Need for speed II is a racing video game published by Electronic Arts and developed by EA Canada and EA Seattle. This is the second generation game of the Need for Speed series. This game is for PlayStation 1 and PC. It was released since 1997. You can race with real life exotic cars against the computer opponents or another player. The Special Edition features four additional cars and a showcase that shows photos, videos, and information about the cars: Slide Show, Video, General, Performance, Transmission, Mechanical and History. You can change paint of your favorite car.

There are three types of race modes:

Single Race: you can choose any cars and choose a track. You can customize how many number of racers and laps

Knockout: a series of two lap races with eight opponents, the last place racer will be eliminated from the competition

Tournament: you must complete a series of races and win a bonus car. You can change the difficulty and race on a full grid or a one on one


Class A Cars: McLaren F1, Lotus Elise GT1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT50, Bomber BFS, FZR 2000 and Tombstone

Class B Cars: Isdera Commendatore 112i, Jaguar XJ220, Ford Indigo and Italdaesign Nazca C2

Class C Cars: Italdesign Cala, Lotus Esprit V8, Ferrari 355 F1, and Ford Mustang Mach III

This game has eight tracks: Proving Grounds: Norway, Outback: Australia, Last Resort: Mexico, North Country: Northern Europe, Pacific Spirit: Canada, Mediterraneo: Greece, Mystic Peaks: Nepal and Monolithic Studios: United States.

I love this game since childhood. I enjoy listening to the music of this game. It made me realize how great Need for Speed games back then more than the current Need for Speed games. It’s all about pure skills when driving a exotic car. Rock and techno music is the perfect combination that get me pumped up every time I drive faster in this game. When you place in 3rd place in a race, the music gets more intense that gets you pumped up to drive faster. I always enjoy listening to the showcase and learn more information about super cars. My favorite car of this car is the McLaren F1. This is a gaming video of me doing a gameplay of Need for Speed 2 on the PlayStation 1. I’m using the McLaren F1 and racing on the track Mystic Peaks. I’m trying to slow down my speed at the Mystic Peaks because this track has too many twists and turns. #RacingGame #NeedforSpeedSeries #NeedforSpeedII #NeedforSpeedIISE #NeedforSpeedIISESpecialEdition #ElectronicArts #ThrowbackVideoGame #Playstation1