Aomine has the ball and pass through Kagami. He was going away from the hoop and he did a formless shot to the hoop. Midorima said something about basketball and all sports that fundamental movement and ideal form have been polished throughout the sport’s history. Because they have been refined to perfection, their options are limited and can be predicted. This gives rise to a strategic battle between the offense and defense. This is the game. When Aomine was a child, he know how to handle a basketball and Momoi always watched him play. His ball handling plus his speed equals a free-spirited style. There’s no form to his dribbling or shooting. He’s limitless, and very impossible to guard against. He’s an unstoppable scorer. That’s why he’s the ace of the Generation of Miracles: Aomine Daiki.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 18

He has the ball again and did an irregular change of pace on Hyuga. He was going to shoot but Kagami jumped higher and tried to block him. Aomine knows that he can jump so he shoots while leaning back and scored. Kagami wants to get him back by scoring more than him. He may not beat Aomine’s speed, but he can beat him with height. Aomine swats the ball away by stealing it. Kagami’s catching up to Aomine using his speed and he refuse to give up. When he’s going to blocked Aomine, he was foul but Aomine shot the ball from behind his hand and scored. He gets one free throw shot as he gets foul. Aomine say to Seirin “The only one who can beat me is me”. He wants Kuroko to play on the court to settle this. Seirin were down by 20 points and Coach Riko sends Kuroko back to the court. Aomine want him to show him the strength of the new light and shadow. Kagami couldn’t handle things by himself but Kuroko decide to fight together against Aomine. Imayoshi pass the ball to Wakamatsu scored a lay up shot. Kuroko did a cross court pass to Kagami and Aomine’s catching up to him. Kagami passes to Hyuga and made a three point shot. In the 3rd quarter of the game, the score was 59-42 Touou Academy lead by 17 points. Kuroko steals a pass from a Touou Academy player. He didn’t notice Kuroko due to his lack of presence. He passes to Izuki and scores a lay up shot. Seirin still down by 15 points. Aomine thinks Kuroko is still the same that he hasn’t changed since middle school. He was disappointed in Kuroko’s result. Kuroko believes that he can beat Aomine because this is his basketball. Izuki pass the ball to Kuroko and did a ignite pass but Aomine caught it.

Aomine blocked Kuroko's pass

Aomine continues to show his speed and agility by going through three Seirin players. Kagami and Kuroko both going to block Aomine but he dunk it. He’s still disappointed in Kuroko that he hasn’t improved since middle school. He thinks Akashi’s right that Kuroko’s basketball will never win.

Seirin lost against Touou Academy

In the 4th quarter of the game, Touou Academy still in the lead against Seirin 82-51. Kuroko tried the ignite pass to his teammates but it was blocked by Aomine. He did a shot while rolling and scores. Kagami’s leg gave out on him as he stand still. He still want to keep going. Coach Riko want Kagami to get back on the bench because of his injured leg that was tapped up. She can’t let him play anymore. Momoi was feeling a little bad for Kuroko. Kagami was showing his radiating rage that he was getting crushed by Touou Academy because of Aomine.

Kagami's angry

Hyuga was going for a three point shot but he misses because Sakurai forced him to shoot. Wakamatsu grabs the rebound and throws the ball to his teammates for a lay up shot. Touou Academy continues to score, score and score that the Seirin players were getting crushed badly. The crowd thinks that the game was over. No matter how hard Seirin try, they can’t win. The score was 93-53 Seirin were trailing badly against Touou Academy as they’re down by 40 points. There’s nothing they can do and Kuroko has reached his limits. He’s running out of stamina and his light was gone. Aomine thinks he wins the game but Kuroko refuse to give up because the game’s not over yet. He showed his level of determination to help out the team. Hyuga wants the Seirin team bench to show some spirits. The bench was chanting defense to the Seirin players. Seirin wants to keep fighting until the very end. They give it their all against Touou Academy. Aomine did a final slam dunk. The game was over and Touou Academy has won the game against Seirin 112-52. Seirin got crushed badly.

This episode was very inspiring and it sends a powerful message that no matter how strong our opponents are, we will never give up and keep fighting. The level of determination of Kuroko, Kagami and the whole Seirin team shows that they have the strength and heart to keep fighting. That’s a real team. I watched sports for a long time and I’ve seen teams get crushed by a better team but they continue to keep playing because the game’s not over until it’s over. When my favorite teams wins or lose, I always root and cheer for my team because I’m a true disciple fan. I understand how it feels to lose very badly against the best but I never give up. Thank you Seirin for teaching me that. SEIRIN FIGHT!!!! If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool