At the Viridian Forest, Misty was screaming when she saw another Bug Pokemon and Ash teases her thinking it’s a “Cowterpie” when he dressed in a cow costume. She fell off a tree and points at a Bug Pokemon called Weedle. As a Weedle’s next to Misty, she ran away screaming. Ash use the Pokédex to learn information about Weedle. He wants to capture it but he remembers to weaken it first before he catches it. He calls out Pikachu but he’s taking a nap. Ash said that Pidgeotto and Metapod give him the respect he deserves. He sends out Pidgeotto to battle a Weedle.

Pidgeotto battles Weedle

As the battle started, Pidgeotto using its Gust attack on Weedle and then dives. Weedle was sent flying away by the wind that was caused by the dive. Misty walks away and she’s getting tired of bugs but she was ambushed by a man in a samurai suit who pulls out a sword on her. He asked if she’s a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town and she isn’t from Pallet Town. She says no and he walks away and he tells her not to scream to avoid attracting the Beedrill swarm. Weedle uses its Poison Sting attack but Pidgeotto dodges and dives again for the second time. Ash was getting his PokéBall ready but he was interrupted by a Samurai with a sword. He wants to challenges Ash to a battle and Weedle manage to escape. Ash tried to caught Weedle with his PokeBall but he misses and it got away.

Pokemon Indigo League episode 4

Ash calls Pidgeotto back but he quickly sends it back out. Pidgeotto was still tired from battling Weedle. Misty tells Ash that he has to let his Pokemon rest for a while. Pidgeotto was forced to battle the Samurai’s Pinsir. It uses Sand Attack but it was defeated by Pinsir’s Tackle attack. Ash calls back Pidgeotto and sends out Metapod to battle. Samurai tells Ash that Metapod will be cut in half by Pinsir’s horns. Metapod uses Harden but when Pinsir tries to crush it with its horns, its horns break. The Samurai calls back Pinsir and sends out Metapod. Both Pokemon trainers have their Metapods to use Harden. As the battle continues, they still use Harden throughout the whole day and Pikachu and Misty decided to sun bathe until the match ends.

Ash vs the Samurai

Jessie, James and Meowth were walking through the Viridian Forest carrying their anti-Beedrill while Meowth on top sunbathing. James was complaining about carrying the anti-Beedrill tank, but Jessie tells him that it’s to avoid a Beedrill sting. Meowth tells them to get a move on and that he doesn’t want to help because he’s on the lookout. Jessie and James throws Meowth off the tank and Meowth was running to catch up to them.

Team Rocket's anti-beedrill tank

As the match continues between Ash and Samurai, they both fall on the grass for standing too long in the sun. All of a sudden, a beedrill swarm has appeared and the Samurai calls back Metapod and runs away. Ash was too distracted at the Beedrills and use his PokeDex to learn information the Beedrill. A Beedrill flies down and takes Metapod away. Ash tries to call back Metapod but it got away. There was another Beedrill that tries to attack but Pikachu uses its Thundershock on Ash, Misty and the Beedrill to send them flying away. The three decided to run away from the Beedrills but they manage to hide behind a bush. They also run into a hive of Kakunas: an evolved form of Weedle. Ash saw Metapod and talks loud, and the Kakunas evolved into Beedrill as they noticed them.

Beedrill takes away Metapod

Ash, Misty, Pikachu and the Samurai had no choice but to run away, and they made it to the Samurai’s cabin. They finally manage to escape and went inside. The Samurai takes off his armor and he calls Ash a novice that it’s his fault that his Metapod was stolen. The Samurai was saying that the other trainers from Pallet Town would not have been very irresponsible. The Samurai talks about his training to defeat a Pokemon trainer from Pallet Town and he considers Ash a joke compared to the other Pokemon trainers from Pallet Town. Misty and Samurai were asleep while Ash was thinking about Metapod.

Ash sneaks up quietly while the Kakunas and Beedrills were sleeping to get back Metapod. Meowth jumps on his head and scratch his face. Jessie and James of Team Rocket has appear and say their motto but Ash interrupted them just to warn that they’re talking too loud. He wanted them to shut up before they wake up the Beedrills but they didn’t listen. They continue their motto and use fireworks but it wakes up the Beedrills and Kakunas. Team Rocket wants Ash to hand over his Pikachu but he doesn’t have Pikachu with him. Even if he does, he’ll never let Team Rocket take his Pikachu. He runs towards the tree and dodge the Beedrills by diving on the ground. Team Rocket finally saw the Beedrills and they’re about to attack Jessie, James and Meowth. They were about to their tank but it was eaten by Weedles. Without a tank to protect themselves, Jessie, James, and Meowth screamed and run away from the Beedrills.

Team Rocket faces the Beedrills

Ash finally found Metapod and he tells Metapod to go back into the PokeBall but it refuses. He picks up Metapod with his hands as he’s runs away from a Beedrill. He didn’t mean to abandon Metapod and he blame the Samurai. As he’s running, he trips over as he lost his balance. He apologizes to Metapod for abandoning it. If he’s a better Pokemon trainer, he wouldn’t be making all these excuses. He promises that he’ll never his Pokemon ever again. All of a sudden, a Beedrill was about to use its Twineedle attack on Ash but Metapod saved him. A Beedrill flies away and Metapod has evolved into Butterfree.  Misty calls Butterfree beautiful as she no longer finds it disgusting. Ash’s Pokedex tells him information about Butterfree. Ash commands Butterfree to use its Sleep Powder and make the Beedrills and Team Rocket fall asleep.



The Samurai has congratulate Ash for handling his Butterfree very well after evolving. He shows them the way of the Viridian Forest that leads to Pewter City. Ash wants to finish his battle against the Samurai but he refuses. He considers himself as a novice to him. They both agree to have another match when they meet again but Misty doesn’t want them to have a Metapod vs Metapod battle again. Team Rocket were hiding in the Beedrill tree dressed up as Kakunas. They’re arguing over their lack of ideas. Jessie yells loudly at Meowth when he said her ideas were bad. They’ve woken up the Kakunas and the Beedrills and Team Rocket screamed.

Jessie, James and Meowth dressed up as Kakunas

This episode made me laugh to see a boring battle between Metapod vs Metapod using just Harden. Who wants to stay for hours watching a boring battle? Well not me because I rather watch a fun Pokemon battle. All I want to say is congratulations to Ash for evolving his Metapod into a Butterfree. Ash’s first captured Pokemon has evolved very quickly from Caterpie to Metapod and to Butterfree. It becomes very loyal to Ash and it accepts his apology. Now he has Pikachu, Pidgeotto, and Butterfree but he doesn’t have a starter Pokemon. He’s slowly beginning to become a better Pokemon trainer but he still has a lot to learn. Misty has finally warmed up to Butterfree as she doesn’t calls it disgusting anymore but instead calls it beautiful. I hope she learns her lesson to never hurt a Pokemon’s feelings. #AdventureAnime #Anime #AnimeReview #AshKetchum #FantasyAnime #Misty #Pikachu #PocketMonsters #Pokemon #PokemonIndigoLeague #PokemonIndigoLeagueEpisodes #PokemonSeries #TeamRocket