Ash, Pikachu and Misty went to the Viridian Forest and Ash has found a Caterpie. He wants to catch it as his first Pokemon. He thrown his Pokeball at Caterpie and it went inside. As the Pokeball’s shaking, it stopped shaking and red light disappeared. Ash has caught his first Pokemon Caterpie and he’s happy celebrating with Misty but she wants him to get Caterpie away from her because she has a phobia of bugs. Ash likes bugs and shows his affectionate to Caterpie while it’s inside a Pokeball.

Pokemon Indigo League episode 3

After Ash showing Pikachu that he caught his first Pokemon, he plans to make a lot of new friends. He has brought Caterpie out of the Pokeball but Misty’s running away from it. Ash wants Caterpie to climb on his shoulder but when Caterpie saw Misty hiding behind a tree, it got excited and happy that it wanted to go to her. Caterpie really likes her that it wanted to be her friend but Misty calls it disgusting and she’s keeping her distance. She really hurt Caterpie’s feeling but Pikachu cheered it up. She wants Ash to be friends with Caterpie while she’s friends with Pikachu. Pikachu gets along with Misty when she pets him on the head. Caterpie was feeling sad and it’s looking at her that it wanted to cry. She really wants Caterpie away from her because she consider bugs as the most disgusting thing in the world.

Caterpie likes Misty

She hates carrots, peppers and bugs. Ash likes carrots, peppers and bugs but he doesn’t like that she’s hurting Caterpie’s feeling with her fear of bugs. He doesn’t think Caterpie ugly or disgusting to him. He wants Caterpie to climb on his shoulders so that it won’t scare Misty anymore. Ash decided to go on with Caterpie and Pikachu without her. While they’re walking through the Viridian Forest, Pikachu noticed and tells Ash that Misty’s still following them. She’s holding him responsible for her bike but he wants her to get over the bike. He’s wondering why she’s still following him. She’s looking for the fastest way out of the woods. He’s letting her to do whatever she wants.

Ash with Caterpie

At night, Ash wants to get some sleep to get ready for a big day but Misty tells him to shut up. He tells her don’t let the bedbugs bites and they fall asleep on their sleeping bags. While they’re sleeping, Caterpie and Pikachu were enjoyed the beautiful view of the moon and night sky. They were having a conversation that Caterpie has a desire to evolve into Butterfree one day. Caterpie was feeling sad that Misty doesn’t like it but Pikachu cheered it up that they become good friends.

Pikachu and Caterpie best friends

The next morning, everyone was sleeping peaceful until Misty was screaming and woke everyone up. She got scared because Caterpie was sleeping in front of her. Caterpie wanted to be friend but she continues to hurt Caterpie’s feeling and Ash was getting fed up with her words. Caterpie went back inside the Pokeball. Ash wants her to apologies to Caterpie but she refuses. While Ash and Pikachu tried to cheer up Caterpie, there was a flying Pokemon named Pidgeotto. Ash wants to caught his second Pokemon. He throws a PokéBall at Pidgeotto but it swat it away. Misty tells him that he can’t just throw a Pokeball and tried to caught it. He has to weaken it first before catch a Pokemon. She said that the only reason that he caught Caterpie very easily was because it’s weakling. Ash was getting fed up of Misty continues to say hurtful thing about Caterpie and he wanted her to shut up. He sends out Caterpie to battle Pidgeotto but it shocked Misty and Pikachu. He just made the biggest mistake for sending a Bug Type Pokemon against a Flying Type Pokemon. Bugs Type Pokemon are weak to Flying Type Pokemon. Pidgeotto attacks Caterpie and it took heavy damage. Ash has called back Caterpie and sends Pikachu to battle Pidgeotto. He commands Pikachu to use a thundershock on Pidgeotto. Electric Type moves are super effective against Flying Type Pokemon. Ash thrown his Pokeball at Pidgeotto and caught it. He has caught his second Pokemon but he has no idea what he’s doing because he has no strategy. He has a lot to learn to become a Pokemon master.

Pidgeotto attacks Caterpie

Ash, Misty and Pikachu has run into Jessie, James and Meowth of Team Rocket for the second time. They introduced themselves using the Team Rocket. Ash doesn’t have the time to deal with Team Rocket but Jessie doesn’t wanted listen to him. They want him to hand over his Pikachu. They only interested in rare and valuable Pokemon. Meowth tells Ash that his Pikachu’s power was incredible that it has an evolutionary level. Jessie and James tells Meowth to shut up for telling their secret. They want Ash to hand over his Pikachu but he refuses. Jessie and James has sends out Koffing and Ekans to battle.

Jessie, James and Meowth

James commands Koffing to use a sludge attack on Pikachu. Ash wants Misty to keep Pikachu away from Team Rocket. He sends out Pidgeotto to battle against Koffing and Ekans in a two on one battle. Koffing uses Sludge attack but Pidgeotto dodges it and the attack from Ekans. Pidgeotto uses Quick Attack against Ekans but it went underground. Koffing uses SmokeScreen, but Pidgeotto flapped its wings from the SmokeScreen. Pidgeotto dodges from the Sludge attack and Ekans attack from underground. When Pidgeotto uses a Gust attack on Koffing, it was attacked by Koffing and Ekans.


Ash calls back Pidgeotto as it’s taking too much damage from Koffing and Ekans. He wants to fight James but James pushed him away. Pikachu’s still in no condition to battle because of Koffing’s Sludge covered his eyes. Ash has no choice but to send out Caterpie to battle. Jessie, James and Meowth were laughing at Caterpie. When Ekans and Koffing was about to attack, Ash commands Caterpie use String Shot to cover Koffing and Ekans. Caterpie using a Tackle attack on Koffing and Koffing hits Ekans. Caterpie using String Shot on Meowth. Team Rocket has no choice but to retreat. Ash has won his first ever Pokémon battle and celebrated. Ash and Misty congratulates Caterpie for a great victory.

Caterpie use string shot on Ekans

He wants Misty to congratulate Caterpie for doing a great job but when she’s about to pat Caterpie on the head, it using a String Shot and she freaked out. Caterpie has evolved into Metapod and Ash uses his Pokédex to learn information about Metapod. When a Beedrill flies past Misty, she’s freaking out that she want to get out of Viridian Forest because it’s infested with bug type Pokemon. The journey for Ash Ketchum continues as he’s going to catch more Pokemon.

Ash want Misty to make up with Metapod

This episode made a cry a little when I see Pikachu and Caterpie become good friends. I may not understanding what they’re saying but I do understand of how they feel. I consider Pokemon as my friends because I treat them with respect. When they become friends to humans, they become loyal to them. Pokemon may be mysterious creatures but they all have feelings just humans. Humans and Pokemon can coexist like a one big happy family. It may be a kids show but it still gives me important life lessons. I’m glad that I’ve watched Pokemon since childhood. The thing I don’t like is that Misty say such awful things to a harmless Pokemon Caterpie. It just wanted to be her friend and she hurt Caterpie’s feelings because of her fear of bugs. Misty, why do you got to be mean to Caterpie like that? You should be ashamed of yourself. #AdventureAnime #FantasyAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #AshKetchum #Pikachu #TeamRocket #PocketMonsters #Pokémon #PokemonIndigoLeague #PokemonIndigoLeagueEpisodes #PokemonSeries #Misty