Sakurai has stolen the ball and Kaijo got a turnover. There’s another one on one battle between Kise and Aomine but something’s not right for Aomine as Kaijo weren’t playing aggressive enough but they don’t intend to lose. It doesn’t really matter to him as the results will still remain the same. He went pass Kise using his speed but when he’s going for a slam dunk, he got a charging foul as Kasamatsu defending him. It’s his first foul of the game. Kasamatsu got guts for charged him for a foul. His teammates were feeling nervous if it’s going to work. It doesn’t matter if they can or can’t, they are going to do it and they need to believe in their ace.


Aomine’s doing some dribbling moves and went past Kise to scored a lay up. He did another move on Kise by shooting but use his other hand for a lay up. Aomine’s still on top of his game against Kaijo. Imayoshi’s wondering what’s going on with Kaijo that they’re not doing anything to turn the game around. Kise’s feeling frustrated but thinking that Aomine’s cool that no one can copy his style. No matter how many times he tries, he just can’t copy Aomine. The reason he can’t copy him was because when he look up to someone, he can’t overtake them. He decided to give up on looking up to Aomine. Kuroko found out that Kise was trying to copy Aomine’s basketball style but he can only copy what he can do. He can’t copy anything he can’t do. He’s a quick learner but he can’t recreate movements of NBA players or anyone better than him. He believes that he can do it. As the clock was ticking, Imayoshi’s going for a three point shot and scores a buzzer beater. The second was over and the score was 43-34 Touou Academy in the lead by nine points.


At the Kaijo locker room, Kise wants to go outside for a little bit. Kaijo’s going to face Touou Academy without Kise but Kasamatsu believes they could do it. At the Touou Academy locker room, Momoi told the whole team that Kise can copying Aomine’s style and movements. Wakamatsu wants the coach to benched Aomine but he thinks it’s nonsense. Reducing power will be a biggest mistake. He wants to keep going. He doesn’t believe that Kise can copy him. Even if he does, it still won’t change the results. He said “The only one who can beat me is me”. Kise was outside thinking but he got scared by Kuroko but he bring his pet dog Tetsuya 2. Kuroko wanted to bring the dog outside for some fresh air. He told Kise that he was training with the Seirin basketball team and they decided to see the Inter-High. Kise asked Kuroko of who’s going to win: Kise or Aomine. He don’t know that answer but anything could happen if they don’t give up. Kise will do his best but he feels better not knowing if he’ll win.

Kise meets Tetsuya 2

The third quarter has started and Touou Academy’s on offense. Imayoshi passes to Sakurai but he’s feeling pressured and Kasamatsu stole the ball from him. He throws the ball to Kise for a fast break but Imayoshi catched up to him. Kise did a right to left crossover move on him as he’s copying Aomine’s style. Imayoshi got a holding foul on Kise. He was beginning to imagine Kise playing as Aomine and he’s getting the goosebumps.

Kise copying Aomine's move.gif

He has the ball again but he copying Aomine’s formless shot move on Wakamatsu. He got a pushing foul but Kise misses the shot and he gets two free throw shot. He really showing his true strength of being the Perfect Copy but if he goes one on one against Aomine again, it will only be once that he perfected his copy. Kise made two free throw shots and the score was 58-46 as Kaijo’s catching up. Aomine responds back with a formless shot and it shocked everyone. He’s not patient enough to wait until Kise’s ready. Kasamatsu did a jump shot and he misses but Hayakawa got the offensive rebound. He passes back to Kasamatsu and scores a jump shot. Kaijo behind by twelve points. Imayoshi did a back pass to Sakurai so he can shoot a three point shot but he was blocked by Senpai. Kise was getting the feeling that he understands what Kuroko’s saying. When Aomine said “The only one who can beat me is me”. Kise was acting like Aomine saying “What if that “me” is who you’re playing against?” He’s copying Aomine’s style and broke past him.

Kise went pass Aomine

Imayoshi was already getting a bad feeling that Kise’s copying moves of Aomine’s. As he’s going for a lay up, Aomine was going to block him. As he got another foul, Kise throws the ball from behind using one hand and scores. The basket counts and he gets one free throw. When you’re fouled while making a shot, the basket will count. Aomine has gotten his fourth foul. One more foul and he’ll be fouled out. Things were getting tough for Touou Academy not only Kise perfected his copy but Aomine’s strength was reducing. Kise has made a free throw shot. In the third quarter of the game, Touou Academy leading by 9 point but Kaijo was beginning to catch up. Imayoshi passes to Aomine but he fumbled the ball and Kise stolen the ball from him. When Sakurai’s going to stop him, Kise copying Aomine’s speed and agility to go pass him. Kise was going for a slam dunk but he was blocked by Aomine. He was really bothered by Kise. The tension of Kise and Aomine continues…

Kise's copying Aomine's speed and agility

Aomine blocked Kise

This is one of my favorite episode of Kuroko’s Basketball. I feel like I’m watching an NBA game of a one on one battle between Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James. I consider Kise Ryota as Kobe Bryant and Aomine Daiki as Lebron James. It was a battle between The Perfect Copy vs The Original. Kise’s really showing his true potential as a Generation of Miracles basketball player by being The Perfect Copy. What an amazing display of skills of Kise Ryota. He copied Aomine’s moves: formless shot, right to left crossover, speed, agility, and shoots the ball from behind using one hand. Kaijo works together as a team and Touou Academy play as a team but don’t work together as a team because they always count on their ace player Aomine. It would be better if everyone just play together as a team instead of someone hogging all the glory on the court. In sports, everyone has their own abilities but there are players who can copy. What an incredible basketball game between The Perfect Copy vs The Original. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool