Kise was getting his pictures taken because he’s a model. He was going to be doing less modeling work. He told the photographers that he joined a basketball club in Teiko Middle School. At Teiko Middle School, Kise was sweeping inside a basketball court at the gym but Momoi was in the way and he stopped. She asked if he’s Kise Ryota and a second year. He was wondering who she was. She introduced herself as Momoi Satsuki: the team manager. She asked if he could practice at the gym with the first string and he said yes. One of the player were surprised that Kise would be practicing with the first string without taking a promotion test. He joined the basketball team and it’s been two weeks for him. Kise was thinking that the team were supposed to be very strong but the second string was nothing to him. While Kise’s walking with Momoi outside, Aomine came out of nowhere and did a slam dunk in front of him. Aomine was wondering why Momoi’s with Kise. Kise was amazed to see a middle school player do a slam dunk. Momoi asked for Kuroko but Aomine don’t know where he was. Kuroko was Kise’s mentor. She wants Kise to handle odd jobs with the first years. The team had to assigned him a mentor and Kise doesn’t know who Tetsu-kun was. Someone asked Kise if he called him.

Kise Ryota

Kise was looking left and right but there’s a person with a light blue hair in front of him. Kise got scared when he didn’t see him. He don’t know who he was and Momoi was happy to see Tetsu-kun. She introduced Kise to him. Kuroko was pleased to meet Kise. In the afternoon during practice, there’s a person with red-maroon hair looking at the players practicing. When a player’s going for a lay up, he was blocked by a tall player with long purple hair.

Murasakibara Atsushi

Midorima shoots a three point shot and scores. Aomine’s showing his speed, agility, street ball style of basketball and shoots a field goal. Kise was really amazed to see the first string in a whole another level. Kise was practicing playing basketball and use his speed and ball handling technique plus made it a lay up. It’s only natural for Kise that he’ll become a regular player sooner. Kise watching his mentor Kuroko’s play style but he missed a lay up. Kise was a little ashamed to see his performance. At night-time, every players say to thank you for a good practice game. While everyone’s leaving, Kuroko wanted to talk to Kise and he got scared by Kuroko’s lack of presence. He wanted him to stop doing that and speak to him normally but he was. Kuroko want Kise to clean up with the first years and he’ll do it. Kise now understand what the team meant by mentor. While Kise’s walking outside of school at night, he saw Kuroko, Aomine and the guy with a purple long hair. Everyone wants to celebrate Kise’s promotion to the first string.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 22.5

Everyone’s eating ice pops outside of a convenience store but they made Kise buy ice pops for everyone and for himself. Aomine knows he makes money by modeling. Midorima was also eating an ice pop and Kuroko invited him thinking that celebration would be much more fun with more people. Midorima introduced himself to Kise and he wants to learn what the regulars look like. Kise just joined the first string and he can’t remember everyone. Kuroko has a winner popsicle stick and Aomine was excited including Kise. He was wondering why was he getting excited with Aomine. A guy with a long purple hair got himself a whole box of ice pops. Kise told him about Kuroko’s winner popsicle stick but he also saw Momoi in the group. There’s a person riding a motorcycle went through Momoi and she falls. It turns out that it’s purse thief. Everyone’s running to catch the thief but Midorima has an idea to stop the thief by shooting a box of ice pops at him.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 22.5

While Kise and Aomine were chasing the thief, a box of ice pops hit the thief’s helmet and knocked him off his motorcycle. Midorima did it in order to stop the thief. Aomine and Kise has caught up to the thief. When the thief’s trying to punch Kise but he got hit by the guy with a long purple hair. He was angry about his yummy snacks and the thief was screaming. Everyone has stopped the thief as a team but Kuroko didn’t do anything and so does Kise. The guy with the long purple name is Murasakibara. Kise asked him if he’s a regular and Murasakibara is. Kise can tell because he’s an imposing figure. Aomine said everyone’s a regular. Kise couldn’t believe it.

At Teiko Middle School, Kise was playing soccer and the ladies were cheering for him. Kise scores a goal and Murasakibara let him score. They had a conversation about Kuroko and Kise might think it’s weird that he’s a regular. Murasakibara doesn’t know but it’s Akashi’s decision. Kise asked Midorima about Kuroko but he was wondering why would he ask that. It’s just that he’s a mentor. Midorima remembers Kise even though he’s not a regular but he said that Akashi’s very interested in him. Kise once again asked who Akashi was but Midorima want him to find out. He tells Kise about Kuroko that his sign was Aquarius, his lucky item was a English-Japanese dictionary and his blood type was A. Midorima’s blood type is B and Kuroko’s blood type is A which means they don’t get along. Kise asked Momoi about Kuroko and she was falling in love thinking about him. A guy with a red-maroon hair was looking at Kise and his name is Akashi.

Akashi Seijuro

During practice, Kuroko has the ball but it was stolen by Kise and he score a lay up. Kise continues to steal the ball from Kuroko and keeps scoring. Kuroko’s teammates were getting angry at him for letting Kise steal the ball from him. Kise was figuring out how Kuroko’s a regular if he’s not that good at basketball. Aomine doesn’t want him to point at his mentor. Kuroko’s the opposite of Aomine and Kise and he’s reliable in games. Kise will understand Kuroko’s greatness soon. Midorima tells Kuroko and Kise that they’ll be joining the second string for the practice game tomorrow. That was the order from the coach. The Teiko’s role and absolute principle is winning. Losing is not an option. If Kise and Kuroko lose, they will be demoted to the second string.

The next morning, every players of the Teiko basketball team were getting ready for their practice game. Kise has a suggestion for Kuroko that if they play together, he wants to compare to see who has the most points. If Kise wins, he wants Kuroko to give him his uniform but he doesn’t want to because he finds it pointless. Kuroko tells Kise that the most important part of being on a team was thinking about what you should be doing. He thinks Kise’s competitive spirit was a good thing. Teiko will be facing Komagi in a practice game. Teiko’s second string weren’t doing too good against Komagi. Komagi was dominating against Teiko and the score was 69-48 in the fourth quarter. The coach calls Kise up to play. Kise has the ball but he’s being double teamed. The Komagi player were defending roughly on Kise but he went through a player and he was knock down. It was an offensive foul on charging for Kise. He was feeling frustrated that the referee was really strict. In the fourth quarter, Komagi’s still in the lead 75-61 against Teiko. Teiko change member and they want Kuroko to play. Kuroko wants Kise to lend him his strength. He tells him the he’s the shadow and Kise’s the light who will score. While Teiko’s on offense, Komagi didn’t even look at Kuroko because they couldn’t see him. Kuroko passes the ball to Kise out of nowhere.

Teiko vs Komagi.png
Kuroko passes to Kise.png

Everyone was wondering where that pass come from but Kise just shoots the ball and scores. Komagi players were figuring out what’s going on. Kuroko continues to show his passing ability to turn the game around. Kise was doing all the scoring. Kuroko’s using his lack of presence to pass the ball around. Midorima talks to Akashi about his suggestion to the coach of Kuroko and Kise help out the second string. Akashi thought he could introduced Kise to Kuroko’s power first. He knows everything but he’s the one who discovered Kuroko’s power. At the end of the game, Teiko won the game against Komagi 83-81. Kise gave Kuroko a nickname Kurokocchi because he add “cchi” to the names of the people he respect. Kuroko didn’t like being called that. Kise has gotten himself into basketball.

I enjoyed watching this episode because I’m learning a lot about how the Generation of Miracles of how they all first met. This episode really focused on Kise of how he started from modeling to playing basketball. Everyone has to have a different hobby of what they like. Kise was making friends with Kuroko, Aomine, Midorima, Murasakibara and Akashi. Kise has become the light to Kuroko’s shadow and they made an excellent team. Everyone enjoys the thrill of basketball just like Kise. Kuroko may not be good at playing basketball but he’s incredible in passing. When you’re with a team, you can either get promoted or demoted but it depends on your skills. What a good episode to learn more about the Generation of Miracles. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #AkashiSeijuro #MurasakibaraAtsushi #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #GenerationofMiracles