It was normal day at A-City until a monster has appears in and begins to destroy the city. The monster has defeated Lightning Max and Smile Man. The reporter was telling what  happened but the report was cut out and there’s a bald man named Saitama decided to leave. As the monster is about to kill a little girl, Saitama has arrived in time and saves her. Saitama has introduced himself who’s just a guy who is a hero for fun. The monster introduces himself as Vaccine Man and he have come into existence to eliminate mankind due to their pollution of Earth. Vaccine Man has transformed into a giant monster but Saitama has killed him with one single punch. After when he killed Vaccine Man with a single punch, Saitama got upset and screaming in frustration.

One Punch Man Saitama saves a little girl

Saitama defeated Vaccine Man

Three years earlier, Saitama was an unemployed businessman looking for a job but he met Crabrante: a giant crab man in his tighty whities. He stated that he was eating too many crabs. Saitama doesn’t care about anything and he’s not in the mood to run away. Since Crabrante saw Saitama’s eyes that were just cold and lifeless, he decided to let him go because he’s looking a boy with a large chin and he’s going to kill him. When Saitama’s walking by, he saw a boy with a big chin. The boy tells him that he drawn nipples on Crabrante with a permanent marker while he was sleeping. Saitama decided to walk away because it’s none of his business and he doesn’t really care. When Crabrante finds them, Saitama has saved the child’s live. He tells him to get out of here before he gets killed by Crabrante. Saitama asked him why would he want to kill a little boy who did a harmless prank. Crabrante stated that whoever makes fun the way he looks gets killed. He wants Saitama to get out of his way or he’ll get hurt. Saitama was laughing thinking that Crabrante looks like a villain from a cartoon that he used to watch. Crabrante attacks him and he crashed at a playground. The badly injured Saitama saved the child’s live again when he threw rocks at Crabrante’s face. He dreamed about becoming a superhero when he was a child, not a businessman. He wants a fight Crabrante but he was getting hammered by him. Saitama finally jumps over him and uses his necktie to pull out his eyestalk. Saitama has defeated Crabrante.

Saitama defeated Crablante

Three years later, Saitama has trained very hard that he was bald. Nobody can beat him because overpowered. He feels empty and lifeless. As he’s about to buy some crabs, the city was being destroyed by a giant man. He’s the result of an experimental steroid called “Biceps Brachii King” that was developed by his mad scientist older brother. He wants to become the world’s strongest man. When he drinks it, he grew into a giant. They both want to rule the world because they’re unstoppable. The giant man was destroying D-City and his older man was amazed. He spotted Saitama on his little brother’s other shoulder. Saitama wants the giant man to pull some pants on. The older brother ordered his little brother to kill Saitama on his shoulder but he was accidentally killed by his own brother on his other shoulder. The younger brother was shocked that he killed his own older brother by an accident he became very enraged. He angrily attacks Saitama, but despite being the strongest man, he feels empty. Saitama understands him that having incredible strength is boring. He defeated the giant man with one punch but he accidentally destroyed B-City.

Saitama punches the giant man

After when Saitama defeated the giant man, he was thinking about something. He hasn’t made any difference since he became a hero. He’s not sad about it. When the days has passed, his emotions has grown more distant: his fear, tension, joy, anger and his feels no emotion anymore. Because of his overpowered strength, he lost sight of what it means of being human. When he’s returning home at night, he was noticed by Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II. While Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II bragging about his love to build custom cars so much that he turned into a custom car-loving monster, Saitama was just staring at him but Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II insults his bald head. Saitama killed him with one single punch. All he needed was one punch to end it all. When he’s home, he always wash his gloves and takes a bath. When he fights monsters, he never feels if that his heart’s really into it anymore. He only do the hero thing as his hobby as long as he gets a kick out of it but in the end, that’s all he really cares about.

One Punch Man Super Custom YO649Z Mk. II

The next morning, Saitama has woken up and he was attacked by a monster. His house was destroyed and he was attacked again by a monster. He finds himself in the middle of an invasion of the surface by overpopulated Subterranean People, who have exterminated 70% of humanity. For them, it’s their battle of survival. When Saitama’s surprised by their power, he waited too long to find worthy opponents and he killed a Subterranean with one punch. As a result, he was smiling as he’s loving the thrill of fighting. He tells them that he’s just a hero for fun. He was feeling the adrenaline, the rush, and the sensation. It’s been too long that he forgotten the acceleration of a real fight. He has defeated a great number of Subterranean People but when he’s about to fight the Subterranean King, he wakes up and it was only a dream. He looks outside and saw an invasion by the Subterranean but he jumps to kick a Subterranean on the head. He was ready to fight but they quickly surrender after he easily defeated their king. They show a white flag that says, “Sorry About That”. He has learned that he became too strong. Outside Z-City, there was a cyborg standing in a field of cow corpses. He was beginning to walks towards the city.

Saitama punches the Subterraneans

One Punch Man Genos

The first time I’ve watched the first episode of One Punch Man, I’ve started to love this anime show very quickly. I enjoyed seeing Saitama finish off his opponent with one single punch. The funniest moment I saw was the giant man accidentally killed his older brother instead of Saitama and he became very enraged. Saitama was an overpowered superhero who’s just a hero for fun. He does has a point that having incredible strength is boring and you feel empty. It makes thing very uneasy getting this strong. I really don’t blame him because having too much power can be a result of wanting a real challenge instead of easy challenge. Because of that, you began to lose your emotions. When you face a strong opponent, your fighting spirit has rise again that you’ve wanted too long for a real challenge. I always welcome a real challenge just like Saitama because I wanted to become strong too. #ActionAnime #SuperheroAnime #OnePunchMan #Saitama #Genos #OnePunchManEpisodes