Shutoku has defeated Seirin in a practice game 91-82. Seirin was playing without Kagami. Shutoku lost against Seirin in the preliminaries but won in a practice game. The Shutoku coach notice that Seirin were stronger than they were in the preliminaries. They were strong without Kagami. The Shutoku coach wants the team to be careful in the Winter Cup. Coach Riko has introduced Seirin her special icing technique because it’s great for sore muscles and fatigue. The players step in a trashcan full of ice and they were freezing. Kiyoshi wants the team to have confidence but he’s freezing to death. During the night, Kagami was practicing playing basketball while Riko’s watching him. He’s been running on the beach by himself for the whole trip. The game was over when he got back. She wants him to try jumping. Hyuga was wondering Kagami’s practice was. He was doing strength training because it’s his true power. When Takao walking by, he was surprised by Kagami when he’s showing Riko his jumping ability. Takao hides behind the bushes and saw Kagami’s hand print on the backboard that he jumped higher above the hoop. Riko wants him to jump the other way. Kiyoshi talks to Hyuga about Kagami’s ability that he’s good at one-handed dunks with his strong right arm but he jump off his left leg. His highest jumps occur when he jumps off his right leg. Kagami hit the backboard too hard and it cause the whole basketball hoop to fall. Takao was almost hit from the basketball hoop. Kagami’s strong leg is not his left, it’s his right. His greatest ability is his jumping power but he has reached his full strength. Riko wants him to work on preparing himself physically.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 22

Kagami’s jumping power: a style that utilizes that strength. His answer is Aerial Combat. That’s the only thing he’ll stand a chance against the Generation of Miracles. Kuroko saw Takao hiding behind the bushes. Kuroko came to get Kagami because it was almost time for dinner. Takao had Kuroko to hide with him because someone’s coming. While Kagami laying the ground, he saw Midorima walking by. He was getting something to drink and he’s drinking Red Bean Soup. Takao was trying not to laugh but Kuroko’s staying quiet and listen to their conversation. Midorima has lost faith in Kagami because he was destroyed by Aomine. Midorima chuckled at Kagami thinking that he’ll beat Aomine in the air by jumping. He thinks that it will not change the results just by jumping higher. He wants to correct his thinking. Midorima challenges Kagami in a one on one basketball game. Kagami’s on offense and Midorima’s on defense. If Kagami scores more points, he’ll win. Midorima’s feeling confidence that he will not lose.

Izuki asked Koganei about the practice game against Shutoku while they’re running on the beach. It was a good game but aside from Izuki’s eagle eye, he’s not really good at anything. It turns out that it’s not enough. Izuki doesn’t know anything about basketball. Shutoku has clear goals as a team an individually. They don’t practice without focus and that’s their strength. Every member of the Generation of Miracles has their own style of basketball. While Kagami’s playing one on one against Midorima, Midorima found it insulting that Kagami thinks he can beat him that he could do nothing besides shooting threes. There’s no difference in their movements but they’re evenly matched. When Kagami’s going for a slam dunk, Midorima blocked it because he can’t jump higher. It seems Kagami’s keep losing in aerial battles. He wants to go one more but Midorima said he’s finished. The results still remain the same for Midorima no matter how many times they play. He knows he can dunk. He leaves and takes Takao with him. He wants Kuroko to not disappoint him at the Winter Cup but Kuroko won’t.

Midorima blocks Kagami

Kagami’s running on the beach but Kuroko appeared out of nowhere running with him. Kuroko wanted to cheer him up and Kagami found out that he was watching him. He already know why he lost. Midorima stopped Kagami because he’s stronger than him. He already knew that he can only dunk. Kagami can jump but only when he jumped with his left leg and hold the ball with his right hand. If he jump with his right leg, he’ll hold the ball with his left hand. All he can do with left hand is dunk. Compared to his right hand, his left-handed ball handling was too clumsy. Jumping high doesn’t make an aerial battle. What Kagami has to do before winter is to strengthen his legs, hips and improve his left handed ball handling. He’ll be able to move in the air. He knew all of the members of the Generation of Miracles are really strong. Kuroko was thinking about Hyuga’s and Midorima’s words that a man who cannot play by myself cannot improve by himself. Kagami may be able to beat the Generation of Miracles in an aerial battle but he can’t beat them on ground. Kuroko’s passes won’t work against them but he has an idea of a new style of basketball to make most of Kagami and Seirin. He will be mastering his own drive in addition to his passes and he will emerge victorious against the Generation of Miracles.

Kuroko's Basketball episode 22

The next morning, Seirin was leaving their training camp going to the station. Riko was wondering where the team was going but they’re going to the station. She reminded the team that there’s a game for them to see. Izuki checked his phone to see what teams were playing in the quarterfinals. The game is between Kaijo vs Touou Academy. She wants the team to watch the Inter-High. While the team was on the bus, Kuroko wanted to talk to Kagami about Midorima gave him a message saying ” I only taught him a lesson because he’s so stupid”. Kagami got angry when he said that but tells him don’t lose until he beat him. Kagami’s never going to lose. Seirin has arrived at the Inter-High. They will be watching a match of Kise Ryota vs Aomine Daiki. Kagami asked Kuroko who would win but he doesn’t know. This was his first time seeing the Generation of Miracles playing against each other. Aomine has inspired Kise to play basketball. They used to play one on one a lot but Kise never wins. At the Kaijo locker room, one of the Kaijo player were feeling excited but Kasamatsu wants Moriyama to calm him down. Moriyama wants to play for a special girl and Kasamatsu got angry. Kise has something for his fan but he got hit in the face with a basketball by Kasamatsu. He’s really losing his concentration. Kaijo coach reminds the team that it’s almost time for them to play and give everything they’re got. Kasamatsu wants Kise to give him five minutes before they start the game and he leaves the locker room. At the Touou Academy, Imayoshi asked Momoi about Aomine if she’s in touch with him. He didn’t answer her call. He’s always late to every game. Touou Academy coach believes the team can still beat Kaijo without Aomine. Aomine has shown up to the locker room. Momoi was always worried about Aomine all the time. He knows he’ll be facing Kise so he can’t be late. He was looking forward to play against him but this time, he wants to crush him as hard as he can. Kise was hoping to beat Aomine for the first time and he’ll win even if it kills him. At the basketball court, Kise and Aomine has finally meet for the time since middle school and Kise won’t lose against Aomine but Aomine feels confident to beat him. Imayoshi and Kasamatsu shake each others hands saying good luck. The game has started for Kaijo and Touou Academy.

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Everytime I see Kagami jump higher to the backboard, it makes me think about a NBA player Spud Webb. He’s 5’7 inches and he may be a short player but he can still dunk because his jumping ability. The only way to dunk is to have jumping power to help you jump higher. It’s takes a lot of training to reach the mastery of dunking. When played basketball, all I can do was shooting twos, threes, and do lay ups. I can’t dunk but if the basketball hoop was shorter, I can still dunk. I wish I can dunk just like Spud Webb and I’m only 5’8 1/2 inches. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool