Seirin 1st years: Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, Furihata Koki, Kawahara Koichi, and Fukuda Hiroshi vs Seirin 2nd years: Hyuga Junpei, Koganei Shinji, Tsuchida Satoshi, Mitobe Rinnosuke and Izuki Shun.

Coach Riko decided to have a practice mini game of Seirin 1st years vs Seirin 2nd years to find out what the 1st years can do against the 2nd years. As the game starts, the first years has possession of the ball, pass it to Kagami and he did a glorious slam dunk. Everyone was amazed at Kagami’s basketball skills. He’s more than ready, he’s a wild tiger. Kagami keeps doing a lot of slam dunks and the 1st year are in the lead 11-08. As the 2nd years were being overwhelmed by the 1st years, Kagami is getting irritated by Kuroko’s performance that he can’t play basketball. The 2nd years steals the ball from Kuroko and went back to offense. The 2nd years did a lay-up but Kagami blocked it. Kagami was on top of his game that he can jump higher.

The 2nd years decided to get serious this time against the 1st years. They have a strategy to tripled teamed Kagami when he has the ball and he was double teamed when he doesn’t have the ball. The 2nd years were making a comeback scoring against the 1st years. Within three minutes left in a practice mini game, the 2nd years are were leading 31-15 against the 1st years. While the 1st years were being overwhelmed, one of the 1st years decided to give up but Kagami got angry and started yelling at his teammate. Kuroko knees Kagami’s legs from behind telling him to calm down. As the result, Kagami got very angry at Kuroko. Riko didn’t notice that Kuroko’s on the court. It’s like she seen a ghost.


Kuroko asked his teammate to pass the ball to him. His teammate pass the ball to Kuroko and he redirects the pass to his teammate underneath the basket and make an easy lay-up. He uses misdirection passes and redirection passes to his teammates. Everyone was figuring out what’s going on with these passes. The 1st years continues to pass the ball to Kuroko so he can misdirect and redirect passes to his teammate to make easy shots. Kuroko is using his lack of presence to pass the ball. Riko was unimpressed by Kuroko’s stats at first but now she saw his true ability. Kuroko is an invisible member of Teiko who is the master of passing. Riko finally recognized Kuroko talent and the he’s the Phantom Sixth Man of the Generation of Miracles.


The 2nd years couldn’t catch up to Kuroko’s passes. The 1st years are catching up to the 2nd years with a one point difference. The score was 37 to 36 while the 2nd years are still up by a point. The 1st years steals the ball from the 2nd years and Kuroko gets the basketball in a fast break. He did a lay-up but he misses. Kagami came out of nowhere to catch the ball and slam dunk the ball into the basket. The 1st years beat the 2nd years by one point 38 to 37.


Watching Kuroko’s Basketball is like watching the NBA. As a player, never underestimated your opponents sizes or height because they have hidden potential. I got to say that they made a team if they work together. Kagami’s dunk were incredible and Kuroko’s passes were crazy. Imagine Kuroko passes the ball to Kagami when he’s in the air and do a slam dunk, you get an alley-oop.  What an awesome debut for Kuroko and Kagami. I see a great future for Seirin High School. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokosBasketballepisodes #KurokonoBasket #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool