At the Touou Academy locker room, the team thought that Seirin would be stronger that they beat Shutoku. Aomine got mad at someone for talking trash about Kuroko. He left the locker room to cool off. It seems that Touou Academy were not in a celebratory mood. At the Seirin locker, Kagami’s angry that he lost badly about Touou Academy. Seirin still got more two games left against Meisei and Seishinkan. Coach Riko rally the team up because there’s no time for them to be sad. The team was in a moment of silence. When the team left the locker room, Kagami wanted to call it quits with Kuroko because he doesn’t think that he and Kuroko can win just by working together. Kagami leaves Kuroko by myself. While Seirin’s playing against Meisei, Kagami was on the bench because of his leg was damaged so he didn’t play. When Hyuga passes to Kuroko, Kuroko’s passes became inaccurate. He hits a slump because his passing ability isn’t working. Seirin were not doing too good and they lost against Meisei by a point 79-78.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 19

The next game, Seirin lost against Seishinkan by 18 points 96-78. They were kicked out of the Inter-High. But it’s not over for Seirin. Riko texted someone saying that they lost. The person’s name is Kiyoshi Teppei. He replied to Riko saying it’s not over yet. It’s time for a new challenge for Seirin. Kagami’s in the hospital to examine his damaged leg. The doctor told him that he needed flexibility, muscle training and two weeks of rest. When Kagami’s on the school roof sitting down. he was thinking about how weak he was against Aomine. He wants to know how to become more stronger.

Kagami thinking

Riko want the team to do more three-man drills four times. As the team getting started to practice, they were wondering where Kuroko was but he was there the whole time. The team didn’t see Kuroko because of his lack of presence. Hahaha, he’s really good at scaring people. As the team practice, Tsuchida and Koganei still couldn’t stop Kuroko’s passing. It turns out that his passing ability were just fine but he’s slumping again. Riko told Seirin that there will be a winter championship: a championship that determines who’s the best high school basketball team in Japan. It’s called the Winter Cup. This is Seirin’s last chance for redemption. If they don’t win, Riko will make the whole team go naked and confess their feeling for the girl they love. The Winter Cup will not be the same as the Inter-High because it’s going to be a tough championship. She tells Hyuga that a man named Teppei is going home soon. The first years never met Teppei for the first time. He’s an ace player to Seirin. Everyone hasn’t seen Kagami for a week because he’s resting. Kuroko hasn’t seen or talk to Kagami for a while because it’s very difficult for him. Seirin was beginning to worry about Kuroko and Kagami. Kuroko’s thinking about Aomine’s words that he hasn’t changed and improved since middle school. Kuroko’s practicing his shooting ability but he missed. There was someone on the court that liked Kuroko’s style of basketball. Kuroko’s not good at anything beside passing. He’s just an inexperienced player. Hyuga told everyone that Teppei’s weird but he encouraged him to play basketball. Kuroko asked who he is and his name was Kiyoshi Teppei. He created the Seirin High School basketball team. He said something about basketball that it is about generalists. It’s a sport for everyone who can do everything. Kiyoshi wants Kuroko to believe in his potential a little more.

Kuroko meets Kiyoshi for the first time

The next day. Kagami has returned to practice with the team. Everyone was happy to see him except for Hyuga because he didn’t show up for practice but Kagami apologize. Kiyoshi has show up to the court and ready to practice with the team. He’s been in the hospital since summer because of his surgery and rehab. He was taking a break for a while. His position of the Seirin High School basketball team is center. He’s 100% healed and ready to play. As the team practice, Kagami was doing good on the court and did a slam dunk on two player but it was a foul. It seems he’s a little on edge. Kiyoshi wants to go one on one play against Kagami. He’s very determined to work hard, loves basketball and he’s always up to something.


It’s hard to move forward in sports when you suffer a devastating lost against a strong team. Just because you lost against a strong team doesn’t mean you have to leave and call it quits. There’s always room to improve. In sports, it’s not about winning all the time because everyone wins and loses. When you lose, you learn from your mistakes and train harder next time. There’s always time for redemption. All you got to do is practice, practice, practice until you get better. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool