In the 2nd quarter of the game, Touou Academy leading by 10 points against Seirin and the score was 49-39. Aomine was on his way to the basketball court feeling excited and ready to play. Seirin’s facing the ace of the Generation of Miracles: Aomine Daiki. He was happy to see Kuroko against for the first time since middle school. Aomine wants him show his true strength of his basketball skills. They once play together as a team from Teiko Middle School but now they face each other as opponents. Kagami said bring it on to Aomine. As the 2nd quarter continues, Touou Academy were on offense. Sakurai passes to Imayoshi but he pass the ball back to Sakurai. It turns out they’re causing an isolation but they’re doing it on purpose. Sakurai finally passes the ball to Aomine. They allow their best player to move freely by having remaining players gather on one side. There’s one on one battle between two aces: Kagami vs Aomine. Aomine uses his speed to go through Kagami very easily. He went through Hyuga and was going for a slam dunk but was blocked by Kagami.

Kuroko Basketball episode 17

Hyuga throws the ball to Izuki for a fast break but Touou Academy players has caught up to them quickly. Izuki did a back pass to Kuroko and Kuroko did an ignite pass to Kagami. He was going for a dunk but he was blocked by Aomine. It was the end of the 2nd quarter but Aomine didn’t even score yet because he was going to score one as his quick warm up. Everyone including Kise and Midorima was amazed to see Aomine’s performance for being fast on the court. Wakamatsu wants Aomine to play harder but it turns out that he was holding back. This time on the 3rd quarter, he’ll show Kuroko, Kagami and the Seirin basketball team his true potential.

Aomine blocked Kagami

At the Touou Academy locker room, Sakurai gives Aomine some sliced lemons. Wakamatsu took a whole tray from Sakurai away from Aomine because he doesn’t want him to eat in order to restore his energy. Wakamatsu ends up eating the sliced fruit lemons but he doesn’t want to share with Aomine but he didn’t want them anymore. Momoi gives some lemons for Imayoshi but it was just lemons on a tray. She didn’t slice them. Aomine said that her cooking was terrible. At the Seirin locker room, Coach Riko giving Seirin credit for their performance on the first quarter. As their reward, she gives them lemons but she didn’t slice them just like Momoi. Mitobe brings some sliced lemons for everyone but Kuroko didn’t want any. Riko wants Kuroko to stay on the bench to replenish his energy but he wants to keep playing. Aomine will make all the shots in the next quarter. The Touou Academy coach wants Aomine to warm up first. He left the locker room and Wakamatsu got angry at him. Imayoshi makes a point that there are a lot of arrogant top players. On the negativity side, it’s their arrogance. On the positivity side, it’s their overconfidence that comes from successive victories. Imayoshi doesn’t care about Aomine’s attitude as long he scores a lot. As long as they win, he’s right. Imayoshi doesn’t care what kind of guy Aomine is, he still can’t deny his plays. That’s why Touou Academy mostly wins due to Aomine’s plays. Kuroko thought that the Generation of Miracles was united by their selfishness because they don’t trust each other and work alone. For one reason, Kuroko doesn’t feel like the team will lose. Kuroko will do anything of his power to beat Aomine.

Kuroko's Basketball Season 1 Episode-17

Kagami shoves a lemon on Kuroko’s mouth because he wants him to eat them on the bench. Kuroko once said that you can’t play basketball all by yourself to Kagami. Riko decided to rely on Kagami’s enthusiasm and keep Kuroko on the bench for a little bit. She’s putting Tsuchida on the court during the third quarter with Mitobe to guard under the net. Hyuga and Izuki will keep doing just like they did in the first half guarding against Imayoshi and Sakurai. Kagami will defend against Aomine. SEIRIN FIGHT!!! As the third quarter was about to start, Aomine showed up to the court but more serious as he’s getting warmed up. As the 3rd quarter started, Kuroko’s sitting on the bench. Kiss was thinking that Seirin playing against Aomine without Kuroko will be difficult for them. Aomine has the ball and ready to show his skills as he smiles. He pass through Kagami again using his speed. Aomine did a fadeaway jump shot while Tsuchida and Mitobe tried to block him. When it comes to movement, speed is not just about having maximum speed. The acceleration from zero to max, and the deceleration from zero to max. Agility: how quick you’re on your feet. Aomine uses his speed and agility. Kagami tried to block Aomine but he still made the shot. The score was 51-39 Touou still leading in the 3rd quarter. Hyuga throws the ball to Kagami as a fast break and going for a slam dunk but was blocked by Aomine.

Aomine blocks Kagami

Aomine’s doing a lot of trick moves on Kagami as he’s showing him his speed and rhythm by dribbling into a different style of basketball called “STREET BALL“. Kagami has seen that plenty of time in America. Hyuga, Mitobe and Tsuchida trying to stop Aomine from scoring but he lays it up from behind the basket and scores. That was amazingly impressive of Aomine’s performance. Kagami was happy when he was thinking about the Generation of Miracles was full of ridiculous guys.

Aomine's streetball techniques

This episode made me starting to like Aomine due to his street ball style of basketball. Back in the NBA days, there are NBA players that used to play dirty by being an ankle breaker and showing their ball handling like Jason Williams, Michael Jordan, Tim Hardaway, Steve Francis and Allen Iverson. When I play NBA Street games, I always do a lot of trick moves to fill the GameBreaker. It’s like you’re dancing while you’re dribbling. That’s one of the reasons like watching basketball because of the ball handling. When I go outside, I’m going to do my own ball handling practicing street ball. Aomine’s level of cockiness was beginning to show because of his overconfidence. Sometimes you shouldn’t let your overconfidence taken over you. If you’re strong or weak, you still have to show sportsmanship. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool