-47. Seirin’s struggling as they can’t protect the ball and being stolen a lot. Seto can link with Hanamiya and reduces potential pass courses. With Hanamiya by himself, if he can predict a pass, he can’t always get it. Using Seto, he can steal 100% of the passes. Kazuya scores a lay up shot as Kirisaki Dai Ichi continues to dominate against Seirin. Imayoshi said they can crush them with rough plays but if they don’t, their opponents will become angry. Their attacks become simple and easier to predict. For that, Hanamiya deserves the title The Bad Boy and it’s a nasty scenario. Imayoshi thinks Seirin’s in trouble because they’re like prey caught in the spider’s web. At the end of the third quarter, Kirisaki Dai Ichi leads by 11 points 58-47.

Kuroko's Basketball Spider Web

At the Seirin bench, Izuki’s feeling angry as he hits his hands on the bench. If the Seirin players keeps getting angry, they’ll deeply fall into Hanamiya’s plan. Coach Riko never expected Hanamiya to make a lot of steals but Seirin can still be able to score from the outside. The only miscalculation was that Hyuga hasn’t made one single shot. Kuroko thinks they could break free if he stop playing with the team. At the Kirisaki Dai Ichi, Hiroshi considers Kiyoshi a problem because of is offensive plays and rebounds. Hanamiya’s not worried because Kiyoshi’s covered in bruises. If they keep this up, they’ll advance to the Winter Cup. The fourth quarter was about the begin and Kuroko was subbed in. Moments ago, Kuroko wants the four players to keep playing as they have been and Riko considers it a gamble. A gamble is when you are willing to stake everything whether you win or lose. It’s a gamble because Seirin can do it. Izuki throws a pass while Hanamiya was going to steal but Kuroko misdirect the pass to Kagami and he performs a slam dunk. That pass wasn’t built into attack pattern that his teammates didn’t know about that pass. Kuroko changed the pass course on his own. It’s all about trust.

Kuroko misdiection pass

Izuki passes to Kuroko for him to misdirect the pass to Kiyoshi and he did a slam dunk. Hanamiya tries to steal the ball but Kuroko still manage to misdirect all the passes to his teammates. Seirin’s making a comeback as they’re down by 5 points 60-55. Hyuga has missed another three point shot but Kentaro and Kojiro were attacking Kiyoshi. Kojiro grabs the rebound and Kiyoshi was badly hurt. Seirin calls for a time-out. Hanamiya doesn’t care protection or trust because it’s annoying to him. He wants to break them so he can be satisfied. Riko tells Kiyoshi that he’s at his limit and he’s out. She rather have him hate her and Kuroko agrees. He may not have an older brother but he consider Kiyoshi as one because he protected his teammates. It made him happy and he want him to keep protecting his teammates. He tells him to not push himself a little too hard. Hyuga can’t take it anymore and he wants Kiyoshi to sit down. Mitobe wants to take his position as he sits down and Kiyoshi leaves the rest to his teammates. Hyuga will bring Kiyoshi’s ticket back to the Winter Cup.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 35

This episode really show a rare sight of Kuroko being angry and I’ve never seen him angry before. I would keep my distance from Kuroko so he can cool off because I’m angry too at Hanamiya and his teammates. Nobody should mess with Kuroko when he’s angry. Seriously, why does life always forces us to make us mad? The only challenge I have to do is try not to get mad every day but it will be too difficult to accomplish. I may dislike Hanamiya’s duplicitous nature, but I really can’t deny his knowledge of reading plays in basketball. He can read his opponents movements which helps him steal the ball more. I never knew that he has a brain for being smart but I still dislike him. Seirin may not know about the pass that wasn’t build into an attack pattern but Kuroko trust his teammates when he misdirect the pass on his own. He never assist to amaze me in this episode. If I play basketball, I would just keep passing to my teammates and get assists. I’ve been watching, studying and readying about basketball but I’m not good at playing the game. It’s easy to study but it’s hard to play the game. My goal is to learn watching basketball as much as I can and have incredible knowledge about what basketball is. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KagamiTaiga #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool