On November 11, 2016, I cosplayed as the main protagonist of Sword Art Online: Kirito. Link Start!!!! Hello Rhode Island Comic Con, I’m back!!! My name is Jalen: The Black Swordsman: Lone Wolf. I’m trapped inside a virtual world of Sword Art Online and the only way to beat the game is to go to the 2016 Rhode Island Comic Con. I was fully armored and getting to go. I equipped myself with my Elucidator sword and the Dark Repulser sword. I saw Deadpool holding a sign that said “Hail Hydra” so I had someone take a picture of me and Deadpool outside of Dunkin Donuts Center. I was waiting outside of Dunkin Donuts Center in the middle of a cold, windy day but it was worth it to see the grand opening of the 2016 Rhode Island Comic Con. It was an amazing grand opening for the Rhode Island Comic Con. I made it inside a video game fantasy world full of cosplayers just like me. I’m glad I found a world where I can express myself as a geek. I invited my best friend who is also a gamer just like me. When I was looking around inside the Dunkin Donuts Center and the Rhode Island Comic Con, I finally found the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Belt and it took me years to find it. As a gamer, I also love watching professional wrestling and I end up getting a picture with Billy Gunn, Gail Kim, The Godfather and the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Woooooo!!! I also got their autographs. I saw a Cloud Strife Buster Sword but I didn’t buy it but I was finding some ideas for my cosplaying. One day, I want to cosplay as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. I saw Jessie, James, Meowth and Koffing: Team Rocket from Pokémon. I love Pokémon since childhood so why not get a picture with Team Rocket. People were started to recognized me as Kirito from Sword Art Online and they loved my outfit. They called me Kirito. They even take pictures of me. I never thought that being trapped inside a virtual world and I feel famous.  There was another Kirito who dressed just like me and it was really cool. Another cool thing was a picture of Double Kiritos. They  I saw someone dressed up the same outfit I was wearing. The Rhode Island Comic Con has saved me and now I am free from Sword Art Online.

On November 12, 2016,  I cosplayed as a Marvel superhero: Captain America. My name is Jalen Namiah Ravello-Hayre codename Captain America. The Super Soldier Serum and Vita-Ray treatment transformed my body and my strength, endurance, agility, speed, reflexes, durability and healing has reached a new pinnacle of natural human potential. My assignment is investigate the Rhode Island Comic Con. When I went inside in the middle of Dunkin Donuts Center, I’ve been interview from a radio station at the Dunkin Donuts Center. I was waiting in a long line for Stan Lee’s autograph because I’m a huge fan of Marvel. The 2016 Rhode Island Comic Con was Stan Lee’s last appearance and I want to thank him for all of his work hard. When I was waiting in line for Stan Lee’s autograph, I saw Ironman on the other side of the line in front of me. I did had a little feud against my former friend from the Shield Headquarters. Fans took a picture of me vs Ironman in the middle of the line holding my Captain America Shield and Ironman blasting his light beam at my shield. It was just the movie Captain America The Civil War. I don’t want to fight Ironman because he’s my friend but the government’s contract was beginning to tear our friendship apart. It turned out be a civil war when me and Ironman fight against each other. As Captain America, I didn’t want to sign the contract because I rather fight for what’s right instead of signing a contract for the government. The citizens took a picture of me with Winter Soldier, Cloud Strife: from Final Fantasy VII, Luke Fon Fabre: from Tales of the Abyss, Arkham Knight: from Batman Arkham Knight, and my boss Mr. Nick Fury. When I saw my partner Bucky: Winter Soldier, I tried to help Bucky get his memory but still doesn’t want to listen so he punched my shield. I fought by his side for years, but I never thought that it would come to this. Sometimes best friends become bitter enemies. Everywhere I go, there was a lot of Captain America cosplayers all over the Rhode Island Convention Center. I have no idea that Captain America has gained a massive popularity. I feel like a superhero to everyone and felt good. My Captain America fans want to take picture with me. Some asked me where I get my Captain America Shield and what was it made. I got it from Boston Comic Con as “The Winter Soldier” and it’s made of hard plastic. My name is Jalen codename Captain America and I had complete my mission to investigate the Rhode Island Comic Con.

On November 13, 2016, I cosplayed as one of the Mario brothers: Luigi. I came from the Mushroom Kingdom and I was looking for my brother Mario. I finally saw my brother Mario at the Rhode Island Comic Con. People were starting to recognized me and my brother Mario from Super Mario Bros. Being a cosplayer really made us a little famous. We both saw Deathstroke: one of my favorite villains of DC Comics. One day, I will cosplay as Deathstroke using my own creative ideas. We met Ness from Super Smash Bros but me and Mario were a great team. We both saw our rival who kidnapped Princess Peach: Bowser. We had a little battle against Bowser but we emerge victorious. As a reward, we get a star and a picture with and challenging Bowser. Our final guest we met was another Mario from Super Mario Maker. I’m getting very addicted to the thrill of being a cosplayer and I want to work really hard finding more costumes of my favorite characters and find more foam weapons.

My 2016 Rhode Island Comic Con Haul: ECW World Heavyweight Championship Belt, Billy Gunn’s autograph, Gail Kim’s autograph, Ric Flair’s autograph, Kelly Kelly’s autograph, The Godfather’s autograph, Team Valor sticker, Lloyd Irving plush, Gundam Epyon Mobile Suit OZ-13MS action figure, Blitz Gundam Z.A.F.T Mobile Suit GAT-X207 action figure, Spider-Man wallet, Pokémon small poster, Dragonball Z small poster, Spider-Man poster with Stan Lee signed by Stan Lee, Super Smash Bros University t-shirt, Super Saiyan 2 Goku poster, Anime drawing picture of me as Kirito, Captain America comic book cover poster signed by Michael J Zeck, Dragonball Z from beginning to current poster, Final Fantasy VII poster, One Punch Man poster, Captain America drawing signed by Allen Bellman, Captain America picture of me with a background logo of the SHIELD, Goku’s transformation poster, Vegeta’s transformation poster, Kuroko’s Basketball poster, Fire Emblem pin, Final Fantasy pin, Hylian Shield pin, I <3 Anime pin, Fire pin, Pokémon Master pin, Triforce pin, Hard Training with Saitama poster, Captain America Danger Liquid Natural Gas comic book, Captain America and the Falcon Action in the Marvel manner comic book, Captain America and the Falcon Turning Point comic book, Captain America Tomb of Blood! comic book, The Amazing Spider-Man comic book, The Amazing Spider-Man Brave New World! comic book, Peter Parker Spider-Man comic book, Peter Parker Spider-Man Cry Venom! Cry Vengeance! comic book, Secret Wars comic book signed by Michael J Zeck, The Uncanny X-Men comic book, The Uncanny X-Men comic book, and The legend of Zelda Ocarina song book. That was the biggest Haul I’ve ever had. This isn’t over yet because I want to go again next year and forever. Comic Cons are my home. That was an amazing Rhode Island Comic Con ever!!! 😀 #RhodeIslandComicCon #RhodeIslandComicCon2016 #Popculture #FanConvention #KiritoCosplay #CaptainAmericaCosplay #LuigiCosplay