Kuroko’s Basketball is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Tadatoshi Fujimaki. This show is all about the Seirin high school basketball team trying to make it to the national tournament. In the beginning, Teiko Middle School basketball team: the undefeated all-star team that were known to be the greatest by demolishing all competition. They won the junior high school nationals for the last three consecutive years. There were all-star players who were known as the Generation of Miracles. It has a team of six players and all of them have their own amazing talents of playing basketball.

The members of the Generation of Miracles“:

Kise Ryota: a small forward from Kaijo High School with special talents of copying, perfect copy of Generation of Miracles abilities, and zone

Midorima Shintaro: a shooting guard from Shutoku High School with special talents of shooting three-point shots, perfect accuracy, limitless range, pump fakes and sky direct three-point shots

Aomine Daiki: a power forward from Too Academy with special talents of speed, agility, street basketball style, change of pace, formless shots, animal instincts, and zone

Murasakibara Atsushi: a center from Yosen High School with special talents of defense, power, Thor’s hammer, vice claw and zone

Akashi Seijuro: a point guard from Rakuzan High School with special talents of intelligence, emperor eye, zone, ankle-breaking, incredible speed, perfect rhythmed plays, court vision and ball-handling

After graduating from Teiko Middle School, the five best players of the Generation of Miracles went to different high schools with top high school basketball teams. But some people know that there was also a sixth member of the Generation of Miracles“.

Kuroko Tetsuya:“Phantom sixth man”: a point guard from Seirin High School with special talents of misdirection, invisible passes, cyclone passes, ignite passes, ignite passes kai, vanishing drive, misdirection overdrive, phantom shot, lack of presence, overwriting, and quasi-emperor eye.

Generation of Miracles

Kise Ryota: Kobe Bryant, Midorima Shintaro: Larry Bird, Stephen Curry or Kyle Korver, Aomine Daiki: Lebron James, Murasakibara Atsushi: Shaquille O’Neal, Akashi Seijuro: Allen Iverson, Steve Nash or Jason Williams and Kuroko Tetsuya: Rajon Rondo.

Kuroko is a mysterious player who became a freshman at Seirin High School with a powerful basketball team. There was also another talented basketball player name Kagami Taiga. When he arrived to Japan, he signed up to joined the Seirin High School basketball team for no reason. When he met Kuroko, Kuroko said something about the Generation of Miracles to Kagami that he’ll be crushed very easily. Kagami became very determined to defeat the Generation of Miracles to become the best basketball player in Japan with the help of Kuroko. He has been trained how to play basketball in the USA. He has a master named Alexandra Garcia: Kagami’s basketball teacher from the USA and a retired WNBA player. She was a college champion of UCLA and later played in the WNBA. She also teaches kids how to play basketball.

Kagami Taigi: a power forward from Seirin High School with special talents of jumping power, self alley-oops, lane ups, air walking, meteor jam, tactical battle, animal instincts, pressure defense, zone, and direct drive zone. He is known as a “The Miracle who did not become one of the Miracles”. Kagami Taigi: Michael Jordan or Blake Griffin

It’s a story about the Seirin high school basketball team trying to make it into the national high school basketball tournament (The Winter Cup) to become Japan’s number one basketball team. It’s means that the “Generation of Miraclesare going face against each other in the national. The series is about Seirin high school basketball and their goal become the number one best high school basketball team in Japan. The Seirin High School basketball players are Tetsuya Kuroko: point guard, Taiga Kagami: power forward, Junpei Hyuga: shooting guard: clutch shooter, Shun Izuki: point guard, Rinnosuke Mitobe: center, Shinji Koganei: small forward, Satoshi Tsuchida: power forward, Koki Furihata: point guard, Koichi Kawahara: small forward, Hiroshi Fukuda: center and Teppei Kiyoshi: center: Iron Heart. Riko Aida is the Seirin High School basketball head coach and her father Kagetora Aida is the trainer of the team.

Seirin High School Basketball Team

The team always trains extra hard in order to understand their opponent’s playing style and weakness. They practice on their endurance, offense, power, shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounds, defense, steals, blocks, team plays and perfecting their play style. As a team, they never give up and they will become the best basketball team even if the competition will get tougher, and harder.

Kuroko was my favorite character of the show because his special talents of make crazy, dangerous passes to his teammates for an open space to shoot. He passes the ball to Kagami for the alley-opp. He’s an awesome playmaker on the team. He’s the shadow to Kagami and Kagami is the light to him when they work together. Kuroko is just like the NBA player Rajon Rondo who makes accurate, prolific passes just like he does. I also like Kagami as my second favorite character because he get a lot of air time to slam dunk. When he’s in the zone, he reach his full maximum strength, power and speed to turn the game around when making a comeback. When he dunks the basketball into the hoop, I get pumped up every time. He’s like Michael Jordan or Blake Griffin when he has a lot of air time to slam dunk.

My favorite scene was when Kagami enters in the zone for the first time against Aomine Daiki. Kagami vs Aomine in the zone was the most intense one on one basketball match I’ve ever seen. Zone is a state where the player throws away all unnecessary thought to focus solely on play. Only those who had practiced a lot and love basketball earn the right to stand before the door. Being in the Zone means you’ve reached your true potential form. Kuroko and Kagami make an excellent team when Kuroko passes the ball to Kagami for an alley loop. Kagami and Kuroko as the LIGHT and SHADOW. I love this sports anime manga series and I also love watching basketball at the same time. I always get pumped up every time a player does a slam dunk. This show has comedy and basketball action.

It makes me wanna go outside and play basketball even though I’m not good at playing basketball. I really don’t care either I’m the best or the worst, I will have fun playing basketball. It also taught me to never give up and keep training harder. As long as I have the power of not giving up, I am a champion. I still have a lot to learn about basketball and it’s my favorite sport to watch. One day, I’ll cosplay as a Seirin high school basketball player. I LOVE THIS ANIME SHOW AND I ALSO LOVE BASKETBALL!!! THE BASKETBALL WHICH KUROKO PLAYS! #Anime #AnimeBasketball  #KurokosBasketball #KurokonoBasket #KurokoTetsuya #KagamiTaiga #SeirinHighSchool #GenerationofMiracles #KiseRyota #MidorimaShintaro #AomineDaiki #MurasakibaraAtsushi #AkashiSeijuro


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