After a few tough games against the two kings of Tokyo: Seiho and Shutoku, the Seirin basketball team were feeling tired that they can’t move. They all decided to go to a nearby restaurant to eat. When they arrived at the restaurant Okonomi Yaki, Kagami saw Kise and Kasamatsu from the Kaijo basketball team and they were eating. He had no choice but to sit with them and eat together with Kuroko. There’s another surprising guests that came to the restaurant and that was Midorima and Takao from the Shutoku basketball team. They both wanted to leave but the weather was rainy and windy so they decided to stay. All rivals had no choice but to sit together.


Kuroko wants to order something to eat. Kise tells Midorima that he know that losing stinks but yesterday’s rivals are today’s friends. He already knows that but he just lost against Seirin because of Kuroko and Kagami. Kise lost to Seirin once, but in the Inter-High, he won’t lose again. Kagami accepts Kise’s challenge. He has changed even since he’s been practicing since he played against Kuroko. He likes playing basketball with Kaijo. Midorima doesn’t play basketball fun but Kagami said that we all play basketball because it’s fun. Midorima doesn’t like what Kagami said but he got angry at Takeo when he flips the food really high that it landed on Midorima’s head. He was outside with him and beat him up. Kuroko thinks Kagami’s right about that basketball is fun to play. Midorima came back and remind Kagami that there are two members of the Generation of Miracles in Tokyo: himself and another Generation of Miracle player named Aomine Daiki. He told Kagami that he’ll be facing Aomine in the championship game. He has the same play style as Kagami but he’s really strong due to his style of basketball. Midorima wishes Kuroko and Kagami that best of luck but Kuroko wants to face against Midorima again and he accepts but next time, he’ll win against Kuroko. When the Seirin team were outside, Kuroko found a dog with the similar eyes just like him. Coach Riko fell in love with the dog saying it’s cute. She was wondering about the dog that looks like someone she knows. That someone she knows is Kuroko Tetsuya because he has the same eyes. Koganei give a dog a name called Tetsuya Number 2. Kagami was hiding behind the trash because he has a phobia of dogs.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 14

Seirin were practicing and training for the championship game. Kagami was itching to play but he can’t because his legs need to heal. Kuroko’s practicing his passes and Hyuga’s practicing his jump shots. The dog was barking because he’s excited to watch Seirin playing basketball but Kagami’s freaking out. Kuroko and the dog making a sad face and Kagami running away while Kuroko follows him with the dog saying he’s cute. He did it on purpose.

Kagami's afraid of dogs

Kagami’s afraid of dogs


Seirin continues their training doing squats in the water while Kagami sitting on the bench to heal his legs. Kuroko couldn’t handle the pool exercise. Kagami once again getting scared of a little dog. There’s a girl with the long pink hair in a bikini saying the dog was cute. The boys were distracted by her beauty. Kuroko knows her name and her name is Momoi. Momoi tells Riko that she’s Tetsu’s girlfriend and that Tetsu is Kuroko Tetsuya. Everyone’s like WHAT?!!! She was Kuroko’s manager in Teiko Middle School. Momoi was happy to see Kuroko and she ran to him plus gave him a big hug. The boys were feeling jealous of Kuroko that he has a girlfriend. The reason she fell in love with Kuroko is because he gave her a popsicle. In a flashback, Momoi wanted a popsicle so bad that everyone has one. Kuroko came to her that tell her that he doesn’t want the popsicle stick and he give it to her. The popsicle stick has a free sign and she fall in love with him. She wanted to go the same school with Kuroko but it didn’t happen. Momoi knows the whole Seirin basketball team: Hyuga: team captain and clutch shooter, Izuki: the eagle-eyed point guard, Mitobe: a silent, hard-working hook shooter, Kagami: a power forward with incredible jumping power, Koganei, Tsuchida and Coach Riko but she insults her due to her appearance. Momoi went to the same school with Aomine but she wanted to go to the same school with Kuroko.

Kuroko and Momoi

Kagami’s back in full strength and ready to play basketball outside by myself. Aomine met Kagami Taiga for the first time and he wants to test him in basketball. He wants to find a strong opponent just like him to relieve his boredom. Kagami beats Kise and Midorima but now facing another Generation of Miracle Aomine Daiki. He accepts Aomine’s challenge. Momoi congratulates Kuroko and his team for advancing to the championship. She saw the video of Seirin vs Shutoku and when she watches Kuroko and Kagami, it brings back her happy memories. Kuroko and Aomine used to be a great team back in middle school. Kuroko is the shadow. The stronger the Light, the darker the Shadow. When he works with a stronger player, his passing abilities get stronger. Aomine used to be Kuroko’s Light and Kuroko was Aomine’s Shadow. Years later, Aomine plays basketball by himself and he never loses. Kuroko promise to Momoi that he’ll beat Aomine. Kagami lost to Aomine very badly in a one on one game. Aomine said that Kagami’s Light was too dim.

Kagami vs Aomine

This episode made me laugh too much because Kagami’s fear of dog. When Kuroko’s chasing Kagami with the dog, I was laughing hysterically because I find it very funny…. Hahahahahaha!!!!! :D. Why is Kagami afraid of dogs? Another thing that made me laugh was when all rivals sit together eating food despite that they all still dislike each other. I was like “What’s going on”? At least they all had a nice meal. The Seirin players were surprised and jealous of Kuroko because he has a girlfriend. Congratulations Kuroko, you’re the man!! This episode was hilarious that I can’t stop laughing. It’s nice to see another Generation of Miracle in Kuroko’s Basketball. Aomine Daiki has the same play style just like Kagami but different. Seeing the flashback of Aomine and Kuroko as the Light and Shadow reminded me of Kuroko and Kagami similarities. They used to play together since middle school but now they both go to different schools. I’m looking forward see how Aomine plays in basketball. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool