Slam Dunk is a Japanese sport manga anime show illustrated by Takehiko Inoue and published by Shueisha. It’s all about Hanamichi Sakuragi and the Shokoku High School basketball team. Hanamichi Sakuragi is the hotheaded main protagonist of Slam Dunk. He is a leader of a gang and a hotheaded delinquent. He was very unpopular with the ladies and was rejected by 50 girls since middle school. He hates basketball and he wants nothing to do with the sport. In his first year as a freshmen of Shokoku high school, he met a girl named Haruko Akagi: the girl of his dreams who loves basketball. She teaches him how to do a slam dunk but he didn’t know how to slam dunk. A dunk is an ultimate move in basketball that gets the crowd pumped. She was amazed when he jumped to the net and she wanted him to join the Shokoku high school basketball team but he was unwilling to join the team. The problem was that he didn’t know how to play or know anything about basketball. The reason why he joined the Shokoku basketball team was to impress a Haruko Akagi.

Despite that Sakuragi has a crush on her, it turns out that she has a huge crush on Rukuwa: (a star rookie and a ladies man). Sakuragi always been physically abused by Shokoku High School Team Captain Takenori Akagi because he always punch him on the head every time. Sakuragi calls himself the basketball genius even though he didn’t know how to play basketball at first. He always calls the Shokoku team captain Gorilla. He quit the basketball team because he was tired of standing in the corner with Ayako learning the basics of basketball. All he wanted to do was to Slam Dunk. He was thinking two words: Slam Dunk and it ignite his fighting spirit. He came back to the team and continues to learn the basics.

Despite his hotheaded immaturity and his heated rivalry toward Rukawa, he’s still very determined to learn the basics of how to play basketball: offense, strength, speed, endurance, slam dunk, shooting, 3 point shooting, lay-ups, running shot, fade-away jump shot, passing, bounce passing, ball handling, dribbling, free throws, rebounds, defense, stealing the ball, blocking, study his opponent’s movement, the rules and avoiding offensive and defensive fouls. In times, he keeps training harder and harder to be the best basketball player from the help of his team manager and teammates. He proves himself to be an athletic to the team even though he wants to keep impressing Haruko and getting closer to her. He’s beginning to love the thrill of basketball and he wants to play because he’s a basketball man. Ayako teaches Sakuragi the basics of playing basketball. Sakuragi as a basketball player, he takes too much fouls and get fouled out of the game, but he’s on fire on rebounds. He controls the rebounds on the court. I consider Hanamichi Sakuragi as Dennis Rodman of the Shokoku High School basketball team. I call him the Rebound King.


Shokoku High School Basketball Team: Hanamichi Sakuragi- Power Forward/Center, Takenori Akagi- Team Captain/Center, Ayako- Team manager, Coach Anzai, Kiminobu Kogure- Vice Captain/Shooting Guard/Small Forward, Ryota Miyagi- Point Guard, Tetsushi Shiozaki- Shooting Guard, Satoru Kakuta- Power Forward/Center, Kaeda Rukawa- Small Forward/Power Forward, Kentaro Iishi- Point Guard/Shooting Guard, Satoro Sasaoka- Shooting Guard, Hisashi Mitsui- Shooting Guard, and Toki Kawata- Point Guard. Shokoku basketball team doesn’t want to be the best basketball team, they’re wanted to be the most dominant basketball team. Shokoku High School basketball team reminds me of the Chicago Bulls because of the team’s uniform color.

Shohoku High School Basketball Team

I enjoyed watching incredible plays from the Shohoku Basketball team: Akagi: main scorer and defender under the basket, Mitsui: 3-point specialist who’s on fire shooting three-point shots, Rukawa: the team’s ace player and can score in all areas, Miyagi: a responsible point guard that carries the ball and make plays. When he finds an opportunity, he drives through the basket using his speed and quickness against taller defenders. Sakuragi: the Rebound King. The team has a lot of scoring chances because of Sakuragi’s offensive rebounds. Sakuragi has learned how to shoot which helps out the team. The team can depend very well except for Sakuragi because he hasn’t learned anything about defense. Despite Sakuragi’s weakness in defense, he still shows his athleticism to turn the game around.

Sakuragi being rejected by 50 girls is really heartbroken and sad. All he want a special girl to like him. Miyagi is just like Sakuragi when he was rejected by a lot of girls. Because of that, they became great friends and a team I feel bad for Sakuragi and Miyagi because I feel their pain too. This show has an abundant amount of fighting and violence. Why does everyone has to fight for no reasons. Fighting is never the answer to problems. I love this show because I love basketball just like Kuroko’s Basketball. The best thing about this show was the slam dunk that gets I’m pumped up. The word basketball makes me love the sport even more by watching, learning and playing. I’ve been watching basketball since childhood and play basketball video games all the time. As a basketball fan, I got a lot of basketball jerseys to show my passion for basketball. When playing sports, it’s easy to shoot the ball but it’s hard to score. I am going to play basketball for fun! Basketball Rules!!!! Anime #AnimeBasketball #SlamDunk #ShokokuHighSchool #HanamichiSakuragi