On November 21, 2015, it was my first time going to the Super Megafest Comic Con. It was at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel and Conference Center at Framingham, MA. That day, I dressed up as Ash Ketchum for the second time. I didn’t have any costumes so I had to dress up as a Pokémon Trainer. The Super Megafest Comic Con has toys, comic books, dvds, t-shirts, celebrity guests, professional wrestlers, artists, cosplayers, and etc. The Comic Con was a little smaller than an average Comic Con but I still like the Super Megafest Comic Con. People loved my Ash Ketchum costume and I show some people my Pokémon Badges. I wanted to meet Lita (WWE Hall of Famer) but I was too late. But that’s okay, the guest I met was Trish Stratus (WWE Hall of Famer). I did had a good time at the Super Megafest Comic Con and I’m gonna go again next year. #FanConvention #Popculture #SuperMegafestComicCon #SuperMegafestComicCon2015 #AshKetchumCosplay