In the 1st quarter of the game, Touou Academy in the lead by four against Seirin as they’re doing fine without Aomine and the score was 8-4. Touou Academy missed a shot but Wakamatsu grabs the rebound and throws a pass to Imayoshi. He did a double clutch and scored a shot. Imayoshi made it clear that Touou Academy are stronger than Seirin. The score was 10-4 Touou Academy lead by 6 points in the 1st quarter. Coach Riko realized that Touou Academy are strong even without Aomine. Firihata looks at Touou Academy’s preliminary tournament scores: 108 to 91, 151 to 72, and 131 to 81. They made 100 point per game. They’re an offensive team. Sakurai shoots a three-point shot but Hyuga couldn’t block him. Sakurai can shoot while jumping. He missed a shot but it was knock back in the hoop by Touou Academy player. They get the ball for themselves and score themselves. They use their individual skill. The reason was because they gathered players from across the country. The more skill the player is, the stronger his sense of self. That’s Touou Academy’s play style. Seirin’s play style was full team play.

Izuki goes through Imayoshi and Kagami creates a screen on him. Izuki passes to Mitobe and he pass the ball to Hyuga. He shoots a three-point shot and scores. Hyuga doesn’t plan on losing to Touou Academy. Imayoshi did a long pass to Wakamatsu but Kuroko was behind him while he wasn’t looking. Kuroko tried to catch the ball but he’s too low. Kagami came out of nowhere and catches the ball. They’re back in offense. Kise came late to see the championship game between Seirin and Touou Academy. He found that Seirin’s losing again. Midorima was also watching the game but he think that the game was ridiculous that because Aomine’s not playing. Touou Academy has Momoi as a manager. Since middle school, she helped the Generation of Miracle a lot. She loves Kuroko and she calls him Tetsu-kun. Her attitude towards basketball was no different from an athletes. She never wants to lose a basketball game as a team manager. Izuki steals the ball and pass it to Kagami but Touou Academy’s guarding very deep. Kagami shoots a three but he’s going for a one man alley oop. Momoi has already know that technique and Touou Academy defense every Seirin players. The shot was missed and it was rebound by a Touou Academy player. They know Kagami’s low outside shooting rate. Mitobe has the ball and Momoi knows that he’s a hard worker who doesn’t take any risks. When he face an opponent taller than him, he does a hook shot.

Kuroko's Basketball Season 1 Episode 16

Wakamatsu blocks Mitobe’s hook shot because they already know Seirin’s plays. Riko was feel excited as she wants the team to keep playing. She knows that humans can grow. She know that it doesn’t matter if you know everything when you don’t even realize that. Momoi is an information gathering specialist and an intelligence agent. Momoi writes information about the players. Hyuga: not a faster but he goes for three-point shot after breaking free from screens and cuts instead of charging in. He’s a pure shooter. Momoi can analyze the data she collects and reads how her opponents will play. She can analyze a player’s height, weight, strengths, weaknesses, personality, habits and a women’s intuition. Izuki: has awareness agility called eagle eye. Riko thinks Momoi was naive. Izuki throw a pass to Hyuga and he tried to go through Sakurai. Touou Academy may know everything but they don’t know what’s going to them. Kuroko creates a screen on Sakurai. Hyuga pass the ball to Kagami and did a slam dunk. The score was 21-15 Touou Academy still leading by 6 points in the first quarter. It seems that Momoi Kuroko’s play due to his lack of presence. The Touou Academy coach thinks the game will not be easy. Momoi has a feeling that would happen and that’s why she loves Kuroko.

Momoi the team manager of Touou Academy

At the end of the 1st quarter, the score was 25-21 Touou Academy lead by 4 points. They’re still determine to beat Seirin with Momoi’s data. They don’t need Aomine but he’ll play when he arrives. Momoi has less information about Kuroko and Kagami. Coach Riko believes that they can counter Momoi. As the 2nd quarter starts, Izuki throws a pass to Kuroko and he punched the ball to Kagami. Two Touou Academy player tried to block Kagami but he’s too high up. He did a slam dunk. Kagami was getting irritated from all the information talk. He was getting too tired as he’s using his body too much. Coach Riko calls for a member change. Koganei takes Kagami’s place. The reason was because Kagami’s legs still hasn’t fully healed. Riko decided to tape his legs and Kagami was feeling frustrated that he was just getting started. Hyuga goes for a three but he moved and miss a shot. Wakamatsu grabs the rebound and passes to Imayoshi. Seirin was at a disadvantage without Kagami. They can’t get any rebounds. The score was 38-29 Touou Academy still on top of their game against Seirin. Riko finally finished taping Kagami’s legs and he’s ready to go back to the game but she doesn’t want to send out an injured player. She don’t want to lose without him. Riko has learned one thing someone and that was team plays even though she’s not enough to draw out everyone’s full potential. That’s her own weakness. She can make practice menus, scout, give players instructions on the bench, massage them and tape them. She is a coach to Seirin. Kagami’s back in the game but there’s someone who came out of nowhere and wraps his arm around Kagami. Aomine has finally arrived at the game and he’s ready to play.


This episode really amazes me to see Momoi has the knowledge of basketball as a team manager. She was force to be reckoned with as the Teiko Middle School team manager with the Generation of Miracles. Now she’s a team manager of Touou Academy. I wish she and Kuroko would be together at the same school of Seirin but it was inevitable. She ends up going to Touou Academy but he still thinks about Kuroko everyday. I also possessed the knowledge of things I love to talk about. I may love basketball but I still have a lot to learn about basketball. I may be smart, but I don’t know everything due to my disability. My plan is to keep learning and learning everyday to overcome my disability. The more data you get, the more accurate the information you get. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool