I’ve been playing video games for a long time but my number one favorite type of video game I played the most is role-playing games. I love role-playing games because you get to travel to different towns, cities and dungeons. The best thing about role-playing games is that you can fight monsters. When you enter a town or city,  you can rest in an inn, talk to people around town, do some side quest and find key items that will be useful later in the game. Dungeons in Tales games have puzzles for you to solve and look for treasure. When you walk around in fields or dungeons, you will see a lot of monsters coming towards you. If they touch you, you’ll have to fight them or you can escape.  I love the combat system when you fight monsters freely. I only use four people to fight in battle. My strategy for fight monsters is that I use the main character as an attacker (1st person), a second attacker (2nd person), a spell caster 3rd person) and a healer (4th person). When you finished defeating monsters, you get experiences for leveling up and money to buy things like items, food, weapons, equipment, and accessories. I always spend a lot of time fighting monsters to level up more so I can be more stronger. I need to be strong in order to beat a boss that’s stronger than regular monster. When I play Tales games, I always use the main protagonist of the game all the time. The name of the main characters I use are Lloyd Irving from Tales of Symphonia, Luke Fon Fabre from Tales of the Abyss, Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, Jude Mathis from Tales of Xillia, Shing Meteoryte from Tales of Hearts R, and Ludger Kresnik from Tales of Xillia 2. Lloyd is a twin swordsman, Luke is a swordsman, Yuri is a swordsman, Jude is a melee fighter with gauntlets, Shing is a swordsman and Ludger is a twin swordsman. Most of the main characters are swordsmen except for Jude Mathis because he fights with gauntlets but he’s still a good melee fighter. Tales of Symphonia, Tales of the Abyss, , Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Xillia, Tales of Hearts R, Tales of Xillia 2 and Tales of the Abyss for Nintendo 3DS are my Top 7 Favorite Tales games because those games have a Devil’s Arms or Fell Arms side quest missions. It is a side quest where you have to find cursed weapons for every character later in the game. The cursed weapons are very weak once you find them. Once you find all the cursed weapons, you have to face the most powerful boss in order unlock the weapons true power. Once you’ve defeated the most powerful boss, you finally unlock the cursed weapons true power. It may show the worst stats, but when it comes to damage of how many monsters you’ve defeated, it will get more stronger. If you defeated five thousand monsters, the damage will increase to five thousand damage points or higher. My greatest accomplishment of playing Tales of the Abyss is that I beat Professor Nebilim on Very Hard and it took me 6 minutes to beat her. My best team of Tales of the Abyss are Luke, Guy, Jade and Tear. The reason I like Tales games is because of skits. Skits are conversations in the game where characters talk about the world, their fighting abilities, their daily life of what they do and talk about funny things that makes me laugh. I like to listen to skits so I can learn about what the game is about and the storyline. I really enjoyed playing Tales games and I spent hours playing. I don’t care about finding everything in the game. I just want to go through the game and have fun. I AM A TALES FAN BECAUSE I LOVE TALES GAMES!!!! #RolePlayingVideoGame #TalesSeries #TalesGame #TalesofSymphonia #TalesoftheAbyss #TalesofVesperia #TalesofXillia #TalesofHeartsR #TalesofXillia2 #VideoGame

My Top 7 Favorite Tales Games:

Tales of Symphonia– Nintendo GameCube


Tales of the Abyss– PlayStation 2


Tales of Vesperia– Xbox 360


Tales of Xillia– PlayStation 3


Tales of Hearts R– PlayStation Vita (PlayStation TV)


Tales of Xillia 2– PlayStation 3


Tales of the Abyss– Nintendo 3DS