Kuroko has a plan to turn the game around but he’s going to take his passing abilities to the next level. He believe that Kagami’s the only one that can catch his powerful, dangerous passes. The fourth quarter was about to begin and the score was 61-47 Shutoku leading. Kuroko’s back on the court with Kagami. Seirin were on offense and Takao’s guarding Kuroko. Kagami passes to Mitobe and scored a jump shot. A Shutoku player throws the ball to Midorima and shoot a three but Kagami’s going for a block. Before the fourth quarter was about the start, Coach Riko ask Kagami how many more times he can jump. He pushed his limit to achieve high jumping power. It also made him exhausted for overusing it. Riko analyze Kagami’s jumping status but he can only do two more jumps left. He use his first jump to block Midorima’s first shot in the fourth quarter. He was shocked that Kagami still have some energy in him. Izuki scores a jump shot and Seirin were down by 10 points 61-51. Seirin can reduce the number of shots Midorima can take. Takao was feeling confident that no matter how hard Kuroko try, he will still stop him because he has the hawk eye. If there’s no blind spots, Kuroko’s misdirection won’t against Takao but he used the opposite misdirection. He drew attention towards himself. The reason why Kuroko’s passing were blocked by Takao was to make him focus on Kuroko. Takao hawk eye was directed somewhere else. He lost sight of where Kuroko was. He’s not letting Takao get the ball again. He did an acceleration pass to Kagami and it was his new passing technique. Kagami dunked on Midorima. He doesn’t think that he can jump but he’s going to have another way to defend against Midorima. Kagami depends on Kuroko for the rest of the game.


There’s a teenager guy with a dark blue hair laying down on the floor feeling tired that he doesn’t want to move and play basketball. There’s a girl with a pink hair asking him why he’s skipping a basketball game. The reason was because he believe that his team will win without him. She told him about the game between Seirin and Shutoku but she believe that a guy named Tetsu-kun will win. She was also in love with Tetsu-kun. They’ll never know until the game is over. Tetsu-kun and Midorima both win the middle school championships three times in a row.


Kuroko misdirect the pass to Mitobe and scored a jump shot. Takao was trying to figure why his hawk eye isn’t working. Less than three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Seirin’s making a comeback against Shutoku as they’re down by 2 points 78-76. Shutoku takes a timeout. Slam dunks or three-point shots. Inspiring dunks are worth more than points. Shutoku coach wants the team to crush Seirin by shooting threes. As Midorima’s teammates passes the ball to him, Kuroko knocks the ball away from Midorima. Hyuga has possession of the ball but he was blocked by a Obsubo. Shutoku player. It turns out Shutoku were slowing their pace against Seirin. In the last-minute of the game, Midorima scores a three-point shot. The score was 81-76 Shutoku in the lead in the fourth quarter. Hyuga shoots a three-point shot and scored but Seirin were down by two points 81-79. Both Seirin and Shutoku were going to steal the ball away from each other but the ball was out-of-bounds and it’s Seirin ball. Obsubo defends against Hyuga but Kagami creates a weak screen on Obsubo. Izuki throws the ball to Hyuga and shoot a three point shot. Seirin in the lead 82-81. The game isn’t over yet as Takao throws the ball to Midorima to finish the game. Kagami almost did a jump but Midorima pump fake a shot. Kuroko came out of nowhere and knock the ball away from Midorima.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 13

The game was over and Seirin beat Shutoku by 1 point 82-81. What a surprising victory for Seirin. Everyone was shocked. Seirin are going to the championship to play against a player named Aomine. Midorima gets a call from a girl but he hung out. He answers the phone again but it’s a different person and it’s Aomine. Midorima tells him to be careful in the championship game but Aomine feels very confident and said “The only one who can beat me is me”. It looks like he’ll be challenging Seirin in the championship.

Aomine Daiki

Seirin really amazes me in this episode because they’ve beaten another Generation of Miracle: Midorima Shintaro. Kuroko and Kagami are becoming an excellent team when they work together. Kuroko as the SHADOW and Kagami as the LIGHT, that’s a combination. Now they’re going to face Aomine. Things are getting a lot for Seirin. The best thing about playing sports is its raw challenge. That’s what makes it fun to watch and play. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it on http://www.crunchyroll.com #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool