One Punch Man is an Japanese superhero parody web comic written by One and it’s self-published. Saitama is the main protagonist of One Punch Man. This anime show tells the story about Saitama: the extremely overpowered superhero who has grown very bored by the absence of challenge in his fight against evil and he seeks to find a stronger worthy opponent. Saitama always finish off his enemies with one punch and he’s tired of facing against weak enemies. Because of his overpowering strength, he wanted to find strong, fierce opponents who wants to challenge him.

Three years ago, Saitama was a businessman but he’s unemployed looking for a job. He dreamed about becoming a superhero when he was a child. He doesn’t care about getting a job anymore because all he wanted to be a superhero. Saitama challenges a Crab man in his tighty whities. He trying to stop him from hurting a child with a big chin over a little prank. After a vicious beat down from the crab man, he finally defeated him and save a child’s live. Three years later, he became a superhero and he went bald. He has been training to be a hero for three years.

Saitama is just a superhero for fun. He feels empty and he lost all kinds of emotions. He said that having overwhelming strength is very boring. That can be true. But he fights a strong, fierce opponent, he get a powerful adrenaline feeling of a real fight. In times, he still show a little emotions.

He met the “Lone Cyborg Genos” when he was running to kill a mosquito with a bug spray. Genos was fighting against the Mosquito Girl. He tells Saitama to leave for safety but he stayed. After Genos was critically damaged from Mosquito girl’s attacks, he decided to self-destruct but Saitama defeated the Mosquito girl with one powerful slap in the face and save Genos. Genos was surprised by Saitama’s strength and he wants to become his disciple. He tells his master his story about that he used to be 15-year-old human until he was modified as a cyborg by Dr. Kuseno so he can become better, stronger, and faster. That’s why Genos is a cyborg who fights for justice. He wants to become stronger just like his master. He chose to fight by his side until the very end.


Saitama’s Exercise Routine: Hundred sit-ups, Hundred push-ups, Hundred squats, and then a Ten Kilometer run every single day. That is part of Saitama’s exercise routine. He spends all his time training for the three years to become the stronger superhero. Genos doesn’t believe it at first because he really wants to know his real secret of his strength. Everyone becomes stronger by just training every single day.

For three years, Saitama became a superhero for fun and defeated a lot of strong monsters and evil organizations but he doesn’t have any fans but no one knew who Saitama was. There were other superheroes but no one knew Saitama. Genos asked him if he was registered for the Hero Association. Genos was also not register. Both of them decided to sign up for registration for the Hero Association.

Saitama and Genos did a hero test in order to join the Hero Association. Fitness Test: Side to side jumps for thirty seconds, 1,500 meter run, weight lifting, shotput, vertical jumping, whack a mole, and punching machine. Genos passed the written and fitness exam with a hundred score and ranked as a Class S Hero. Saitama had a bad scores on the essay but he got a perfect fifty on the fitness exam and ranked as a Class C Hero. Heroes get ranked by ability and popularity. As Heroes, Saitama and Genos decided to work and fight together as a team. Genos is Saitama’s disciple and he will continue teach him, guide him as his mentor. Saitama and Genos had a practice fight to test each other’s abilities with everything they got. Saitama once again on top of his game against Genos despite that he’s not taking it seriously.

Hero Association is a superhero organization that was founded by a multi millionaire. They use it to fight monsters, crimes and stop threats. The Hero Association have four Classes: Class C, Class B, Class A, and Class S.

Class S Heroes: Blast, Tornado, Silver Fang, Atomic Samurai, Child Emperor, Metal Knight, King, Zombieman, Drive Knight, Pig God, Superalloy Black luster, Watchdog Man, Flashy Flash, Tanktop Master, Metal Bat, and Puri-Puri Prisoner.

Class A Heroes: Amai Mask, Iaian, Okamaitachi, Bushidrill, Heavy Tank Fundoshi, Blue Fire, Magic Trick Man, Death Gatling, Tanktop Vegetarian, Stinger, Great Philosopher, Butterfly DX. Lightning Genji, Lightning Max, Green, Crescent Eyebroll, Golden Ball, Smile Man, Spring Mustachio, Peach Terry, Forte, Heavy Kong, Doll Master, Feather, Air, Chain’n Frog, and Snek

Class B Heroes: Blizzard from Hell, Eyelashes, Mountain Ape, Glasses, Butcher, Darkness Blade, Jet Nice Guy, Piko, Lily of the Three Section Staff, Bone, Tanktop Black Hole, Mushroom and Pineapple

Class C Heroes: Mumen Rider, Tanktop Tiger, D-Pad, Funeral Suspenders, Battery Man, Red Muffler, Armored Chief Clerk, Gasmask Cowboy, Grave Eight, Monocross, Horse-Bone, Studless, Grad School Graduate, Bubbun Man, Hyottoko, Saturn Man, Red Nose, All Back-Man and Mohican

I found out that Saitama is Class B Hero while his disciple Genos is a Class S Hero. I don’t care if Saitama is a Class B Hero. To me, ranks and titles mean nothing to me. Beside, I don’t need to be the best. What matters to me is skills.

I love this anime show with all the action, fighting, comedy and parody. I’m just like Saitama that when things are too easy, I wanted a real challenge that will build my adrenaline much higher. Sometimes you feel a scene of accomplishment but you feel kind of empty. Sometimes, you have to be careful of what you wish for because it will only get harder and tougher. I know that but no matter how hard things are, I can get stronger and overcome it. I welcome a real challenge. I have to keep training hard. One day, I want to cosplay as Saitama: One Punch Man but the problem was that I don’t want to shave my head so I can be bald. I just get a bald cap or keep my hair the way it is. I give this anime show a 9.5 out of 10. ONE PUNCH MAN RULEZ!!!!! HUNDRED PUSH-UPS, HUNDRED SIT-UP AND HUNDRED SQUATS THEN A TEN KILOMETER RUN EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!!  #ActionAnime #SuperheroAnime #Anime #OnePunchMan #Saitama #Genos