Aomine may had four fouls but the Touou Academy still needs him on the court. The coach suggested the team to change their formation a little and work together on offense and defense but Aomine doesn’t care about that. He wants the team give the ball in the fourth quarter because he’s going to crush Kaijo and Kise. Everyone’s thinking why and Wakamatsu want Aomine to keep his ego in check. The team captain Imayoshi tells him to let Aomine do what he wants. He has a plan to handle the rest of his team but the only one who can take on Kise is Aomine despite he has four fouls. Whether the team takes him off or him getting kicked out of the court but once he’s gone, it will be game over for Touou Academy. Imayoshi tells the team that the only thing they could do is to prepare themselves for the worst. If they’re victorious, they’re heroes but if they’re defeated, they’re losers. At the Kaijo bench, Kise was panting as he’s playing too hard. If Aomine gets kicked out of the court, the team still need Kise to catch up. But if he isn’t standing until the end, Kaijo will be in trouble. Kise has it under control and the whole Kaijo team believes in him because they always have. The fourth quarter was about to begin and Hyuga notice that Touou Academy hasn’t changed their lineup. As the fourth quarter started, Aomine has the ball and went through two Kaijo player but Kise tried to defense him, he goes for a weird fadeaway jump shot and scores. Touou Academy has scored first in the fourth quarter.

Aomine's fadeaway shot

Aomine’s even more incredible despite that he has four fouls. He did it with amazing focus as he continues to live up to his expectation as the ace player of the Generation of Miracles. Kise has the ball and copy Aomine’s weird fadeaway jump shot and scores. Aomine scored a formless shot and Kise copied his formless shot. Aomine did a lay up shot and Kise copied his lay up shot.

Kise copies Aomine

The fans were cheering when they saw Aomine and Kise did the exact same thing at the same spot. This was turning out to be an all-out brawl between Kise (The Perfect Copy) vs Aomine (The Original). Imayoshi was smiling knowing that would happen seeing the Generation of Miracles was terrifying. Aomine did a slam dunk saying Kise and Kise did a slam saying Aominecchi. Aomine did a another slam dunk. Kise has the ball but when he stopped, there was something wrong with his leg. He manage to do another formless shot but as the ball goes around the rim, it drops down the hoop and Kise scores. Less than two minutes on the fourth quarter of the game, Touou leads by 8 points against Kaijo 106-98. Kise doesn’t want to let his guard down anymore. Kaijo players on the court were tired out and panting. Coach Riko thinks that it’s going to be tough for Kaijo. Imayoshi has the ball but he was thinking when will Kaijo wear out but Kasamatsu refuses to give up. Aomine can admit that Kise’s great on the court but he’s not going to let his guard down anymore. As he’s looking at Kise’s eyes, he notice that he has the same eyes as Kuroko. Wakamatsu was feeling tired that his mind went blank when he’s going back and forth on the court. Someone passes the ball to Sakurai but it was knocked by his hand and Kise stolen the ball. The Touou Academy wants the team to defend against Kise at once. Less than one minutes in the fourth quarter, Kaijo was trying to turn the game around by making a comeback. While Kise’s going to the basket, Aomine still manage to catch up to him. A one on one battle between Kise vs Aomine. Aomine was figuring out if Kise will do something from the left of the right. If he’s in position, he would fake to the left and crossover. Since they know each other very well, there’s no point in trying to read other. As a result, Aomine was smiling. Kise was going for another formless shot but Aomine jump in attempts to block it. Kise was going to pass the ball to Kasamatsu but Aomine use his arm and deflects the ball away from Kise. The ball was out-of-bounds.

Kise vs Aomine

Aomine swats the ball away from Kise

Everyone was surprised to see Aomine react that fast to deflect the ball from Kise. He knew that Kise faked by looking one way and looked at Kasamatsu on his right. A past is the most surprising move but it’s something that Aomine would never do and a predicted move. His style of basketball isn’t designed to rely on his teammates. Kise has missed his chance to turn the game around but he got punched on the head by Kasamatsu to get ready for the next play. The game isn’t over yet because Kaijo refuse to give as a team. On the court, Imayoshi has scored a jump shot and Touou Academy still leading in the fourth quarter. Kaijo was trying to turn the game around but the ball was stolen by Imayoshi. Kaijo players were going for a jump shot but they got blocked. As a result, Aomine’s mind said that he wins the match. He tells Kise that when he tried to do something out of character, the game came to a disappointing end. He said that Kise lost because he was weak and relied on his teammates in the very end. Kise thinks Aomine’s right. While Aomine’s going for a slam dunk, Kise blocked him. He doesn’t mind if he and his team lose, but he’s not only one who refuse to give up. If there’s any reason that Kise lost, it’s because he’s not strong enough yet. Aomine still doesn’t care and finish the game with a slam dunk. The game was over and Touou Academy wins against Kaijo 110-98.

Kise blocks Aomine

When Kise tries to get up, but he couldn’t because of his leg. His teammate was thinking of Kise copying Aomine really put a strain on him. Kise punch the floor feeling upset that he lost even Aomine was feeling bad a little. Kasamatsu offered him a hand to get off the floor and he wants him to hang in there. He picks him and tell him that he did well on the court. While Kise’s crying, Kasamatsu tells him that it’s not over yet and that he’ll pay Aomine back at the Winter Cup. Imayoshi asked Aomine if he has anything to say to Kise but he doesn’t want to because there’s nothing for a winner to say to a loser. Both teams bow their heads and said thank you very much for a good game. When the Kaijo basketball team’s leaving, Kasamatsu tells the team to stop moping. They gave it their all against Touou Academy and they’re still the country’s top eight basketball teams. He wants everyone to go home with their heads high up.

Kuroko's Basketball Season 1 Episode 25

At the Touou Academy locker room, Wakamatu’s celebrated that the team won the Inter-High quarter but Imayoshi squash some water at his face. Sakurai was asking where Aomine was and he left. It was a close game for them but they’re not excited. Imayoshi was nervous but the team still won in the end. Wakamatsu said that Aomine gave everything he had but Imayoshi thinks the whole team don’t know. Aomine still hasn’t shown his true potential to his teammates that he only showed Imayoshi once. He has the higher level but he can’t do it all the time. Imayoshi thinks there’s a soft spot inside Aomine. While the Kaijo basketball walking, Kise decided to check on Kasamatsu. At the locker room, Kasamatsu slam his fist on the locker feeling upset because his team lost the game and he was crying. Kise needs to move forward. At the crowds seats, Kagami has recognized the talent of the Generation of Miracles and Izuki thinks Seirin might play against them in the Winter Cup. They question if they could beat them but Kagami said we will win. They’ll have to become stronger in order to beat the Generation of Miracles. Coach Riko tells the Seirin basketball team to go home and start practicing. Kagami wanted know if there’s any more Generation of Miracles in the tournament but there isn’t. Everyone’s going home and getting ready to practice.

Kasamatsu crying

Midorima was walking by Takao and he was asking him if the game between Kaijo vs Touou Academy was amazing. Midorima asked how he know but he knew that he wouldn’t come because of his new glasses to disguise himself. Takao considers Kise and Aomine monsters on the court but Midorima doesn’t want him to tell him that. There’s a monster right in front of him and Takao thinks the Winter Cup should be fun.

Midorima and Takao

While the Seirin basketball was walking by, Kagami saw Murasakibara eating snacks knowing that he’s wearing a jersey and he’s very tall. Murasakibara doesn’t want to play basketball anymore because it’s very tiring to him. Kuroko also saw him too and he forgot to greet someone. The next day, Seirin was outside in a beautiful sunny day. Kuroko was practicing shooting but he misses. Kagami still thinks he stinks at everything besides passing. He thought watching the game might have gotten Kuroko’s blood pumping but he is heated up. Kagami asked what are the Generation of Miracles like but he only knew what they were like in middle school. He knew Kise, Midorima, and Aomine that they all made a lot of improvements. He also knew the other two and their name is Murasakibara and Akashi. Kagami wants Kuroko to pass the ball to him and did an alley oop dunk. Kuroko and Kuroko are still very determine to work as hard as they can to develop their new style of basketball.

I consider the match between Kise vs Aomine as one of my favorite basketball matches of Kuroko’s Basketball. The battle turned into an all-out brawl when the Generation of Miracles showing their talents. This episode was like watching an NBA one on one battle between Kobe Bryant vs Lebron James. Kise relies on his teammates and Aomine chose to work alone just by being too cocky. If I have to choose, I’m on Kise’s side because if I’m too strong, I can still rely on my teammates. Kise was acting just Kuroko because he refuse to give up. Even though he lost, his friend and team captain Kasamatsu give him praise for doing well on the court. He tells his teammates to keep their heads high up. Good job Kise for giving his all against Aomine on the court. I don’t mind losing even I don’t want to lose but sometimes I have to accept a lost because I’m not strong enough. But in the end, I use my loses to make me stronger. If anyone is interested to watch Kuroko’s Basketball, check it out on #Anime #AnimeBasketball #AnimeReview #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokosBasketballEpisodes #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #AomineDaiki #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #MurasakibaraAtsushi #AkashiSeijuro #GenerationofMiracles #SeirinHighSchool