On October 22nd, 2016, it was my 3rd time going to the 2016 Super Megafest Comic Con at Marlborough, MA. That day, I didn’t dress up in a costume because I was taking a break from cosplaying so I dress casual as a wrestling fan as my own cosplay with a WWE Attitude Era Championship Belt. I was wearing my WWE Attitude Era t-shirt with Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, The Rock, The Undertaker and Kane on it. When I was inside the Royal Plaza Trade Center, some people were liking my Attitude Era Championship Belt. I got the WWE Attitude Era Championship from WWE Shop. I was looking around for comic books, Pop Figures, cartoons dvds, and some foam weapons to help out with my cosplaying ideas and I found a foam master sword and a foam Hylian Shield. I’ll cosplay as Link from The Legend of Zelda to a fan convention one day. I even had people to take pictures of me with other cosplayers at the Royal Plaza Trade Center. I bought myself a cool necklace of a wolf from the Game of Thrones. Since my nickname is “The Lone Wolf” so why not get a wolf necklace to express myself. I met Rob Van Dam: One of a Kind ECW Original’s professional wrestler. I got his autograph and I was really pumped and happy that I met one of my favorite wrestlers from ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling). I also met Jimmy Hart: the professional wrestling manager and I got his autograph. I also met Torrie Wilson and I got my picture taken with her. The best thing about the Super Megafest Comic Con was that I met the WWE Hall of Famer “Shawn Michaels” and I got a picture with him plus an autograph. Yeah, I was there to meet only wrestlers. I did enjoy myself at the Super Megafest Comic Con. This was my Super Megafest Comic Con Haul. I got a Pop Figure of Seth Rollins, MegaMan, Cyclops, Game of Thrones Stark necklace, Foam Master Sword, Foam Hylian Shield, Pokémon Trading Cards, Gundam Seed Destiny Complete Series DVD, Shawn Michael’s autograph plus picture with him, Jimmy Hart’s autograph, five Captain America comic books and two Amazing Spider-Man comic books. Even though my arms and shoulders were a little sore from carrying a lot of stuff but the pain was worth it because I had a great at the Comic Con. I’m going to keep going to any fan conventions forever because Comic Cons are like my 2nd home to be to show my true colors. 🙂 #FanConvention #Popculture #SuperMegafestComicCon #SuperMegafestComicCon2016