On November 6th, 2015, it was the greatest day of my life. I dressed up as Ash Ketchum: the main protagonist of the animated series Pokémon. It was my first time cosplaying because I decided to dress up as my favorite character from an anime show and bring it to live. I am a huge fan of fan convention. The reason why I love fan convention is because I like video games, cartoons, anime, comic books, manga books, sports, pro wrestling and etc. It’s the best place to be to let my geek flag out. I woke up very early in the morning and went to the Rhode Island Comic Con. When I got there, I noticed that the 2015 Rhode Island Comic Con is bigger than ever because it’s connected to both Dunkin Donuts Center and Rhode Island Convention Center. I was getting very excited because it’s going to be my awesome day. I got a little interview from a Providence Journal staff writer. When I entered the Rhode Island Convention Center, people noticed me and loved my Ash Ketchum costume. I feel like a celebrity because I didn’t know that Pokémon has gained a massive popularity. Some people even take pictures of me in my Ash Ketchum costume. I even show people my Pokemon badges. I asked a talented artist if he could draw a cartoon picture of me in my Ash Ketchum costume. As a result, the picture looks amazing. The guests I met on November 7th was Velvet Sky, Kevin Conroy, Elizabeth Ann Guttman, and Christy Carlson Romano. A few hours later, I found out that I’m on the Providence Journal on the internet because I got a little interview from a Providence Journal staff writer.

On November 7th, 2015, I dressed up as Super Saiyan Goku from Dragonball Z and it was my second time cosplaying. Goku is the main protagonist of the anime series Dragonball Z. I met only one guest that day was AJ Lee (WWE Diva). People loved my Super Saiyan Goku costume because Dragonball Z has gained a massive popularity. People take pictures of me in my Super Saiyan Goku costume. I was recorded by someone in a Ironman costume and he recorded me charging up into a Super Saiyan. My power level was over 9000! Good thing I was training to get ready for the Rhode Island Comic Con. All that training was worth it. I had a great time at the Rhode Island Comic Con and I went the mall still dressed up as Super Saiyan Goku. I don’t really care because I’m showing my pride of what I love. People were taking pictures with me because they love Dragonball Z just like I do. I’m proud to call myself a Dragonball Z.

On November 8th,2015, I dressed up as Michelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it was my third time cosplaying. People also love my Michelangelo costume. Michelangelo is my favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles because he’s funny, goofy, cool and awesome. I have a goofy nature just like Michelangelo. I worked really hard finding some good costumes. The best thing about the 2015 Rhode Island Comic Con is that I’ve been inspirited by a professional wrestler X-Pac and a voice actor Elizabeth Daily because they both said that I have a unique voice for voice acting. I want to thank X-Pac (the professional wrestler) and Elizabeth Daily (the voice actor) for inspiriting me to be a voice actor. It would be my dream job to do voice acting but I don’t know. I rather live my passion of what I enjoy and that is going to fan convention. It was the best Rhode Island Comic Con ever!!!! 🙂 For more information about the Rhode Island Comic Con, go to www.ricomiccon.com #FanConvention #Popculture #RhodeIslandComicCon #RhodeIslandComicCon2015 #AshKetchumCosplay #SuperSaiyanGokuCosplay #MichelangeloCosplay