There was a battle between Gengar vs Nidorino in a GameBoy Color screen but it was switch to a battle arena surrounded by people. Gengar uses its hypnosis to make Nidorino sleep. A Pokemon trainer calls Nidorino back and sends out a new Pokemon Onix. Onix attacks Gengar but it misses. Someone was watching tv of a Pokemon battle and his name is Ash Ketchum. He’s a ten-year old boy from Pallet Town who was ready to get his Pokémon license to become a Pokémon trainer. He has a desire to become a Pokémon Master and become the world’s greatest Pokémon Trainer. As a ten-year old, he can get his first beginner Pokémon from Professor Oak: the Pokémon Expert. As he make his speech about becoming a Pokémon master, he was interrupted by his mom as she reminds him that it’s 11:00 pm that he should go to bed. She changed the channel for Ash to watch and it was Professor Oak introducing everyone the three Pokémon starters: Bulbasaur (Pokémon Grass Starter), Charmander (Pokémon Fire Starter), and Squirtle (Pokémon Water Starter). She tells him to go to bed when it’s over and tells him to change into his pajamas. During the night, Ash was sleeping and dreaming about Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle but a Voltorb alarm fall to his hand.

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The next morning, Ash’s alarm clock was broken and he overslept. He woken up but he has no idea what time was it. He runs to Professor Oak’s house as quickly as he can but he was in his pajamas. There was a crowd cheering for a boy named Gary. Ash ran into his rival Gary Oak: Professor Oak’s grandson. He taunts Ash for arriving to the ceremony very late and he has already gotten his first Pokémon. Gary leaves to beginning his Pokémon journey and Ash has finally met Professor Oak.

Ash and Gary first meeting as rivals

Professor Oak was wondering why he would go Pokémon training in his pajamas. He was a little late this morning but he’s ready to get his first Pokémon. Inside the Pokémon lab, Ash was excited to get his first Pokémon but all three starter Pokémon has already been taken. There’s still one Pokémon left but Ash doesn’t care because he wants to take it. He has received an electric-type Pokémon name Pikachu. He finds it very cute and wants to get him a hug but Pikachu shocks him with a thundershock when he picks him up. Professor Oak gave Ash his Pokedex and six Pokeballs to begin his Pokémon journey. When Ash was about to grabs them, he was shocked by Pikachu along with Professor Oak.

Pikachu shocks Ash

There was a little ceremony for Ash because of his mom. She was proud of him growing that she’ll miss him while he goes on his Pokemon journey. She packs everything for him but he thinks she embarrassing him. He’s a big kid that can take care of himself. She met Pikachu for the first time but she was wondering why Pikachu’s not inside a Pokeball. She thought all Pokémon stay inside their Pokémon. Ash wants Pikachu to get inside the Pokeball but he refuses to get inside as he prefers to be independent. Ash thinks him and Pikachu are best friends but his mom said to Pikachu that it’s a little weird. Pikachu got angry and his mind say “Weird? I’ll show you weird!!! Pikachu electric shock everyone around him except Professor Oak. Those rubber gloves come in handy because rubber blocks electric. Everyone fells down and Ash’s mom reminds Ash to change his underwear every single day.

Pokemon Indigo League episode 1

On the open field, Ash travels with Pikachu but he still doesn’t like him. He’s very reluctant towards Ash. He was hoping to be friends with Pikachu but he shows his distrusts of Ash. Ash saw a wild Pokémon name Pidgey and he was excited to catch it. He wants Pikachu to battle Pidgey but he refuses and went on a tree. He decided to work on his own work so he threw a Pokeball at Pidgey but it remains free from the Pokémon. The Pokedex tells him instructions of how to catch a Pokémon. To capture a Pokémon, a trainer must use their own Pokémon to battle it. They have to weaken it first and capture it with a Pokeball. While Pikachu’s being too uncooperative to Ash, Ash decided to capture Pidgey with his backpack but he fails and it made Pikachu laugh as he find it funny. Ash finds a Rattata digging inside his backpack for some foods and chased it away. It’s a forest Pokémon that likes cheese, nuts, fruits, and berries. The Pokédex said that it steals food from stupid trainer. When Ash asked if he’s stupid, Pikachu was laughing too hard at Ash.

Pikachu laughing

He finds another Pidgey and threw a rock at it but he misses. He was feeling frustrated but he found a different Pokémon. He threw a rock at it but it’s not a Pidgey, it’s a Spearow. Spearow has a bad attitude and it will attack other Pokémon plus humans. As Spearow attack Ash, it attacks Pikachu for no reason. Wild Pokémon intend to be jealous as a human trained Pokémon. When Spearow’s about to hurt Pikachu, Pikachu uses a thundershock on Spearow. Spearow calls for backup and there’s a lot of Spearow going after Ash and Pikachu.

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As Ash and Pikachu running away from Spearows, Pikachu’s running faster but he got hurt by Spearows. Ash picks up the injured Pikachu and continues to run but dives down into a waterfall to escape from the Spearows. There’s a girl with a red hair named Misty who fished out Ash and Pikachu. She tells him to go to the Pokémon Center in Viridian City to heal Pikachu. As he saw a group of Spearows again, he takes Misty’s bike with Pikachu in order to escape quickly.

Ash takes Misty's bike

Ash was rushing to the Pokémon Center as the storm erupted with thunder and lightning. He tells Pikachu to hang on as he bring him to the Pokémon Center. When it was raining, Ash was attacked by Spearows, he lost control of the bike and crashed down a hill along with Pikachu. Despite Pikachu’s in bad shape, Ash wants him to get inside the Pokeball so he can protect him from Spearows. Ash wants all the Spearows to get hm. Pikachu finally realize that Ash was trying to protect him and he cares about him. Pikachu jumped on Ash’s shoulder and he has unleash a powerful thundershock from a lightning strike.

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The Spearows were driven away and Misty’s bike was destroyed. As the sun was shinning, Ash told Pikachu that they beat them as a team. There was a mysterious golden Pokémon flying over a rainbow. Ash asked the Pokédex what kind of Pokémon was that but there’s no data because they’re still Pokémon yet to be identified. Ash was on his way to Viridian City with his wounded Pokémon Pikachu to the Pokémon center. Pikachu licks Ash’s face to show his affection to him. Ash’s Pokemon journey has already begun.


Since childhood, I’ve always watched Pokémon all the time and I’ve never get tired of watching it. I know that Ash started out as a bad Pokémon trainer because he overslept and missed his opportunity to get his first Pokémon starter but he chose Pikachu instead. Despite all that, I still like Ash Ketchum as my favorite character of the Pokemon series. I always dreamed of becoming a Pokemon trainer just like Ash. When I played Pokemon LeafGreen and FireRed, I chose Charmander as my Pokemon starter. Pikachu makes me laugh a lot because he dislike Ash a lot. He laughs at him when he fails. Pikachu was an adorable Pokemon that I love a lot. I even have a stuffed animal and a giant stuffed animal of Pikachu. I was happy to see that Pikachu has finally warmed up to Ash and they became good friends. As a Pokemon trainer, it’s all about team bonding and friendship. What a great episode to see Ash and Pikachu become friends. #AdventureAnime #FantasyAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #AshKetchum #Pikachu #PocketMonsters #Pokémon #PokemonIndigoLeague #PokemonIndigoLeagueEpisodes #PokemonSeries #Misty