At Viridian City, there was a Pokémon police officer makes an announcement to the citizens to be on the lookout for a group of Pokémon thieves on the loose. Her name is Officer Jenny. She saw Ash running with his wounded Pikachu but she stop him and asking where he’s going with Pikachu. He’s in a hurry to the hospital to heal Pikachu.

Officer Jenny

She apologies to him because she thought he’s stealing it but she wants him to show his ID and he can leave. He doesn’t have any identification. It turns out that Ash was the fourth Pokémon trainer that came from Pallet Town to come to Viridian City. Gary Oak was way ahead of Ash. She’s wondering why would he carry a Pokémon around his arms but not in a Pokéball. He begged her to let him go to the hospital but she found a Pokedex in his pocket. The Pokedex have a name called Dexter. Dexter was a Pokedex that was programmed by Professor Oak for the Pokémon trainer Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town. He can provide information of Pokémon and gives him tips of how to be a better Pokémon trainer. Ash has no idea that his Pokedex was his ID. He wants to go the hospital and Officer Jenny will take Ash and Pikachu to the hospital with her motorcycle.

Officer Jenny takes Ash to the Pokemon Center

As Officer Jenny driven away with Ash and his Pikachu, Misty has shown up with her destroyed bike and she follows Ash to have him get her a new bike. There were two people flying a Meowth balloon as they taken the wanted poster with a hook. A women with a long crimson hair thinks the wanted poster’s flattering. A man with a long lavender hair thinks the picture makes him look terrible. There’s also a talking Meowth and their plan was to capture rare and unusual Pokémon.

Team Rocket

At night, Officer Jenny has found the Pokémon Center and Ash was surprised to see the Pokémon Center that huge. Officer Jenny has made inside the Pokémon Center. She told the nurse that it’s an Pokémon emergency that Pikachu needed some treatment. She’ll take care of Pikachu. A group of Chanseys has a stretcher and the nurse puts Pikachu on the stretcher. The Chanseys brings Pikachu to the critical care unit as they’ll begin the treatment for Pikachu. The nurse’s name is Joy. Officer Jenny introduced Nurse Joy to Ash. Nurse Joy tells him to be more responsible to his Pokémon that if he wants to become a Pokémon trainer, he shouldn’t let his Pokémon battle in a critical condition. She’ll take care of everything. Officer Jenny leaves the Pokémon Center as she left her motorcycle at the front desk. Nurse Joy wants Ash to wait in the waiting room.

Pokemon Indigo League episode 2

As he’s waits in the waiting room, he wants to call his mom. As he called his mom, she was happy to hear and see him on the computer as they’re talking on the phone. He told her that he’s in Viridian City. Ash’s father went to Viridian City and it took him four days to get to Viridian City when he started Pokémon training. Ash feels too discouraged that he’s off to a bad start as a Pokémon trainer. She believes that he’s doing just fine as he’s growing up. He still feels too discouraged. She wants him to be confident and do anything when he set his mind to. He understand that but she asked if he changed his underwear every day and he said yes. She said goodbye and she loves him. Ash said goodbye back. He looks at a picture of four mysterious Pokémon. He remember that he saw the flying Pokémon.

Ash saw a picture of four mysterious Pokemon

There was an unknown caller and Ash answer the call. It was Professor Oak and he heard from Ash’s mother that he made it to Viridian City. He actually dialed the Pokémon Center in Viridian City but Ash was able to answer it. He had some doubts about Ash handling his Pikachu. He told Professor Oak that he saw a flying Pokémon that flew over the rainbow but Professor has no idea of what he’s talking about. He wishes Ash the best as he gets his pizza and hung the phone.

Misty has found Ash again in the Pokémon Center still carrying her destroyed bike. He asked what happened to her bike but he took the bike to save Pikachu. As she’s carrying her destroyed bike, she falls with it. When Ash was going to help her, she doesn’t want his help that he needs to pay for what he did to her bike. He wants to make up for it but he can’t. She doesn’t care about his excuses because she needs her bike fixed. He told her about Pikachu and he can’t do anything to help. Nurse Joy tells Ash that Pikachu was okay and he’s resting. Ash appreciates her help and she lets him watch Pikachu in the recovery room. Misty will let Ash take care of his Pikachu but she still has unfinished business with him about the bike situation. There was an announcement at the Pokémon Center about a group of Pokémon thieves. The Pokémon thieves are called Team Rocket. They bring out Ekans and Koffing to cause an ambush inside the Pokémon Center. Koffing use its smog to cover the whole place. Ash was wondering who they were. Team Rocket has introduced themselves. Team Rocket’s motto: To protect the world from devastation, To unite all people within our nation. To denounce the evils of truth and love, To extend our reach to the stars above. Jessie! James! Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light, surrender now or prepare to fight. Meowth, that’s right.

Pokemon Indigo League episode 2

All they want was to capture rare and valuable Pokémon but Ash doesn’t want them to take Pikachu. They weren’t interested in Pikachu because they only want rare and valuable Pokémon. Nurse Joy wants Team Rocket to leave the Pokemon Center as the place is only for weak and injured Pokémon. Jessie commands her Ekans to attack and James commands his Koffing to attack too. Ash, Misty and Nurse Joy runs away from the smoke along with Pikachu to hide. Team Rocket has cut the power off but there’s a group of Pikachus turned the power back on.


Nurse Joy uses the machine for the Pokeball to be transported to Pewter City. Koffing has found them and Misty wants Ash to throw the Pokeballs. He throws a Pokeball but it was a Pidgey but it got scared by Ekans. Pidgey went back to the Pokeball. He throws another Pokeball but it was empty. He can’t beat Team Rocket that way. He throws another Pokeball and it was a Rattata but it got scared by Ekans. Misty decided to challenge Jessie and James with her own Pokémon. She threw her Pokeball and it was a Goldeen. She told her Goldeen to return. She wanted Ash to take Pikachu out of there as she distracts Team Rocket. He takes Pikachu away as Koffing and Ekans follows him. He ran into an object and Pikachu has woken up. Pikachu calls for backup and there’s a lot of Pikachus on the way. The Pikachus has unleash a thunderbolt on Team Rocket except Meowth. Pikachu wants Ash to gives him more power and he rides Misty’s bike to increase the electric power. Pikachu uses a powerful thunderbolt on Team Rocket but Koffing’s smog has ignite from the electric causing a huge explosion on the Pokémon Center. Team Rocket were beaten by Pikachu but they’re very interested in Pikachu as a rare Pokémon. They want to catch it next time. The Meowth Balloon was pop and Team Rocket were blasting off for the first time.

Ash gives Pikachu extra power

The next morning as the Pokémon Center was destroyed, Nurse Joy tells the other Nurse Joy that the Pokemon she transported to Pewter City were saved. Ash and Misty were on their way to Pewter City but they have to go to the Viridian Forest. Misty was screaming as she saw a Bug Pokémon Caterpie. She has a phobia of bugs. Ash wants to capture Caterpie as his first Pokémon.

Ash wants to capture a Caterpie

Team Rocket are my favorite antagonist of the Pokémon series. Jessie, James and Meowth are funny and serious at the time. That’s the type of villains I like. All they want is to capture rare, valuable Pokémon. First they didn’t want Pikachu but now they want Pikachu because of its amazing electric powers. I always heard their motto every time I’ve watched Pokémon but now it’s stuck in my head after all these years. Guess that proves that I’m a huge fan of Pokémon. I hope one day, I want to cosplay as a Team Rocket Grunt. What a good debut of Team Rocket. #AdventureAnime #FantasyAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #AshKetchum #Pikachu #TeamRocket #PocketMonsters #Pokémon #PokemonIndigoLeague #PokemonIndigoLeagueEpisodes #PokemonSeries #Misty