Team Rocket was digging a hole to trap Ash, Misty and Pikachu. When they dig the hole and cover it with soil, James has panicked and Team Rocket was wondering where’s their trap. They cover it very well that they fallen into their own trap. Ash, Misty, and Pikachu has made it out of the Viridian Forest and made it to Pewter City but they met an old man named Flint who sells Pewter City souvenir rocks. He shows them the way to the Pewter City Pokémon Center.

Ash, Pikachu and Misty meets Flint

He brings his Pikachu and his Pokemon to recover at the Pokemon Center. Ash has met Nurse Joy but he’s very confused that he already met Nurse Joy from Viridian City. The Nurse Joy in Pewter City is the older sister of Nurse Joy from Viridian City. She recognize and knows about Ash after talking to her little sister in Viridian City. She pointed at a poster of the regional championships to Ash. He wants to participate in the regional championship but he can’t because he has to beat eight gym leaders and earn their badges. Flint asks him if he has a plan on challenging the Pewter City Gym Leader, Brock. He was laughing from when he’s listening to Ash’s overconfidence and walked away. Ash and Misty were at a restaurant having some food and having a conversation about Pewter City gym battle. She wants to help him but he refuses by saying “I don’t need any help” as he’s being very stubborn. She leaves and left a huge bill on the bill for Ash to pay. He has returned to the Pokémon Center and picks up his fully healed Pokémon. After that, he headed to the Pewter City Gym and he met the Pewter City Gym Leader Brock for the first time. He challenges him to a Pokemon match. Brock asks Ash if this was his first match and he tells the special rules that involves in gym battles. He brings the gym battle field into a rock battle field.


The gym battle has begun when Ash sends out Pikachu to the gym field and Brock sends out his Rock Type Pokemon Onix. Pikachu runs away and wants to tag Pidgeotto but he was sent back into the match by Ash. Onix uses a Tackle attack but it misses Pikachu. Onix uses its Bind attack on Pikachu. Pikachu uses a Thundershock but it has no effect on Onix. Ash calls back Pikachu, but it is blocked by Onix. Onix continues using Bind to squeeze the life out of Pikachu and Ash wants Brock to stop. He asked him if he surrender and he surrenders.

Onix uses Bind on Pikachu

Ash leaves the Pewter Gym carrying the injured Pikachu feeling defeated and he meets Flint outside. He wants him to follow him. They went to go a cabin where Flint lives. Ash speaks highly of Brock and Flint said that Brock’s skills could see him go further in life than just being the gym leader. They saw Brock cooking for his siblings and sewing his sister Suzie’s skirt. They both leave and walk through Pewter City. Flint tells Ash that Brock can’t leave his siblings because he has to look after his brothers and sisters. The reason was because his father left the family to become a Pokemon trainer and his mother passed away.

Brock's family

Flint takes Ash to a hydro-electric power plant that can power up Pikachu. He asks Flint how does he know a lot about Pokémon and let’s just say that Flint got lucky. He tells Ash that the river was very dry but that he has another good idea. Ash goes on the water wheel and push the wheel round just by walking on the wheel. It powers up the generator connected to Pikachu. Pikachu was beginning to feel the pain from the increased electricity. Misty wants to offer help to Ash of how to defeat Brock but he still doesn’t want her help. He still continues to be stubborn as he wants to defeat Brock using the Pokemon that he raised. He continues to power up the generator and it overloads.

Ash walks on the water wheel

The next day, Ash and Pikachu has come back to the Pewter Gym to challenge Brock for the second time. Brock asked if he learned his lesson but Ash was ready this time. Brock has started the match with his Geodude and Ash sends out his Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto use a Gust attack, but it had no effect on Geodude. Geodude began throwing punches at Pidgeotto. Flying Type Pokemon are weak against Rock Type Pokemon. Misty was watching with Brock’s siblings and she wants Ash to use his head a little more. Pidgeotto has fallen to the ground feeling exhausted and was called back to its PokeBall. Pikachu has enter the battle. Pikachu uses a very powerful Thundershock on Geodude and it was knocked out. Brock has call back Geodude. He was impressed to see that Ash has trained his Pikachu but it still doesn’t change the results that he’s no match for Onix. He sends out his sends out Onix. Pikachu got scared that he began using his Thundershock at different directions. The thundershock causes a little fire to start in the rafters. Onix uses its Bind attack on Pikachu again. Pikachu uses his Thundershock on Onix and it did a little damage. Pikachu has run out of energy and Onix continues to use its Bind attack.

Ash is ready to face Brock this time

Brock tells Onix to let Pikachu go but Ash doesn’t want to end the match. Brock wanted to stop the match because he doesn’t want to hurt his Pikachu. The sprinklers have gone off due to the fire and Onix was suffering from the water. Misty tells Ash that Rock Types are weak against water. Pikachu uses a Thundershock to weaken Onix and it falls on the ground. When Ash tells Pikachu to finish it off, he was held back by Brock’s siblings but his conscience was holding him back. Brock tells his brothers and sisters to get off of Ash because it’s an official battle. The siblings don’t want to watch Onix get hurt because Brock trained very hard to raise Onix. Ash realizes that he wouldn’t have beaten Brock without the sprinklers going off and calls back Pikachu. He wants to battle Brock again next time.

Onix has taken damage from Pikachu's thundershock and water

After the gym battle, Ash and Pikachu were walking away from Pewter City but they were stopped by Brock. He was running after them because he wants to give Ash his first gym badge, the Boulder Badge. The reason was because he defeated him and being kind to Pokemon. He tells that he can’t leave his siblings because he needs to look after them. Flint was shown and revealed himself as a good for nothing father of Brock. He couldn’t face his family because he failed his job as a Pokemon trainer and he couldn’t take the responsibilities as a father.

Brock gives Ash a Boulder Badge

Ash asks Flint why he would helped him but not Brock. Flint tells that Ash reminded him of himself as he didn’t seem to have a chance on his own. Flint wants Brock to go fulfill his dreams while he takes care of his kids. Brock handed him a needle and tells him that Suzie always tears her dress, Timmy only eats cold spaghetti for breakfast, Tommy likes corn flakes for dinner, that Cindy sleep walks so he should tie a bell to her and that the twins do not like to bath. He’s back to take on the responsibilities as a father.


Ash has earned himself a new friend and Brock travels with him, Pikachu and Misty. He thanks him for allowing him to travel with him on his journey. Misty continues to follow Ash as she wants him to pay her back for a new bike.  He decided to run away in order to lose her with Brock and Pikachu. Jessie, James and Meowth has dug out of their way out of the ground, but they were stomped by Ash, Pikachu, Brock and Misty as they’re running.

Watching episode made me learn about Pokemon’s strength and weakness. I learned that Rock Type Pokemon are weak to Water, Fighting, Grass and Steel. When I played Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon FireRed, I beat Brock in a clean match using a Fire Starter Pokemon. I know that Fire Type Pokemon are weak to Rock, Ground and Water but I still manage to beat him. I use Metal Claw on Geodude and Onix. Ash didn’t get the job done defeating Brock but he still earn a Boulder badge and a new friend. If only he had Bulbasaur or Squirtle, he would’ve defeated Brock but he didn’t. At least he earn himself a new friend to travel with.

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