Kise was playing soccer and the ladies were cheering for him. He was doing a lifting test and he hasn’t dropped the soccer ball. He scored a goal and the ladies cheer for him. After playing soccer, he was thinking that style were okay, athletics were okay and academics were okay too. He’s very bored with everything. He loves sports but he master them very quickly. If he plays longer, there will be no one who can face him. He needed a real challenge. He’s wondering if there’s anyone who’s very tough that he doesn’t stand a chance. He got hit by a basketball by Aomine and it was an accident. This was the first time that Kise met Aomine. Aomine realize Kise that he’s a model.  Kise throw the basketball back to him so he thanked him and leaves. Kise never tired basketball before. He heard about the Teiko middle school basketball team’s very strong. As he looks inside the basketball court in gym while he’s outside, he saw Aomine’s amazing basketball skills. He was showing his ball handling and did a slam dunk. He was amazed by Aomine’s performance: his speed and his movements. He was wondering if he could do that. He finally found his tough challenge. Aomine’s wondering why Kise’s staring at him. He wants to play basketball against Aomine that one day, he’ll beat him for the first time.

Kise got hit by a basketball from Aomine

Kaijo vs Touou Academy Interhigh Quarter-finals

The game has started and Kaijo has possession of the ball. Seirin basketball team were watching the game. They beaten Kise in a practice game but they lose against Aomine. Riko believes that Aomine was better. Kasamatsu passes to the ace player Kise. Aomine defends against Kise and he went past him but he knock the ball away from Kise. He thinks he’s weak as he always been. Kise can’t past Aomine with a move like that. It was a steal and Imayoshi has the ball and he pass it to Wakamatsu but he was defended by Kobori. Wakamatsu pass to Sakurai and scored a three-point shot with a quick release. Touou Academy scored the first basket of the game. Someone pass the ball to Kise for the second time and he’s copying Sakurai’s three point quick jump shot. Aomine was surprised to see that Kise’s still good at copying people but he doesn’t count on him to win that way. Aomine tried to block it but he touch the ball with the tip of his finger. Kise missed the three point shot. Imayoshi thinks his team was in control of the game but the ball was stolen by Kasamatsu and he scores a three point shot.


The game was tied at three in the first quarter. Kasamatsu counts on his teammates to stop Touou Academy on defense. Kaijo were trying to take control of the game. Touou Academy coach was analyzing Kaijo’s team captain Kasamatsu that he has good leadership skills. Aomine has the ball while Kise defends against him. He said to Kise that if he can’t fight him himself, he’ll fight him all at once. He thinks Kise was started to think like Kuroko that he had a change of heart after he lost against Seirin. It was making him go to sleep but Kise didn’t mention something like that. The defense of Kaijo was good as there’s no opening for Touou Academy.  Kise has acknowledge Kuroko’s thinking. He want to make Kaijo win. He doesn’t care what’s correct but he just want to beat Aomine. He’s not mature enough to play basketball with reason over instinct. Aomine wants him to bring it out. Kagami was thinking of when it comes to physical ability, Kise’s not worse than Aomine but he’s not sure that Kise can beat Aomine one on one. Aomine did some dribbling moves on Kise by doing a fake pass but he still has the ball and switched the ball to his other hand. As he pass through Kise, Kise’s still defending him but Aomine did a formless shot. Kise blocks his formless shot.


Kaijo was congratulating Kise on stopping Aomine. Imayoshi was impressed to see someone stopped Aomine in a one on one battle for the first time. This was the first that Aomine was stopped by someone who lost against a lot in one on one battle every day. Kise knows he’s better than anyone. In a flashback, Momoi was watching Kise and Aomine play a one on one battle. Kise was going for a lay up but was blocked by Aomine. He wants to go again but Aomine’s done for today. Kise was smiling as he found a strong opponent but he hates losing. It may hurt for him but he’s having fun. During the night time, Aomine was walking with Momoi and she asked him of why won’t he go easy on Kise that he never played basketball before. Aomine doesn’t want to do that.


Touou Academy coach asked Momoi if she gives Aomine information about Kise but she didn’t have an answer. Touou Academy defending against Kaijo would be difficult for them. She does have data of the four players of Kaijo. Kise has stopped Aomine but Touou Academy has another strength and that is Momoi’s precognitive defense. Kasamatsu couldn’t pass the ball to Kise but as he’s going to pass to Moriyama, Imayoshi thinks he’s going for a fake a pass and go for the drive. Kasamatsu did a turnaround but Imayoshi knows he can do a turnaround into a fade away jump. As he jumps for a block, Kasamatsu did a jump shot but the ball was tipped from Imayoshi. He missed a shot but Hayakawa grabs the offensive rebound. He pass it to his teammate to shoot the ball and scores. The first quarter has ended and Kaijo leads by 5 points 18-13 against Touou Academy.


At the Touou Academy bench, Aomine’s in trouble because Kise’s gotten stronger. Kaijo coach Takeuchi congratulating the team for doing a great job. They’re not going to losing against Aomine but Kise doesn’t know. Hyuga was a little surprised that Kaijo were in the lead against Touou Academy. Kiyoshi asked the team of how they beat Kaijo High but Kagami said with spirit. Aomine will get stronger as the game goes on. It will happen soon as he gets better. As the 2nd quarter about to begin, Imayoshi wants the team to take it slow. He passes to Sakurai as they were being quiet but not aggressive. Sakurai passes to Susa, then pass it back to Imayoshi but he’s going to score the ball, he pass it to Wakamatsu and did a jump shot. He scores and Touou Academy’s down by 3 points. Kasamatsu wants his teammates to get them back. Imayoshi guards against Kasamatsu as he’s not letting him through. He pass it to Kise but Aomine’s in front of him. Imayoshi believes that Aomine was the best. Aomine knocked the ball away from Kise as he use his agility. Kise thinks he’s going from the left to a crossover on the right but Aomine went the other way. He was going to shoot as Kobori’s going to block him but Kasamatsu doesn’t want him to get foul. Aomine shoots the ball with one hand and scores. The basket counts and he gets one free throw because Kobori got his first foul of the game. Kasamatsu want him to worry about it and he wants him to get ready for the next play. Aomine scores a free throw shot and the games was tied at 18 in the second quarter. Kaijo couldn’t stop Touou Academy because Aomine’s too strong even Kise can’t beat him. He has the ball while Aomine’s guarding him as Kaijo relies on Kise. Imayoshi thinks Kaijo still doesn’t understand that Kise’s good at copying people but he’s showing his copying ability less. That’s the reason why he can’t win because it’s impossible for him to beat Aomine for the first time in basketball. Kasamatsu thinks Imayoshi was the one who doesn’t understand that copying techniques and making them their own was learning. Kise did a turnaround just like Kasamatsu but Aomine still manage to block it with his hand.


Kaijo takes a timeout. The score was still tied at 18. Kise thinks Aomine’s better than he thought. The Kaijo High coach Takeuchi said that quick turnarounds will be Touou Academy’s specialty and he doesn’t want the team to match their pace. Kise wants the coach to let him do it.

This episode is really cool to see the Generation of Miracles players face each other for the first time. Kise wanted a real challenge just like Kagami Taiga. He found a strong opponent named Aomine. Kise and Aomine used to be teammates back in middle school but now they both went to a different high school and they face each other as rivals. Sometimes former teammates become rivals when they play against each other. Kise always lose against Aomine in a one on one basketball game. He hates losing but it ignites his fighting spirit to keep playing. Kise’s very determined to beat Aomine for the first time and he doesn’t want to lose. I’m just like him when I wanted a real challenge to keep my heart pumping. Kise can copying his opponents moves and Aomine can use his speed, agility and street ball style. That’s what made this match more awesome to see. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool