In the second quarter of the game, Shutoku lead by 18 points and the score was 45-27. At the Seirin locker room, the team was at a moment of silence as they’re being crushed by Shutoku. Coach Riko wants to do something to cheer the whole team up. Kuroko has a video camera and watches Takao’s plays during the first quarter. He doesn’t have a plan yet. The team captain Hyuga wants the team to keep running and think after the game’s over. The third quarter has started and Kuroko’s on the bench. Shutoku trying to figure out Seirin’s plan or if they given up. Midorima doesn’t care as he will crush them even more. As the third quarter begins, Mitobe passes the ball to Hyuga but it was stolen by Takao. Midorima has the ball and going to make a three-point shot. Kagami came out of nowhere to try to block Midorima but he still managed to score a three. The score was 48-27 Shutoku. Kagami refuses to give up and lose. He wants to keep going and going. Izuki passes to Koganei and make a shot. While Takao figure out a plan, he passes to Midorima and Kagami’s guarding him again. When Midorima shoots a three, Kagami jumps really high to block his shot but his finger touch the ball. Midorima still makes the three-point shot. Hyuga has the ball and shoot a three. He trying not to lose focus. Takao was impressed of Hyuga’s shooting ability, but he still consider Midorima better. Midorima has the ball again and Kagami guarding him from far away. Four Seirin players defends against four Shutoku players while Kagami defends against Midorima. It’s full court box and one. Seirin’s not giving up that easily. They finally found a way to stop Midorima from shooting everywhere. Kagami thinking about the time when he beat Kaijo in a practice with the help of Kuroko. He didn’t win on his own because he win as a team. If he didn’t have Kuroko on his side, will he lose? Kagami still refuses to lose.


Takao creates a screen on Kagami but he run through Takao as he found his weakness. Kagami once again touch the ball when he’s going to block Midorima’s shot and he misses for the first time. Out of nowhere, Shutoku’s center Otsubo Taisuke dunks the ball into the hoop. Koganei’s shot was blocked by Obsubo and Shutoku were back in offense but Hyuga and Mitobe were double teaming Obsubo. Takao passes to Midorima and he has a lot of room to shoot a three-point shot. Kagami run as fast as he can to block Midorima again. His hidden ability is jumping power. He finally blocked Midorima’s shot.

Kagami blocked Midorima's shot

Izuki score a lay up shot and the score was 53-34 Shutoku still in the lead. Kagami’s not rely on his teammates and Kuroko as he prefers to play alone. Obsubo was going for a slam dunk but Kagami’s going for a another block as he’s getting stronger. He wants to be strong enough to win that he doesn’t want to rely on his teammates. He wants to win all on his own. Kagami blocks Obsubo’s dunk but it was a foul. Kuroko has a bad feeling about what will happen to Kagami if he keep this up.

Kagami goes for a slam dunk

Kagami went through Midorima and did a high jump for a slam dunk. Kagami wants his teammates to give the ball to him more often. He blocks a Shutoku player’s shot and Hyuga passes to Kagami. He did a fade away jump shot and scores. Seirin making a comeback as they down by 9 points against Shutoku 56-47. As Kagami going to block Midorima three-point shot, his legs give out as he can’t jump higher anymore. Midorima made a three point shot. He overexerted himself for jumping too much, but he’s still determined to win without relying on Kuroko. It seems that he’s pushing himself too hard. Kagami’s too exhausted to play and he was blocked by Midorima. Shutoku scores a lay up shot and the third quarter was over. The score was 61-47 Shutoku lead by 14 points. Kuroko punches Kagami in the face for saying he don’t need to do team plays. He also can’t play basketball by himself. Kagami’s acting like a Generation of Miracle that wants to win by himself but that’s not the case. Kagami has calm down and apologizes to Kuroko. He wants to win as a team. Kuroko tells the team that he has a plan.

It was really surprising to see Kagami almost become a Generation of Miracles in this episode because he prefers to play basketball alone. He went from a team player to a self-centered player. In sports, you can’t just go out and play on your own to have all the fun or hog all the glory. You should always rely on your teammates whenever you win or lose. If you win, you’re happy. When you lose, you learn from it and train harder to win again. I learned that when you win too much, you feel empty that you don’t feel happy about it. If you’re not happy of winning, then what is a victory? In life, everybody wins and loses as long as you don’t think too low or too high about it. It’s all about SPORTSMANSHIP. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool