Everyone was surprised that Seirin got Shutoku back within a second. Kise was also surprised too. Kuroko’s not letting Midorima take the first quarter very easily. Midorima was going to score a three-point shot but passes the ball to his teammates. Shutoku returns to defense during the long hang time of Midorima’s three-point shots as a strategy to stop run and gun plays. In case he misses, they leave someone to go for the rebound. When Midorima runs back, Kagami runs back. Seirin can counter Midorima with a powerful fast break by going past him. That’s the reason why Midorima can’t shoot. Takao did a back a back pass to his teammates and did a lay up shot. Hyuga passes the ball to Kuroko and misdirect the pass to Mitobe for him do a lay up. Shutoku coach decided to change marks for Takao and Kimura. Takao makes a back pass to his teammates and score a shot. It turns out the Kuroko and Takao are the same person when it comes to passing. Takao steals the ball and pass it to his teammate. Shutoku scored two points. Kuroko disappeared in front of Takao using his lack of presence. Seirin was back on offense trying to find another way to score. Kuroko was going for misdirect pass but it was stolen by Takao and Shutoku scores a lay up shot. He has the eagle eye ability just like Izuki but he has a larger field of vision because he can see everything on the court. Kuroko’s misdirect passes doesn’t work against Takao.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 11

In the first quarter of the game, Shutoku leads by three points against Seirin 11-8. Seirin takes a timeout. Midorima has a reason of why he don’t like Kuroko but he respects him. He has no physical strength. He can’t anything by himself. His abilities were nothing like the rest of the Generation of Miracle. That’s why Midorima doesn’t like Kuroko. Kagami has a strategy to keep going and Kuroko will guard Takao. Shutoku once again steals the ball and scores a lay up shot. The score was 13-8 Shutoku leading in the game. Seirin were feeling exhausted despite it’s the first quarter. Shutoku were on offense and Kuroko almost steals the ball but was caught by Takao. Midorima taunts Seirin by saying defend harder. He shoots the ball from the center line and scores a three-point shot. The score was 16-11 Shutoku still in the lead. The difference of the game was that Shutoku scores three points and Seirin scores two points. Kagami was going for a three-point shot to surprise Midorima but if he misses, he dunks it back in. He did a one man alley oop. Seirin trying to make a comeback but Midorima shoots a three-point shot from the entire court. His shooting range is the entire basketball court. The first quarter was over and the score was 19-13 Shutoku lead by 6.


Coach Riko wants Kuroko to stop Midorima from scoring. He guards Midorima and was going for a back tip but Takao creates a screen on Kuroko. Kagami tried to stop Midorima from scoring but he scores another three-point shot. Not only he can shoot threes but he has quickness. Takao steals the ball again and Midorima scores another three-point shot. Man, Midorima is on fire shooting threes. Izuki pass the ball to Hyuga and he pass it to Mitobe for a hook shot. Midorima continues to make a point to Seirin that no matter how many times they score, they can’t stop his shots. Kagami was going to block Midorima but he scores his third consecutive three-point shot. Shutoku still in the lead 27-15 in the 2nd quarter. Kagami was laughing as he found a strong opponent and he’s getting pumped up by Midorima’s strength. He’s really showing his fighting spirit.

Kagami fighting spirit

This episode was crazy to see Midorima be on top of his game shooting a lot of three-point shots. It just like when you play NBA Hangtime and the announcer said “He’s on fire!” Kagami got his wish to find a strong opponent to play against. I admire his determination to play against one of the Generation of Miracles. He beat Kise in a practice game and now he’s facing Midorima as a strong opponent. He’s finally showing his fighting spirit to keep playing. That’s a true basketball player. As a basketball fan, I’ve been watching NBA for a very long time and I was trying to figure out which is better in basketball: Three Point Shots or Slam Dunks? My answer is slam dunks because I love getting pumped up every time someone slams the ball in the hoop. Slam dunks are worth two points and shooting from long-range are worth three points but I choose slam dunks. This episode ignites my fighting spirit too just like Kagami. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool