At the Seirin high school gym, the whole team was watching Kiyoshi goes one on one against Kagami. Kiyoshi’s not only taller than Kagami but he’s fast as a center. He’s going for a lay up but Kagami blocked it. Kiyoshi was surprised by his incredible jump. They’re both evenly matched. Kagami has the ball and Kiyoshi thinks it’s harder than he thought. Kagami went through Kiyoshi and he’s going for a slam dunk. When Kiyoshi’s trying to block him, he did a 360 dunk on Kiyoshi. Kagami wins the one on one battle against Kiyoshi. Kagami can start as a center for the next game and leaves the gym. Everyone was wondering what was Kiyoshi thinking but he underestimated Kagami when he faced him.

The next day, Seirin were facing against Tokushin High. Tokushin doesn’t care if Seirin are the Tokyo top teams. They angry at Seirin because they think that Tokushin High’s a joke. Seirin’s using the 1st years with Kuroko and Kagami this time. Tokushin wants to crush Seirin and send them home. Coach Riko wants to see how the 1st years play. Seirin has three days of practice games before summer. They’ll have to practice as hard as they can during summer vacation.


Kagami doesn’t want Kuroko to pass to him anymore but they can’t win that way. Kagami’s playing on his own and doing good against Tokushin. Seirin’s down by 2 points against Tokushin 30-28 in the 4th quarter. Kuroko’s passing ability was working as he passes to his teammates and scored a lay up shot. It seems that 1st years of the Seirin High School basketball team were improving. Kuroko’s movements were not too bad. Kuroko was trying to figure out where he could pass the ball to but he didn’t pass it Kagami so he pass it to someone else. The Light and Shadow were not coordinating. At the end of the game, Seirin beats Tokushin by 2 points 43-41. During the nighttime, Kiyoshi told Riko that he only challenged Kagami to see how their abilities compared. He wants Kuroko to know the current limits to his basketball.


Kuroko wants Kiyoshi as a starter to the team. Kiyoshi admires Kuroko’s style of basketball that utilizes his teammates on the positive side. On the negative side, he relies on other. Kiyoshi wants him to abandon his style and create a new style of basketball for himself. When Kiyoshi played with Seirin, he was a center because of his height. He was the best at being a point guard: a role that utilizes your teammates. Seirin thinks he’s better as a center. Center: the front line who uses power to fight under the hoop. Point Guard: the leader farthest from the basket. Kiyoshi can do both position despite his height.

Kagami was practicing his dribbling moves on his own. He wants to become stronger so he can beat the Generation of Miracles. If he can’t beat the Generation of Miracle in a one on one battle, he’ll have to throw them off-balance or create an opening. He wants to beat them on his own. Kuroko made it to the court and wanted to talk to Kagami about something. Kagami wants him to think it over while he plays in a one on one battle against him. He scored 14 points against Kuroko. He was thinking about the first time they play against each other. Kuroko is the shadow to Kagami’s light and he’ll make him the best basketball player in Japan. He chose Kagami but he lied about something. Since middle school, the Generation of Miracles have believed in Kuroko but they didn’t trust him. He was an unremarkable player. He believed that they still trusted him. As the Generation of Miracles talents began to get stronger, they all lost faith in Kuroko. They only trust themselves. When Kuroko met Kagami, he wanted to use him to force the Generation of Miracles to recognize his style of basketball. Kagami’s different from the Generation of Miracles because he trusted Kuroko. That’s why he’s glad that he went to Seirin. Seirin are full of awesome people who works together as a team because they trust each other. Kuroko Tetsuya is the Seirin High first year and he doesn’t wanted  make someone else the best player in Japan. With Kagami and Seirin, he wants to become the best in Japan. For that, he will become even stronger and beat the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko and Kagami are going to be the best. They will get stronger until the Winter Cup.

Kuroko and Kagami fist pump
Kuroko and Kagami fist pump

This episode is really powerful to see friends become a great tag team in basketball. When you have friends, you have to trust and believe in each other. I can sense a powerful friendship between Kuroko and Kagami as the Shadow and Light. When you play sports together, everyone’s different when it comes to basketball when they have their own play style. It’s all about team bonding. When the team bond is strong, you’ll become an unstoppable tag team. In my life, I’m happy to have a childhood best friend who is like a brother to me for a long time. Fist Pump!! If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool