During the fourth quarter of the game, Kirisaki Dai Ichi leads by 6 points against Seirin 60-54. Kiyoshi was sitting on the bench while Mitobe take his place as a center. It isn’t going to break Seirin because there’s a reason. Izuki passes to Kuroko for him to misdirect the pass to Hyuga. He shoots a three-point shot but he misses and Kentaro grabs the rebound. Since Kuroko’s been acting on his own, Seirin’s passes were making it through but without Hyuga’s threes, they can’t make it. He struggling to make any three point shots. Sakurai thinks his shoulders were too tense that he’s getting too excited. Three point shooter that require a delicate touch were a matter of chance. No matter how good the shot, sometimes they just don’t go in but once you make one, it doesn’t stop. On the Seirin bench, Kiyoshi apologies to Coach Riko for what he said about hating her for the rest of his life. She understands how he feels that he sacrifice himself from Kirisaki Dai Ichi’s dirty play so his teammates won’t get hurt. Now it’s Hyuga and the other players turn to help Kiyoshi back. Hyuga was being defended by Hanamiya but when he went through him, the ball was loose as they both run to get the ball. The ball was out-of-bounds and it’s Seirin’s ball. Flashback shown when Seirin used to dominate because of Kiyoshi help. He offers Hyuga a high-five but he refuses. Kiyoshi suffered a knee injury because of Hanamiya. Hyuga gotten very angry that he wanted to punch Hanamiya in the face. Kiyoshi tells him that it’s not a big deal. He’ll be back soon but this year would be his last chance even if it means hurting his knees, he’s still playing. Kiyoshi gives the ball to Izuki. Hyuga promises him that Seirin will become the best basketball team in Japan next year but there’s something else. Hyuga expression was beginning to change. Mitobe creates a screen on Kojiro while Hyuga’s running. Kuroko misdirect the pass to Hyuga. He shoots a three point shot and he finally makes it in the hoop. Sakurai thinks it’s a perfect shot. Kirisaki still leads by 5 points against Seirin in the fourth quarter. Izuki wants to keep up with Hyuga. Hanamiya tries to go through Izuki but the ball was stolen from Kuroko and he pass it to Izuki. He pass it to Hyuga as they launch a counter attack. When Hyuga was going to shoot another three point shot while Kojiro trying to block him. He pass the ball through his legs to Izuki. He scores a lay up shot. Imayoshi thinks Hanamiya’s spider web was not working because Kuroko broke the strands and Hyuga’s three point shots freed the team. Hanamiya passes to Kentaro and he scores a shot. Kirisaki Dai Ichi was being determined. Another flashback shows that Kiyoshi believes Seirin can do it. It’s not just confidence because he just has a feeling. The team will become stronger.

Kuroko's Basketball Episode 36

Seirin’s making a comeback against Kirisaki Dai Ichi because of Hyuga’s threes. Kirisaki Dai Ichi was struggling as they learned about Hyuga’s three-point shots that changed the flow of the game and the phantom sixth man of the Generation of Miracles. Hanamiya was making a strange face as he has some kind of plan. Hiroshi creates a screen on Izuki while Hanamiya’s running. Kojiro passes to Hanamiya and he feelings angry that he wants to injury Kuroko but he dodged it. Their plan was to injury Kuroko so Seirin’s offense will shut down. Hanamiya was feeling angry but he was only kidding around and he went through Kuroko.

Hanamiya tries to hurt Kuroko

Hanamiya wasn’t doing a lay up shot but he’s doing a teardrop while Hyuga and Mitobe were defending him. He scores the teardrop shot. Hanamiya tells Seirin that they thought he could just play aggressively and steal the ball. Without tricks, he can score whenever he wants to. If he wins the game, then it’s game over for Seirin and their dreams.

Kuroko's Basketball Teardrop

Forty four seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Kirisaki Dai Ichi leads by 1 point but Seirin’s making a comeback. Kuroko tells him that he chose to fight because he thought the Generation of Miracles basketball was wrong. They’d never do anything underhanded like Hanamiya. He tells him to not get in the way of their seniors of everyone’s dreams. Kuroko did a ignite pass that caught Hanamiya off guard. Kagami did an alley oop slam dunk.

Kuroko's Ignite Pass

The game was not over yet as Seirin continues to make a comeback. Hyuga stolen a pass from Kazuya and he scores a three-point shot. The time was ticking when Kuroko was misdirect passes, and Izuki did a jump shot. Kagami grabs the rebound and passes to Izuki. He passes to Hyuga but pass it to Kuroko. He pass it back it him quickly and he scores another three point shot. The game was over and Seirin has defeated Kirisaki Dai Ichi by 6 points 76-70. The team was celebrating as they’re going to the Winter Cup. Hyuga finally gives Kiyoshi a high-five for the first time. It made Coach Riko cry with tears of joy.

Seirin celebrating as they're going to the Winter Cup

Hanamiya admits defeat to Seirin and Kiyoshi. He apologies to Kiyoshi for everything that he done but he lied. He wants to make them regret it for the rest of their lives. Next time, he’ll crush Seirin. Kiyoshi considers Hanamiya’s last shot amazing that he wants to play again but he continues to act like a sore loser. Aomine was leaving but Momoi reminds him about Shutoku’s game. He already know Midorima’s not going to lose and they’re taking their time. Midorima know that Kuroko has won against Kirisaki Dai Ichi. Takao passes to Midorima and he scores a three-point shot. Shutoku defeated Senshinkan with a score of 112-81. Shutoku’s going to the Winter Cup.

Shutoku vs Senshinkan

At the Seirin locker room, Kagami was looking for Kuroko as he’s not in the locker room. Kiyoshi understands how he feels because things just got started and the Winter Cup is going to be very tough but that’s not all. All the members of the Generation of Miracles and Kuroko are participating in the Winter Cup. Kagami tells Kuroko that everyone’s leaving. Kuroko’s very excited that he can’t stop shaking ever since he won and advances to the Winter Cup. Kagami smiling as he tells him that’s what he calls excitement. Kise, Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibara and Akashi were excited that the Winter Cup will turn out to be an all-out war with the Generation of Miracles. Kagami scores a jump shot but he got kicked by Hyuga when he was celebrating. Seirin’s goal was to beat the Generation of Miracles and become the best basketball team in Japan.

Winter Cup opponents

All I want to say is congratulations to Seirin for advancing to the Winter Cup. Hanamiya has lost and he acts like sore loser that he wants to play dirty. He has bad disciple that he wants to hurt other players to shut down their offense and defense system. In sports, nobody likes a sore loser. Now that Seirin and Shutoku has advanced to the Winter Cup, I’m getting excited to see the Winter Cup playoffs just like when I watch the NBA playoffs on TV. Kise, Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibara, Akashi and Kuroko are going to face each other in the Winter Cup to proves who’s the best. It’s like Kobe Bryant (Kise), Lebron James (Aomine), Stephen Curry (Midorima), Shaquille O’Neal (Murasakibara), Allen Iverson (Akashi), and Rajon Rondo (Kuroko) with Michael Jordan (Kagami) facing each other in the playoffs. The team I’m rooting for is Seirin and Kuroko wants to beat his former teammates to show them what basketball is about while Kagami’s very determined to beat the Generation of Miracles. Hyuga made a promise to Kiyoshi that Seirin will become the best basketball team in JAPAN. SEIRIN FIGHT!!!! If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #Crunchyroll #KurokosBasketball #KagamiTaiga #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #AkashiSeijuro #MurasakibaraAtsushi #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool