On June 19th 2016, it was my first time going to the 2016 Northeast Comic Con at the Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington, MA. I cosplayed as Terry Bogard from King of Fighters. I was having fun playing Crazy Taxi on the Dreamcast game system at the video game tournament but I just play for fun. I heard about the game Crazy Taxi as a kid but I don’t remember playing it. Some people noticed my Fatal Fury hat and they like it. I got the Fatal Fury hat from Amazon. I was looking around at the Northeast Comic Con to buy something. I bought myself comic books, a PlayStation t-shirt, a few Hot Wheels cars, Pokémon binder, and a Pokémon poster. I found The Awesome Couple Shop where they have a lot of  Pokémon stuff and I love Pokémon. I have someone to take of picture of me and Jaymee Awesome. He loves Pokémon just like me. I’m on a young adult but I still love Pokémon since I was a kid. I had a good time at the 2016 Northeast Comic Con and I’m gonna go again next time. For more information about the Northeast Comic Con, go to www.necomiccon.net. If everyone loves Pokémon and wants to shop for video games, toys, Pokémon trading cards, Pokémon plush, and etc., check out the website www.theawesomecoupleshop.com #FanConvention #Popculture #NortheastComicCon2016 #NortheastComicCon #TerryBogardCosplay