The Seirin High School Basketball team were very tired after a crazy basketball game against Kaijo. Coach Riko decided to give the team Stamina training in the future. Coach Riko wants the first years to get delicious sandwich in the cafeteria for themselves. But if they fail, they’ll have to do intense training in strength and footwork three times harder. LUNCH TIME CLUTCH TIME!!! Everyone was fighting in line over a delicious sandwich. Kuroko got the job done when he enters in line and got the sandwich due to his lack of presence. As a result of everyone has their first bites, the sandwich was delicious and made everyone very happy.


Seirin High School Basketball team are going to participate in the Inter-High preliminaries and face one of the toughest high school basketball teams in Japan. They’re going to face Shutoku High School as they have a Generation of Miracle on their team: Midorima Shintaro. He has a special basketball talent of shooting three-point shots. If Seirin loses, they’re out of the tournament. But they first have a practice game against Shinkyo Academy with their best foreign player Papa Mbaye Siki. Not as tall, but he has long arms and legs. Seirin trains extra hard for the practice against Shinkyo and the Inter-High preliminaries.


Seirin High School vs Shinkyo Academy Practice Game

As the game begins, Shinkyo has possession the ball because of Papa’s long arms. As a result, they scored against Seirin. Shinkyo continues dominate as Papa blocks Hyuga Junpei’s shot. Seirin made their plays as Kagami defends against Papa as his accuracy in shooting is decreasing. Coach Riko teaches Kagami how to defense a center bigger than Kagami with Mitobe’s help. If you can’t block a shot, make them miss a shot. Give your opponents more pressure so that they can’t shoot easily. The technique was working as Kuroko misdirect the pass to Kagami and did a slam dunk.


Another funny episode about a delicious food makes me hungry and it also makes me sleepy. Sometime when you work or train too hard, you’ll get tired very easily. The only answer is to get a delicious food to refuel your energy. Stamina UP!!! Kagami speak English in this episode was very funny. THIS IS JAPANESE LUNCH TIME RUSH!!! Another thing that made me laugh too hard was when Seirin players calling Papa Mbaye Siki different nicknames but Kuroko made it more hilarious when he called him DAD. Hahahahahaha!!! Papa treats Kuroko like a little child and his teammates were laughing at him. Seriously, you don’t have to treat Kuroko like a child. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KagamiTaiga #KurokonoBasket KurokosBasketball #KurokoTetsuya #GenerationofMiracles #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #SeirinHighSchool