Midorima Shintaro: a Generation of Miracles player that has the ability of shooting three-point shots. He never misses a shot. He respects Kuroko’s abilities of passing but he doesn’t like his decision of attended to Seirin High School to join the basketball team. Midorima feels very confident to beat Seirin in the division preliminaries. He believes that Seirin are not good enough but I don’t think so. Never underestimated the Seirin High School basketball team because Kuroko is the shadow and Kagami is the light.

This episode makes me very hungry because I want some delicious steak. Coach Riko want players to eat the whole steak in 30 minutes. Every players were too full because they couldn’t finish the whole streak except for Kagami. He is a beast for eating all that steak while everyone was full. He must had a big appetite. I’m in for the challenge because I love steak. Why does this episode made me hungry?

This steak is steakalicious!

I love basketball too just Kuroko and Kagami. The feel of the basketball, squeak sounds of basketball shoes, swish sounds of the net and a slam dunk to the hoop. I enjoyed watching the game, study the game and play the game. Everyone loves basketball and they have their own abilities in basketball just like the Generation of Miracles. The Generation of Miracles loved basketball but they never played as team. All they do was use their special abilities. Kagami has his own ability even though he’s not a Generation of Miracle. He enjoys the thrill of playing basketball and challenge tough players but he’ll never grow apart from the team. He’s still the light to Kuroko’s shadow. That’s Kuroko’s basketball.


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