At the Seirin gym, Seirin will taking two trips: to the beach and to the mountains at the beginning and the end of summer. They will take this as their vacation and get ready for the Winter Cup. Coach Riko decided to talk to the teachers about Seirin’s training camp. Kagami’s still afraid of dogs but Seirin will take Number 2 Kuroko with them on their trip. Kagami doesn’t allow it because he thinks the dog was annoying. Kuroko and Kagami were talking to each other but they seem to be arguing. They didn’t pass the ball to each other during practice but they’ll work together as a team when the Winter Cup starts. The team captain Hyuga has announced to make, but he has some bad news for the team. They’re going to make two trips by choosing cheap lodgings and make their own food. Hyuga fears that Coach Riko will be cooking for the whole team. Hyuga thinks it’s bad because at the game against Touou Academy, Riko only has honey soaked lemons. In order words, she don’t know how to cook. Seirin has to cook for themselves but they don’t think they can. They want to cook but they can’t move their bodies because of basketball training. Everyone’s getting ready to eat to try Riko’ s cooking by doing a taste test. They don’t want to tell their coach that her cooking was bad or they’ll hurt her feelings. Some of the Seirin players can cook only a little because Mitobe’s the best at cooking. Riko has made curry for everyone.

Kuroko's Basketball curry

Curry has lots of vegetables. Everyone thanks their coach and did a taste test. As a result, they all didn’t like the curry because it taste bad. Here are the reasons: rice was soft like porridge, crisp uncooked vegetables are like a salad, the meat was raw, the sauce is bitter and sour. Everyone continues to eat Riko’s badly cooked curry just to suck it up. She asked if everyone thinks her cooking was bad. Hyuga continues to eat the curry so he can’t lie to her. He finished the whole food and thanked her. He likes it but the curry was a little spicy. He was leaving to go for a drink. Kiyoshi likes the curry’s unique flavor. Riko’s cooking secret is LOVE and he wants her to make it again. Hyuga and Kiyoshi are true men for embracing Keiko’s bad cooking but Hyuga fainted in the hallway.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 21

Kiyoshi couldn’t handle the curry’s spiciness as he’s sweating. Kagami’s cooking curry for everyone. Koganei did a taste test and he like his cooking. Kagami knows how to cook because he lives alone. Riko wants him to teach her how to make curry. He’ll do it but he’s very strict when it comes to cooking. She makes better curry this time for everyone. The results still remain the same as her cooking was still bad. Kagami did helped Riko and did a taste test. She really doesn’t know how to cook. Kuroko tried it and he likes it. Kiyoshi asked Riko to serve another plate. She added rice, cheese, protein, vitamin C powder and sauce. Everyone knows the secret of why her cooking was bad. She remake curry one more time, and everyone loves her cooking because it taste normal. At the beach, everyone was excited to go for a swim but it’s their training camp. Riko’s dad warns the Seirin players that they lay a finger on his daughter, he’ll kill them.

Seirin basketball has made to the beach.png

Riko’s dad bought a basketball court on the beach for her so the Seirin players can play basketball. Seirin needs to improve the skills of each individual player. They just don’t want to create a team of individual strengths, but increasing one of the powers they combine as a team. They’ll win as a team. They basketball training: shooting, passing, dribbling but if they want to improve their actions, they have to start with their legs and hips. That’s the reason why they’re practicing at the beach. Kagami thinks that it’ll make everyone twice as tired. They’ll be doing three times the normal amount of practice. The training camp from hell had begun for the Seirin High School basketball team. When the team was practicing and training, Kagami finds it difficult to move. Kuroko pass the ball to the sand and Hyuga got angry at him that he can’t do a bounce pass on the sand. They have to make plays just by passing. Kagami was going for a slam dunk but he misses and landed his face on the sand. Kiyoshi’s getting his body back into shape. The team will move to the gym at night. At the gym, Hyuga shooting ability was beginning to improve because of his grip. Everyone’s beginning to improve their movement.

Kagami miss a slam dunk

While the Seirin player were stretching, Kuroko was feeling a little worried about his new style of basketball because he has no plan yet. It’ll take time for him to figure it out. Kiyoshi thinks Riko’s doing the right thing having a training camp because it will the player’s fundamentals. When they’re trying to learn a new technique, they have to understand themselves first. Riko asked Kiyoshi of why didn’t he become the team captain. He may know everything about basketball but he considers Hyuga’s a better fit for a captain. The next morning, Kagami’s body was hurting from the intense training. He got scared when Kuroko’s next to him out of nowhere rinsing his mouth. Kuroko said good morning to Kagami with his bed hair.


Midorima and Takao was surprised to see Kuroko and Kagami again. They came with Shutoku to train just like Seirin. Seirin decided to have a practice game again Shutoku. Riko wants Kagami to buy drink for everyone by running to a convenience store 500 meters away. As the game got started, Seirin were being a little overwhelmed by Shutoku. Kuroko goes one on one against Midorima but it was stolen by Takao. He passes to Midorima and shoots a three point shot. He thinks Kuroko’s making ridiculous plays because he isn’t. He just want to be stronger. Midorima doesn’t believe him but he knows his limits from when he lost against Aomine. Shutoku coach knows about Kagami’s strength in jumps. He considers Riko an impressive coach and that she has a formidable opponent named Kiyoshi. Kagami has returned from the convenience store and gotten all the drinks for everyone. He’s been running a lot of laps so he’s going for a bath. If he keep this up, he’ll be the best player in no time.

This episode making me hungry and I want to learn how to cook too. Kagami should be chef and cooking for the team with Mitobe. For me, the only cooking I’m really great at is grilling meat. Cooking is harder than I thought but I’ll get better in cooking. It only takes time and patience. The part that made me laugh was when Kagami missed a slam dunk and landed his face on the sand. Hahaha, he look like he slam dunked his face on the sand. I also want to get stronger by training every day until I mastered an ability. There’s always room for improvement. I have the power of not giving up and that’s what makes me stronger. NEVER STOP TRAINING!!! If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #MidorimaShintaro #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool