This episode makes me wanted go to the hot springs because I need to relax more and think happy thought. It’s nice to see all the Seirin players be at a Hot Springs to heal all the stress and wounds from the game against Kirisaki Dai Ichi but they still have to practicing tomorrow to go ready for the Winter Cup. Everyone was wearing a towel but Kagami was wearing his swim shorts. Someone who never been into a hot spring wears swim trunks and it had to be Kagami. If I were Kagami, I would be wearing my swim trunks at the hot springs because I’ve never went to a hot springs before.

Hyuga and Izuki relaxing at the hot springs

While Seirin’s relaxing at the hot springs, they saw surprising guests at the hot springs and it was Touou Academy. Kuroko saw his former teammate Aomine getting a drink. Coach Riko also saw Touou Academy’s team manager Momoi. They all saw their game against Kirisaki Dai Ichi and Seirin gotten strong but it still doesn’t change the result that the Winter Cup will be difficult for Seirin. Touou Academy beaten Josei High with a score of 170-39. Imayoshi has the results of the Winter Cup tournament from Momoi. The shocking news for Seirin was that their first opponent of the Winter Cup is Touou Academy with their ace player Aomine Daiki of the Generation of Miracles. Touou Academy has beaten Seirin 112-55 at the InterHigh preliminaries but Seirin won’t lose against Touou Academy this time. They all show their determination and they accept their challenge. They’ve been training very hard at the summer training camp to improve their offense and defense performance.The funniest thing I saw was Kagami puts his arm around Aomine as he’s ready to face Aomine again but Aomine didn’t like that. Aomine did it to him previously and now Kagami did it to Aomine back. Kagami has already open the door that was only for the Generation of Miracles but Aomine still thinks he’s not at the Generation of Miracles level. The level of determination for Seirin and the level of overconfidence of Touou Academy shows that they’re both ready to give it their all at the Winter Cup.

Kuroko and Aomine meet

Kagami put his arm around Aomine's shoulder

Seirin went to their training camp at a gym nearby without Kagami because he went to Los Angeles in America to start his training. Coach Riko has her father Kagetora: a former player for Japan’s national team. He helps out Seirin develop the team’s individual skills to use it as their own weapon and get ready for the Winter Cup. They build their stamina, practicing their offensive, defensive plays, doing fartlek, improve their overall fitness, knowing how to use their body, and watch Touou Academy’s play style on dvd. I already know that Touou Academy are a strong aggressive team that only focus on individual skill they just don’t do team plays. They don’t focus on working together as a team but Seirin works together as a team just Kise and Kaijo. The strategy for Seirin to always aim for the basket and learn to take shots without a screen. Seirin continues to train very hard but this time, they’re determined to beat Touou Academy at the Winter Cup.

Kagetora vs Hyūga

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